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  1. Celtic MASSIVE GAP Aberdeen & Sevco (could go either way but expect Sevco to be 10 points ahead at start of winter break, only for Celtic to loan Aberdeen Biton, GMS & LG9) GAP Hibs & St Johnstone (again could go either way) MASSIVE GAP Hearts to sneak into top 6 after sacking management team around christmas. 20 points or less separating 7 and 12. 12th will be Hamilton Celtic to knock Aberdeen and Sevco out of both cups again on the way to another treble
  2. 100% right, non muslim deaths are like the cherry on top at the moment. First and foremost, IS target other sunni muslims who they perceive to be weak, nominal or interpreting the book incorrectly. Eradicating other islamic sects is their secondary goal - and then they will deal with "us". Worrying similarities to the White terror in Spain when millions of Atheists, Agnostics, nominal & left leaning Catholics were killed, disappeared, re-educated, converted or forced out to the extent that Spain really did become a catholic country. With Lebanon on the IS doorstep, I worry that in a few years time, we will see loss of life to the same extent as WW2
  3. is a tricky one, i know a few Jambos in Glasgow (including an uncle & cousin) who go to 2 or 3 games a season, but don't feel suitably encouraged to go more than that (apart from the promo season and 2005 to 2007). I'd imagine there are Hearts fans like this all over the country
  4. Celtic never lost a game here last season, rangers were utter garbage. What are you gonna do, come in and tell us how well we're doing? Of course you pretty much ignore ours, you are inferior in every way. We beat you 5-1 home and away and dumped you out of both cups ffs. You 'pretty much' ignore ours out of embarrassment. The match threads from last season emphasise this point.... but for a few, the sevco crowd went missing for several days after a few local derby humpings
  5. at 21,000 - is that Tynecastle at max expansion, or is there room for further building?
  6. he was a loss adjuster for an insurance company i worked for when i was 20
  7. St Johnstone are a good team.... but
  8. I can see Aberdeen switching away from 4231 if maloney signs.... would imagine Maloney & Christie would play with Rooney in a front 3 with McLean coming back to play as a midfielder who supports the attack rather than playing between midfield and attack. McGinn and Hayes are a big loss, but you still have a good team - i would say that you still need a holding midfielder and an alternative to Rooney in the big games.
  9. First Linfield fan I ever knew ended up in prison as gun running for UDA Seemed a nice guy as well or maybe UVF....
  10. just had a look at Tommy Robinson's tweets, and although he seems to be aware of the line in the sand with his own posts (today anyway) - the stuff he retweets is disgusting - he must spend all day searching twitter.
  11. man, i love a good burger
  12. no chili sauce or relish ?