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  1. McLeish's coaching team.

    He's a comedian who's performed in the biggest arenas, so he clearly knows more about humour than you.
  2. Sons' sorrow

    I was at a gig in Edinburgh the same night we played the Challenge Cup final a few years ago, ended up perfectly timed to watch us lift the trophy and got there just as the gig started, brilliant day/night out. Hopefully you guys can get the same result (and the same end to the season) we did.
  3. Unless I've missed something all that happened was he said he wanted to leave in the summer rather than extending his contract, so Hopkin didn't play him and he found a new club. Was there more to it? The booing of him was cringeworthy as f**k considering how long he was with us and how good he was for us. The same lot who boo Beany.
  4. ICTFC v Crusaders

    Can I get some subtitles for Jake Mulraney please?
  5. ICTFC v Crusaders

    Head's gone.
  6. ICTFC v Crusaders

    How the f**k has Warren got away with that?
  7. Think we've all pretty much accepted we're losing a couple (if not all) of Halkett, Byrne, Pittman and Mullin, but we've opened talks so hopefully can keep them on if the prospect of playing in the top flight with us can tempt them. From our squad yesterday, I'm sure we have Gallagher, McMillan, Miller and Jacobs signed up for next season. Alexander has said he thinks he has another year in him. Still leaves us with Lithgow, Halkett, Byrne, Pittman, Mullin, De Vita and Cadden who I hope we could get signed. Buchanan is also only contracted until the end of this season but he's only played a couple times so not sure yet if he's one we'll be desperate to keep. Longridge has become more of a backup so wouldn't be surprised if he was away, especially if we were to do the unthinkable and go up. If we could somehow manage to get Hardie for next season then I'll be very happy. Saying all that, I think one of the most important things we can do is get Hopkin's contract extended and hold onto him, which isn't something I thought I'd be saying when I was a seething mess at the news he got the job.
  8. The St Mirren keeper and defender waiting for a free kick or something before realising they've conceded a goal and jumping up might be the best part of that
  9. Jack Ross OUT, imo. Excellent performance from us and a lot more comfortable than I thought any kind of win would be. Looking forward to seeing the goals again, Robinson's didn't look like it was going in from where I was. Fair play to the St Mirren fans (inside the ground anyway - some of the pish outside was cringeworthy at best), travelled in numbers and made a lot of noise. No BOOOO though which was disappointing Gives us a good 3 point lead over United going into next week, hopefully be a good game and similar result to today.
  10. Feared the worst after that early goal but this is going better than expected. Still time for us to f**k it up thigh Hilarious defending for Hardie's first, 2nd and 3rd were fucking brilliant and can't wait to see them again. Brilliant support through from St Murn as well, extra couple hundred to the right too.
  11. SSC Merchandise Wanted

  12. Next Scotland Manager Mk II

    John Hughes and Pedro Caixinha please, just for the quotes we'll get.
  13. Buddist Monk really isn't taking this well, can't imagine the meltdown he'll have if/when Ross does leave. If an offer did come in I wonder if he'd ask them if he can start next season, just so that he can get a title under his belt to add to his already good reputation. Barnsley probably wouldn't want that though and it'd be a case of massive pay rise or win a title.
  14. Livingston v Dunfermline

    Everyone who's commented on it has said the ref got it right. Why are you making stuff up?