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  1. The P+B Quiz League (and Cup)

    6/10, knew Bond, Melinda French, Grand Prix and Mark Twain.
  2. Unless I'm wrong, 8 of our last 10 meetings have had a goal after the 80 minute mark. 6 of those games had an influence on the result, all in Dumbarton's favour, 2 ending in a draw and 4 in a win. In 2 of those 4 Livingston were ahead going into the last 10 minutes and Dumbarton got a late equaliser and followed it up with a winner... Both of those games were at Almondvale. Last 10 games at Almondvale has 5 with late goals, that's not counting a league cup game that we won after ET. Need to go back to 2011 for our last late goal against Dumbarton that meant something, Robbie Winters equaliser in the 2nd division. 2 home wins, 3 draws (1 was the LC game), 5 away wins. All of that doesn't even include the 4-3 game where the score was still 2-1 with 10 to go. Already seething and they haven't even scored their late equaliser/winner Mullen - Todorov Longridge - Byrne - Pittman - Jacobs - Mullin Lithgow - Halkett - McMillan/Penrice Alexander
  3. The P+B Quiz League (and Cup)

    A guesstastic 7/10, knew Sophie Turner and Bhutan.
  4. You're welcome lads.
  5. SPFL site is clearly more reliable, they had 7 shots and managed to get 9 on target. Wait a minute...
  6. @Besty will be rubbing his hands with glee after that first goal.
  7. Maybe that was the conversation. "... and then the stupid c**t gave me a 2 year contract!"
  8. A link to Houston's post match meltdown when available would be greatly appreciated.
  9. League Predictions

    Anyone know how Falkirk's title winning season is going? Asking for a friend.
  10. Yep. Decided against being greedy from a tight angle too to tee up Mullen.
  11. 4-4-2 from us by the looks of it, away from our usual 3-5-2. Alexander; Penrice, Lithgow, Gallagher, Halkett; Longridge, Byrne, Pittman, Mullin; Mullen, Todorov. Good to have Gallagher back, not too sure about the change of formation though, unless Penrice is CM with Byrne and Pittman. 3-5-2 has worked brilliantly for us so far so weird if he's changed away from it.
  12. Spoken like a man who's almost forgot what Grimbo's arse tastes like.
  13. No matter what kind of form we're in we always get fucked when the other team's fans think we'll win Can't find odds on Myles Hogarth to score unfortunately, was going to stick something on it.