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  1. don't do that
  2. harsh really fucking harsh
  3. You never change your team *unless they get liquidated
  4. from irvine and supported Celtic. fucking bigot
  5. this time every non sevconian should put in a tenner to buy the footballing assets.... thus ensuring no further zombies aim for the head, always aim for the head.
  6. i love the "there's nae fight" argument. it totally ignores everything players done just to get to that level
  7. anti abortion pro death penalty pro torture Trump is an extremist also.... fine whitabootery
  8. if you believe your team's gonna get humped, you hate the manager, it's gonna be cold, there's other sport on TV and you have visited that stadium a few times before... why fork out £26
  9. i don't like Paul hartley but i fucking hate that fat arrogant c**t McGhee 9-0 Dundee
  10. Meh Superclassico is an interesting description for the Stirling vs Edinburgh league 2 event wrong forum though?
  11. c***s? give us 3 immigration concerns you have
  12. i get the sentiment, but if you don't tackle people like this in a grown up manner you lose.
  13. MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!