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  1. QoS vs Partick Thistle

    https://twitter.com/ThistleTweet 250 extra tickets on their way from Dumfries to Glasgow as we speak.
  2. QoS vs Partick Thistle

    While I know that it has been widely reported that Thistle initially only asked for 52 tickets I've heard that we asked for just four and they were for: Mrs Betty Archibald Mrs Euphemia Maxwell Mr McKenzie Farquharson Mr Spud McPherson Clearly we need to stop blaming Queen of the South for everything.
  3. QoS vs Partick Thistle

    If Thistle don't sell out the latest batch of additional tickets then QoS's approach will probably be seen as correct. If Thistle do sell these extra 250 tickets then it's been handled very badly perhaps in part because Queens have been poorly advised as to the anticipated size of the travelling support. Given that the game is now just a couple of days away and with the weather as it is I don't think we will shift the whole amount of the extra 250 tickets. Of greater concern to some travelling Thistle fans than getting into the game might be getting on the 10:13 train which looks like being a tad busy :-)
  4. The Graeme Murty's Rangers 2017/8 Thread

    It's not really funny though Fhorest of Dhean is it? This, however, is.
  5. The Graeme Murty's Rangers 2017/8 Thread

    A good rule of thumb to determine how rattled a blue bigot is is to check how many words they insert a random H into. And then how quickly they edit one when it's confirmed, not that we really needed the confirmation, that they are a total fud.
  6. The Graeme Murty's Rangers 2017/8 Thread

    Imminent? No. Starting to think about what shoes to wear when it comes to the time for dancing on the grave of an utterly, utterly vile institution that in it's current incarnation is even worse than the sewer that preceded it? Not quite but it is an appealing prospect all the same and I'm sure I'll get round to it eventually.
  7. Jaggies v Staggies

    Not that much snow forecast for after early this afternoon. Could be an issue with waterlogging I suppose though. https://www.metoffice.gov.uk/public/weather/forecast/gcuvyv148#?date=2017-12-30
  8. Not my favourite night at the football. Got home at 1am, tired, knackered and in need of sleep and the key snapped in the door locking me out. Had we won and not lost 1-0 there is no way that would have happened.
  9. Never seen Thistle lose a 3 goal lead. I thought I was about to tonight. Had we drawn, or even lost, I think we would have been fucked. Mentally not sure how we would have recovered. Anyway, still laughing at Cerny basically talking the referee into disallowing the 'goal'. Between that and his time wasting he can't be very popular with Motherwell fans. Me? I love him.
  10. Partick Thistle 2017/18 thread

    Would be Keown to drop out for me with Turnbull moving back into the centre if you were dropping Barton back. That would leave a problem at left wing back though, although to be fair there is going to be a problem in that area no matter what you do. Turnbull at left back in a four might be the least worse option. I suspect there will be a couple of changes tonight. Woods for Barton in midfield and I wonder if we are nursing Doolan with an injury whether he can play two games in a row, albeit he like the rest was poor at Kilmarnock. If he can't then Storey for Doolan which gives us a bit more pace. We'll need the midfield to push up quickly though if Storey operates in wide areas otherwise he'll be expending energy for little reward.
  11. But he did this which should exclude him from the list
  12. Probably going to show my age here with some of the names but here's a few random selections from my own 'hate' list: John Martin John Pelosi John McDonald Andy Willock Alex Beckett Paul McGrillen (until he came to Firhill) Chic Charnley (until he came to Firhill and became a hero) Kevin Muscat Joe Cardle Damian Casalinuovo Nacho Novo (saving the worst to last. Loathsome with Raith Rovers, Dundee and rangers)
  13. Games ON?

    Nor me. Scrap the warmth, a coupon and the couch time to get the winter woolies on.
  14. Rainbow Laces Campaign

    Is it not incredibly arrogant for someone who is straight to tell the LGBT community that they have largely been accepted and that they should no longer play the victim card? Who is better placed to make that judgement? Someone who is straight or someone who is gay?
  15. QoS vs Partick Thistle

    Yes, the last kick of the ball equaliser was a nice moment. It would have been nice to win and, as I said, it was disappointing not to do so but of the two games we played that week it was very much of secondary importance. I know which one I wanted to win the most. The win against Morton led to promotion, continued membership of the top flight, a debt free club and a bespoke training facility on the way. That's of much more value than a wee trophy from a game that nobody other than the two teams remembers and a mid table place in the Championship.