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  1. Scotland's Next Permanent Manager.

    Big Eck please, no one else will do.
  2. And it really shouldn't bother you.
  3. Words and Phrases for c***s

    Aldis, Liddles, tescos, ra cellic, bants, top bants, plastics
  4. New User of MARYHILLISWONDERFUL account

    just makes me think of
  5. Romania

    In a beautiful 5th floor apartment in a nice city.... and got woke up by some cocka doodle doing (that's every morning) and the stray dogs bark along with with the chicken noises. Damn I'm hungover =(((
  6. Initiation Ceremonies

    strap-on anal ?
  7. as much as I hate sevco, can't get hyped for this match. just another league game against a team we should be pumping
  8. Hammer Jag seems to run him close sometimes.
  9. Celtic in Europe - 17/18

    i'd play 4411 with McGregor on left side and Forrest on right, simply to protect the back 4 who will be playing man on man as it seems PSG want to play 424.... In theory, i reckon Roberts or Rogic would get space in the "10" position.... I think the boss will go 343 though, which would be forced into a 541 as we get pinned back
  10. just ask him out already
  11. relegation sixpointer this one, hope the good guys win.
  12. Betting strategies

    no... there are good tipsters also. avoid the ones tied to betting brands though
  13. Mayweather vs. McGregor

    she's probably another member's alter ego, i wouldn't get so excited