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  1. Would love to see a flag celebrating Doolan's 100 goals and counting. How about one somehow remembering Save the Jags an example of fans helping to save their club.
  2. Pretty much every support will be reflective of society as a whole. Which means that, yes, you could easily find yourself sat beside a moronic, racist criminal. Equally though you could find yourself sat beside a SNP supporting Yes voter. And that brings me to your earlier post about how you don't follow the Rangers stereotype because of your support for the SNP and independence and I draw an analogy from that that I think at least partially works. The campaign for independence was a pretty broad church but the SNP were at the forefront of that. I've been a passionate supporter of independence, just as I am a passionate supporter of Partick Thistle, I've even voted for the SNP on occasion. Now if the SNP's campaign for independence had included a vocal call for the death of Catholics, or indeed any other religious group, then I might have perhaps tried to change the party from within but more likely my support for them would have stopped at that point. I couldn't tolerate hate and intolerance from a group just because we wanted the same victorious outcome. By continuing to be a member of that group I would, through turning a deaf ear to it and by extension condoning it, become part of the problem.
  3. I don't buy this 'there are decent Rangers fans out there'. Well at least not entirely. Nobody forces anyone to support a particular football team. Okay there can be a strong family connection to a team but to go and actively follow them is still a choice. That you are going to get sectarian song after sectarian song when Rangers play, especially away, is not exactly a secret so when you hand over your ticket money you know exactly what you are getting. While you might not join in is continuing to go not in essence condoning it? They may not like it but not enough to stop going. I don't always like what I hear coming from Thistle fans but if I were subjected to what I suffered at Firhill in the last two games - it was utterly vile at times - I would firstly try and change attitudes and if that was unsuccessful over a period of time I would stop going. I would stop supporting Partick Thistle if it became for a large proportion of the support all about hate and aggression. That's what any decent fan would do if their club became a vehicle to express views that they find abhorrent.
  4. Partick Thistle vs Flag Stealing ****

    I'm confused about something that I'm hoping some Rangers fans might help clear up for me. Why did you celebrate a goal against Partick Thistle by singing about how much you hate Catholics? It just seems unbelievably moronic but I'm probably missing something.
  5. Partick Thistle 2017/18 thread

    How much did you get for selling your heritage here?
  6. Challenge Cup 2017-18

    I'm sure Clyde fielded what couldn't have been too far away from being an under 20 side when humped by Thistle Colts in last season's competition.
  7. Diana. Where were you?

    Was the significance of Diana dying marked not with a minute's silence or two minutes but three minutes? I seem to have some recollection as using that as a timer for boiling an egg. I was fairly indifferent to it all. The UK went collectively mad for a week. It was an incredible and disturbing time in equal measure. Acknowledging that two children losing their mother at a young age is sad the outpouring of grief I wouldn't have believed had I not actually encountered it. I remember worrying that it might have an impact of the devolution campaign. If it did it was only in a positive way. My Aunt, pretty royalist and unionist, changed her votes from No/No to Yes/Yes on the strength of being annoyed that the Queen's presence in London 'with her people' was being demanded while she was holed up in Balmoral. I remember watching a programme about the funeral a few months/years later and they focused on some of the most cretinous individuals possible who had lined the route. One was babbling with excitement at having managed to capture all the important footage. It was the first signs of society's need to record everything. The irony of people who complained about how she had been hounded by the press during her life filming of her body being moved the day before the funeral and of filming the actual funeral was lost on them.
  8. Thistle v Aberdeen, Saturday 26th August

    This is the game I'm missing this season. Have headed down to Liverpool for Beatleweek (don't judge) each of the last 5 years and miss a game. Each of the last 4 years it's been a bloody home game. Can't they give us Ross County away the weekend I can't go? Anyway, I'll pretend I'm not going to pay any attention to events in Maryhill until full-time but will spend the time between 3pm and 4:45pm refreshing every source possible and then try to convince myself I'm not bothered by the 2-0 defeat!
  9. Work colleagues

    Yip, put on a jumper if you are cold. It's easier to get warm from cold that the other way around short of sitting in the office wearing nothing but my pants.
  10. The games a bogey

    The game has always been a bogey. I had my worst suspicions about just how uneven a playing field Scottish football is on February 3rd 1996. It was on that date when a player appearing for my team against Rangers was booked for blessing himself. Something he did every time he came on to or left the field of play. The same referee later admitted that he should have sent off a Rangers player (Paul Gascoigne - who incidentally that afternoon produced arguably the finest performance I've seen from a player playing against Thistle) but was scared over the crowd's reaction had he done so. Every shitty call that goes Rangers' way pales into insignificance compared to that. Incompetence and/or being unconsciously influenced by the crowd I can understand but here was a referee openly admitting that he applied the rules differently for Rangers than he did Partick Thistle.
  11. c***s in shops

    With the Asda in Parkhead Forge the flagship in the empire in that regard.
  12. Thistle did. At a guess I would say that the crowd, given over the PA as 190, would be on a par with what the Development side would normally get. There was 400+ at the tie with Queen's Park last season. I quite enjoyed the game last night. It was a nice night and there is some decent talent in the Thistle side. No idea if the Stirling Uni side was anywhere near what they field in the Lowland League.
  13. Challenge Cup 2017-18

    190 at Firhill tonight.
  14. Partick Thistle v Celtic

    I think most clubs, players and fans accept that some calls you get others you don't. Then there are those clubs, well club really, that pen letters to the SFA demanding explanations when calls go against them.
  15. Partick Thistle v Celtic

    These kind of calls tend to go the way of the establishment club and so it was last night.