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  1. Not read any other comments on here - too painful - but congratulations to Livi. Deserved the win over the two games with a bit to spare. c***s :-)
  2. I'd carry on and check out as many fans' forums as you can. You'd see that there will be a thread on Rangers on virtually every one of them. It's because Rangers are so box office but not in the way you think. We, the rest of Scottish football, aren't talking about Rangers. We are standing, pointing and laughing at you. You are the biggest comedy show in town. I can remember the PA announcer at Ibrox referring to a goal scored by the opposition as being "a crumb from the master's table". Now even the smallest of small teams, those you sneered at for apparently scrambling around for whatever crumbs you would throw our way, find your antics hilarious. You've ceased to have the relevance you seem to crave so much.
  3. Can't figure out how to quote this directly (I'm old) but this is truly beautiful: Fight? No time to destroy the b*****ds, withdraw from the Scottish cup next season for starters. Get Stevie G on the blower and tell him to concentrate on the job, players he wants, Europe and the league. Tell them to ram their cup up their arse . Then the board want to ask clubs are they for or against this motion , those for us being punished refuse any ticket allocation and state if they sell to Rangers fans for any game involving us then they are legally responsible for those fans attending and not Rangers football club. When is the new tv deal due? Refuse to sign it and refuse our games to be shown live at Ibrox , stop the blue pound now fellow bears , spend it on our new strips, season books, sellout Europa league qualifiers all 3 of them hopefully and hopefully make the group stages, and if you have any spare cash left after that for football then treat yourself to hospitality at Ibrox. People say we can't do this or that? The club are weak ? Etc etc , its bloody simple spend your money on Rangers and don't give any of our haters a single penny. Then we will see who standing at the end of it all as charity begins at home. Yes please get Stevie G on the blower and tell him that he is beginning his managerial career at a club that is withdrawing from one of the three domestic cup competitions they compete in. One that, you never know, they might actually win. See how quick he scans the small print of his contract. Yes please refuse ticket allocations. I hate you coming to my home ground anyway singing your hymns of hate and stealing and burning our flags. You won't be missed. We'll cope financially thank you. You can keep your 'blue pound' in your pocket. Yes please refuse to sign the TV deal. It'll not actually make any difference as everyone else will and you might find there would be a contractual obligation to let the cameras in. But give it a go anyway and if you did, somehow, manage to bring the deal down just remember you will be cutting of your own (blue) nose to spite your face in the process. You do know you get money from the TV deal right? But hey that will be covered by the extra 6XL Rangers tops that are sold. After all that you will indeed "see who is standing at the end". Chances are it won't be the rest of Scottish football but only because we'll be too busy rolling on the floor pissing ourselves laughing at you.
  4. I read the BBC story this morning and couldn't quite believe the response from Rangers. It's pretty clear that this sort of abuse was endemic within football clubs, sports clubs etc. It's impossible, or it should be, to try and take the high ground on this issue. My own Club has been linked to abuse. It matters not then whether that correspondence was issued by Rangers, Celtic, Partick Thistle or Pollok Juniors. It's not an exercise in point scoring to say that it is utterly lacking in basic morality. I would be utterly appalled if Thistle had engaged in any correspondence of that nature.
  5. Scottish football needs a strong statement
  6. Is it not just a reminder of who they owe money to?
  7. I'd certainly miss my doughnut if that were the case. And that's pretty much about it.
  8. Is there nobody inside Ibrox with even a modicum of self awareness? My team haven't beaten a team baring the name rangers since 1992. Even during the banter years we are the one team that are pretty much guaranteed to give Rangers a win. Just think about that for a second Rangers people. Even the fans of cuddly little Partick Thistle, who win f**k all and are regularly stuffed by you are standing laughing at you. That's how much of a sad, pathetic spectacle you've become.
  9. I've been going to football matches since 1975. For the bulk of the 43 years since then I've been labouring under misapprehension that Rangers FC, both of them, were a vile, odious organisation with a deep rooted sectarianism running right through the organisation. It's only recently I've realised that they are in fact an improv comedy ensemble with a cast of thousands and I just didn't get the joke.
  10. Wishaw Juniors - Scottish Junior Cup Semi-finals

    I enjoyed my day. A decent game and a good atmosphere inside the ground. I was left with the impression of it being a big day for a small club. It was well organised and there was a smashing programme. I think Wishaw have much to be pleased about and of course still have a decent chance of reaching the final.
  11. Wishaw Juniors - Scottish Junior Cup Semi-finals

    Really looking forward to heading along to the game on Saturday. It's a new ground for me too.
  12. John Lambie

    A football legend. Also pictured George Best. Must admit I knicked this one.
  13. John Lambie

    I suspect for a whole variety of reasons John wouldn't have managed as well in the current, transfer window, football world. He was a fantastic wheeler and dealer in the transfer market. He would always go on about how we were "just two players" short. He'd then sign three and then still declare that he was "just two players short". He knew that bringing in new faces, even if they would be out the door in a week or two, would keep players on their toes. He was just about the first manager I can recall who used a psychologist (the master of malapropism John likely called them a physicist). A few days later we beat Rangers 3-0 at Firhill and John went nuts when the psychologist tried to claim credit for the result in the papers. They were swiftly shown the door. Of course John was a psychologist himself. From giving the players a glass of champagne each just before kick-off in a game against Rangers in our first season back in the Premier League to wringing a pigeon's neck in the dressing room and telling Declan Roche that he could do the same to him. Alan Archibald spoke at a Meet the Manager event last season and talked about how John was in many respects way ahead of his time. There was indeed method to his madness. Of course he had his flaws as a manager (which one doesn't?) and his eccentric approach would undoubtedly have put some, bigger, clubs off but he was a perfect fit for Partick Thistle. Four times he was our manager and it isn't that much of a stretch to imagine, had his health been better, that he could have been back for a fifth stint. As programme editor I 'worked' with John for many years. Trying to turn his colourful use of language into something readable was often a challenge and that's before you factor in the odd we expletive. I last spoke to John last season on an all too rare visit to Firhill. I was glad to spend just a few minutes just passing the time of day with him. He looked well, although we knew he wasn't in the best of health, and he was in top form. John Lambie will be thought of by most people as first and foremost a football man but a quick look at his Facebook page (John Lambie on Facebook, bloody hell) shows little other than a few family pictures. His love of his family shines through in those pictures for all to see though and it is his family that I think of most at this dreadfully sad time for them. Today is a sad day for Partick Thistle.
  14. The Cricket Thread

    What an unbelievable effort from Scotland over the whole tournament. What a heartbreaking way for it all to end. The West Indies may well have still won and with five Scottish wickets down they were favourites to so but to be denied the chance to chase down the target is just cruel. And I really don't want to think about Berrington being given not out and that being enough to have seen Scotland win on D/L. That's beyond cruel.