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  1. good looking lad
  2. Cupless
  3. Scotland's biggest two clubs, both with their best teams in several years, meeting in their first proper final since Aberdeen beat us 0-0 in 1990, deserve a better venue than Hampden. Any scenarios that could possibly get this shifted to Murrayfield so we can get more people into a stadium that is properly neutral... and guarantees @Reinaa ticket? also, what's gaelic for "el classico" it's An Clasaig !
  4. Right Brendan, time to send the first team players on holiday for 2 weeks... and then get them ready for the final
  5. I doubt County will get another penalty this season after that but it would be funny AF if they get another dodgy pen in El Kessocko
  6. Are "they" out to get Celtic? No, of course not Was it a blatant red card? No, because a similar tackle went in during the first half and it wasn't even a free kick. Brown also played the ball first before any player to player contact occurred. That said, if you tackle like that when you are clearly already already raging, you are asking the ref to show you a card. The only thing I am annoyed about was the starting lineup - no 1st choice players should have been in the team today.
  7. Celtic fans on here don't seem pissed off, it's the fans of the other teams in the bottom half that are angry.
  8. The SFA highlight decisions which go against Celtic?
  9. anyway cheers County, i had over 3.5 goals. Can't beat a late win = ))
  10. it's not the Celtic fans here that are highlighting it, so your point is???
  11. Brown's left foot won the ball cleanly, great tackle.
  12. jealousy IMhO
  13. Still got a man crush on Barry Robson du du du du.......