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  1. I hope that actually happens because until Strachan goes, we will continue to go backwards.
  2. protestants didn't routinely crucify apostates did they? only the awesome one =))
  3. Murty wants to develop younger players rather than coach first team ?
  4. i can't see the image (stupid browser) but link name inc 1991-1992 so i think that must be it. mostly unrelated rant: i remember the old board trying to get on the irish bandwagon.... push hard on fields of athenry etc... letting the wolfetones make a video in the stadium.... numerous gold away kits (to be irishy).... but still omitted orange from everything, apart from seats. Only ended up on the kit because the board had pissed off cr smith a few months before. even now there are still some bhigots that think the irish flag is green, white and gold. ... Anyway, a club named Celtic should have some blue on a kit (and red, and orange) and great linky by @jagfox99
  5. photoshopped and the wrong colour
  6. Fleg forum for this pish
  7. this would absolutely be the case in dublin but I don't think it would be clear cut overall.
  8. that has already been confirmed Bruce. Do you have answers to the questions?
  9. What does the stand area look onto, shinty or football?
  10. Why is king billy of the netherlands not our king as well? who are the loyal oranges loyal to, i don't understand, help.
  11. My ex was named after Princess Di, her parents thought she was inspirational. not sure why exactly
  13. I totally understand why fans would get carried away after winning the cup and invade the pitch, especially given their ancient and recent history in the competition and the circumstances of how it was won... Valid pitch invasion reasons IMO