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  1. My thoughts on Hearts/Tynecastle. Nice Stand. Shite team
  2. Hearts Stadium Development

    The talk of the toon is the state of their groon
  3. Hearts Stadium Development

    Farce, Farce Glorious Farce.
  4. That's pretty much total bollocks. A club doesn't have control over the weather. A club has, or should have, control over the timescale for building a stand or if that is too difficult for them, have control over ordering seats to fit in the stand. Due to the failings of Hearts, Thistle fans who don't currently have a ticket for Sunday (they may have held off purchasing one in the hope that Hearts may have managed to get their collective fingers out of their collective arses) now have next to no chance of getting a ticket should the game go ahead. And all this after Thistle agreed to a venue switch to the original fixture to accommodate Hearts. We potentially face a scenario of one game in November and nine in December. Just as well as December is an otherwise quiet month.
  5. Gretna - Living (and dying) the Dream

    I first went down to Raydale Park for a pre-season friendly against Thistle when Gretna were still kicking about in the Northern Premier League. It was a nice night and they struck me as a pleasant enough club. So much so that I was pleased when they were admitted to the SFL at the expense of a reformed Airdrie and for a few years they did next to nothing in the bottom league and scarcely registered with me. As others have said there subsequently rise up the leagues was totally unsustainable and even if they hadn't run up mountains of debt in the process they may well have lost their SFA (?) status anyway. They were still Associate rather than Full members of the SFA at the time and it was far from guaranteed that they would be given Full membership status not least because of the state of their ground. It was an accident waiting to happen. We played them down their when they opened that prefabricated stand behind the goal (bought from the R&A and previously used at The Open I think). There was quite a drop at the back of it and the back few rows were taped off to prevent people using those rows. We took a big support that day and as the stand filled up all of a sudden the taped off section was suddenly declared safe (Hearts are looking for the individual who did so right now) and the tape was removed. Unsafe one moment and then safe to use the very next. That might have been the same day that Thistle fans pointed out that the fire exit in the wee terracing along the side of the pitch was actually padlocked closed. There were stories too of the gates being opened when a big crowd was in and admission money simply dropped into a bucket rather than handed over at a turnstyle where presumably there would have been some idea when the ground was full or near to full.
  6. No chance of the game going ahead on Sunday. Tynecastle earlier today.
  7. JFK Files

    Oswald was most likely not a 'lone nut'. I think there was more than one person with a gun looking to shoot JFK that day. If Oswald conspired with other nutters, even if they just aided him in some way, that by very definition means there was a conspiracy to assassinate JFK. It doesn't mean that it was a conspiracy involving the CIA, FBI, Mob, Cubans or other sundry people who had reason to want him dead. He wasn't short of enemies. Why was it important for the American public to be "convinced" of Oswald's guilt? To protect the institutions of the State. The FBI/Secret Service/etc may not have been directly involved in a plot to assassinate JFK but they were certainly culpable, through there own incompetence in not monitoring Oswald and allowing JFK to be in an open top car, allowing the motorcade to take the route it did taking a sharp corner and slowing down, in allowing it to happen. If you can sell the idea that 'some lone nut did it, it couldn't be prevented' then you avoid scrutiny and the apportioning of blame in high places. What happened after the shooting is the real conspiracy.
  8. **** v Thistle

    When were the words No Surrender added to the National Anthem?
  9. The Big New York Thread

    Not only were you in New York the same time we were you've seen the same things we did. Well Charlie and the Chocolate factory and Red Bulls game
  10. Going back in time

    The Indra Club in the St Pauli area of Hamburg circa August/September 1960 and sit in a corner and watch the five piece that was then The Beatles. Was Pete's drumming really that bad? Was Stu really not playing his bass?
  11. Species would be more appropriate on there would it not? I mean they aren't human that's for sure.
  12. I've seen good games and bad games on artificial pitches. Just as I have seen good games and bad games on grass pitches. The proportion of bad games to good games on plastic far exceeds the proportion of bad games to good games on grass though.
  13. Had to leave at half-time as my girlfriend was hit by some stomach bug/food poisoning thing (I'll not mention which Hamilton pub we ate in pre-match). By the sounds of it walking up the wee lane to the station with someone stopping every 5 yards to vomit was a far more pleasurable experience than the second half.
  14. Partick Thistle 2017/18 thread

    Well that cheered me up :-)
  15. Motherwell v Spittal & Co

    Was Gerry Britton really thought in those terms? Ungainly and all arms and elbows certainly but I never thought he was especially dirty. Fair call re Hardie though and Craigan. Three of my all-time favourite Jags.