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  1. can P&B stop allowing topics in this sub forum that were not started by Celtic, Sevco or Rangers fans please. Nobody else is interested it says
  2. We are Celtic We are Scottish We can still f**k this up
  3. are you fighting sarcasm with sarcasm or is this real?
  4. foreseeable seems about right
  5. In European football after winter break
  6. accidental my arse, he knew he wasn't getting near the ball.
  7. controversial with the head knock... but it was a good advantage
  8. pretty sure Celtic will play without Griffiths, Sinclair, Brown & Rogic.....
  9. he doesn't trust Rogic in central midfield, so he'll play as 10 behind Griffiths in a 4231....
  10. This, although completely different is style they both do the same job. Bitton himself is a better player, but Brown is the captain and rightfully so as he has a big influence on his team mates. so while we play 3 in midfield, Brown as first choice every time.
  11. I hope the Jambos enjoy it more
  12. if you want to believe that, enjoy.