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  1. Scouting, i like it...if i get the chance i'll take a saunter down myself.
  2. Whats the chat with regards the Bellshill match. They seem to have been lost in the shuffle since the Peasy match. 2 comprehensive wins and a equally comprehensive defeat has left us needing a win to overtake Petershill, whilst at the same time avoid an 8 goal swing, when Shettleston host Thorniewood. We beat Bellshill 3 times last season, an aside from the 5-2 in the groups last year, both remaining matches were a slog for us, so we mustn't think about looking beyond Bellshill. I'm sure the manager won't allow this, especially after a seemingly lacklustre derby performance. I personally think we'll win (admittedly ignorant to how Bellshill are shaping up) but with Perthshire game being now off, its difficult to gauge the teams best/most comfortable XI just now. Everyone involved in the Thorniewood and Shettleston matches looked good, whilst no-one stood out in the Petershill match. I think most jerseys are there to be had. A win brings back the feel good feeling, whilst a defeat will leave us 2 weeks of stewing before we can get back into for that, tomorrow night is huuuugggeee. Mon the Candy
  3. Honestly, whilst I didn't think we played guys were clinical at the correct times. We miss an open goal, only to go 3-1 down seconds later. After half time miss a great chance to 3-2, bang seconds later we're 4-1 down (with an amazing finish but awful defending) I thought McManus was a joy to watch yesterday...not being from the area, I don't have the same rivalry in my I really hope that you have a great season and get back to the Premier.
  4. Petershill deserved to win no doubt...probably even by more than the 3 it ended up. It was a local derby, they are a Super first team, we as a collective maybe got carried away...but whilst convincing wins over league rivals Thorniewood and an out of sorts Shettleston didn't make us world beaters, a comprehensive defeat to Petershill doesn't make us dumplings. We are rebuilding and he tried something and it never worked. Win on Wednesday and barring Thorniewood totally massacring Shettleston, we qualify for the first time in ages. As a club, when we lose we are hopeless, an when we win, the other team are hopeless. I still think we have a lot of work to do on and off the park, yesterday was a rubber stamp on that thought. The fixtures situation is a shambles that said.
  5. Hmmm Perthshire had requested that we move our game, seems that the league have re-arranged things. That's quite a big change!!!
  6. Shettleston have some good players, however looking at them, they are a team/club with absolutely no confidence in themselves. Once the second went it, it was game over and the Candy missed some guilt edged chances throughout the remainder of the game...even the last goal was a result of 3 great chances spurned. The goalkeeper seemed fit to burst at times last night, demanding basics from his defence, which i felt was going to boil over in the second half...but there wasnt even the fight for that. From their league cup results its hard to see them bouncing back anytime soon, but a couple of results or a decent signing or 2 and they could make a decent fist of it. Personally i hope they sort it out.
  7. Despite Petershill up and down results, you have to imagine they will be really up for the game on Saturday. Should the rain remain off, it could be a bumper crowd for a really good game. The rotation around the squad worked last night, be interesting to see how he goes on Saturday now. Especially with Daw now available from suspension and Steven Logan making his long awaited comeback... i can see wholesale changes again, however, maybe hinting at the managers long term favourite XI. I love the idea of a player in form keeping the jersey...not always practical tbh, but if the lads keep the right squad should be good for the fans at the very least.
  8. Shettleston 0 : St Roch's 5 Darren Maguire with a hat trick after his 2 at the weekend.
  9. Big game tonight i think. As has been seen in results all round the shop, teams use the league cup for settling a team and trying out things, so sometimes a result isnt all that it seems. What with Shettleston having a unsettled pre season themselves, they might be the best case of the above. Thorniewood pump Petershil, we pump Thorniewood, Petershill pump going by that logic, we shoul;d get pumped from Shettleston. I don't know if the manager will rotate things, i think he will...but right attitudes should take us far in this group section. Keepers saving, Defenders clearing, Midfielders creating and forwards scoring...that kinda thing. The pre season has brought a certain freshness to the's hope it continues for a good wee while yet. Mon the Candy
  10. Johnny Carter away his hols and I'm hearing on the grapevine that Berto has a wee injury. On the flip side, I never liked changing my defence even in friendlies. So the boys at the back should get a whole game
  11. Yup, an well done them!
  12. Unfortunately, the heads on my large camera needed cleaned on Saturday, just before kick off...and my i only caught 1 goal from 3, with my cams behind the goal (battery ran out on both). So no highlights from Saturdays friendly. However, we are trying out post match interviews...hopefully players will have a bit more to say after competitive games :o)