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  1. Rangers Save

    just before chrimbo i think... though i only noticed it in the days before replying to you... it's like no matter how good or how deep i play my full backs, lower table teams can get in behind them.... i also seem to be punished for anything more than 60% possession with being countered Real Madrid style no matter the opponent
  2. Rangers Save

    Justice! good progress on the game though. are you still enjoying the game after the update... i'm losing goals against everyone =((
  3. Rangers Save

    Paddy & Craig? How dare you???
  4. Celtic v The Rangers*

    if he is mags... was he not married to a wee sort?
  5. Should Lewis Hamilton be stripped of his MBE?

    despite being "fae a scheme" i've never tasted it.... but i will one day.
  6. Celtic v The Rangers*

    Anyway, the game itself was frantic. One team still had substantially more quality on show than the other but they seemed to be on holiday already. LG9 came on for the wrong player, it should have been one of the wingers to make way. My only worry for 2nd half of the season is the pending loss of Moussa Dembele, i just don't think Leigh or Eddie are at or can get to that level.
  7. Should Lewis Hamilton be stripped of his MBE?

    I'm happy with both the Aldi and Tesco champers, Bollinger is more of a weekend treat. Moet was more of an impressing girls in night clubs drink. (mainly on that bed in Archaos 1997-2000)
  8. Should Lewis Hamilton be stripped of his MBE?

    he's a total twat... as are all the people who try to raise their children as gender neutral as are all the people who obsess on their sons and daughters having traditional interests Let kids be kids and develop their own interests
  9. Celtic v Aberdeen

    this can be a hard time of year for attention whores like you, hope u ok *** x
  10. Celtic v Aberdeen

    That was the worst "don't let that distract you" type post yet.
  11. Celtic v Aberdeen

    Celtic play with much more intensity against Aberdeen and Sevco than they do against other Scottish teams. So, despite them being 2nd and 3rd best teams in the country, they are more likely to be handed a pumping than the rest. I would imagine that Hearts will now be added to that group.
  12. U2 at the BBC

    To me they are like a more original cold play. f**k those guys. f**k them in the ear and f**k apple for the auto downloads... those newer songs are just aimed at sockless beards out there. f**k those guys.