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  1. MatchedBets and ProfitSquad

    Can't be that that good then tbh.
  2. World Cup Gambling Thread

    Too impatient so stuck the remaining quid in my account on this.
  3. Worst thing about the Goodwillie rumour (which lasted a whole 30 minutes) is we'll probably now have some of those Clyde supporting rape apologists on the thread. So, 2 guys accused of rape, 1 totally denies it and there is insufficient evidence to say the rape happened, and 1 admits it and regrets it, you're saying the 2nd one is totally acceptable ? Lithgow wasn't accused of rape.
  4. And based on the new colour of our website (closest thing we've had to a new kit teaser in a month) we're going back to an amber kit rather than black/bright yellow.
  5. Daily Record publishes story about us trying to sign Goodwillie, and within 30 minutes it's rubbished. Why do they feel the need to lie all the time? Or are the St Johnstone fans at it again?
  6. World Cup Gambling Thread

    Already gave up on my 'no bets for a few days' and stuck a few small ones on the WH #YourOdds. £2 on Idowu and Arnasson to be booked I've already lost, got £1 on Mitrovic to score first with Tosic to get booked returning a mammoth £17. For tomorrow's games I've got £1 on +2 goals, +3 cards, and +10 corners in each game, returns £751.
  7. World Cup Gambling Thread

    My only remaining open bet (other than top scorer/tournament winner) includes Argentina reaching the quarter finals. £7.50 down* and think I'll take a few days away before I gamble the car *that was before I counted yesterday's bets. £30 down, that's a bit better.
  8. Jai Quitongo training with us... might have something to do with the website being down?
  9. I'll have you know I have a degree in starting on people, so there.
  10. Argentina v Croatia 7 pm 21/6

    Argentina to win on penalties.
  11. Bragging about a HNC on a football forum is a bit weird m8. Will you get equally defensive every time someone offers a slightly different reason to anything?
  12. World Cup Gambling Thread

    Nothing yesterday. Should probably quit while I'm (a little bit) ahead but I've got these for today with Betfair and William Hill.
  13. Goalkeeper and two strikers is probably the minimum tbh. Assuming we're sticking with the 3-5-2, and the squad list on the OS is up to date, the depth in our squad looks like this (tried not putting a player in multiple positions like De Vita who can play either side): GK: Liam Kelly; Jordan Pettigrew LWB: Callum Crane; Nicky Cadden CB: Craig Halkett; Declan Gallagher; Alan Lithgow; Steven Saunders; Ricki Lamie RWB: Jack McMillan; Raffaele De Vita CM: Scott Pittman; Shaun Byrne; Keaghan Jacobs; Craig Sibbald; Scott Robinson; Matthew Knox; Cameron Blues; Jack Ogilvie ST: Lee Miller; Dylan Mackin; Jack Hamilton; Kyle Sampson; Craig Henderson So preferably extra bodies in goals, wings and up front. Sure the new manager will sort that though, if whoever it is wants to go for a flat back 4 then that means we'll still need another LB/RB in, looking forward to the next few weeks. Imagine Mackin and Knox will be out the door, if we can get any kind of fee for either of them I'd grab it and run.