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  1. St Roch's F.C. 2017-2018

    What this needs if serious, is a larger scale version of what Chris an Mark done for the kits. A working committee whose whole purpose is to raise funds.... As yer man above has stated, you can’t take working capital from the club, it needs to be new funds...on the same idea, these fund raised needs to be taken away from the club...as not to be used for other things (which happens when looking short term). The committee would look to grants, fundraisers, begging letters...all with the sole intention of raising the set amount to get the job done.
  2. St Roch's F.C. 2017-2018

    Wishaw 5 : St Roch’s 1 That was rough to take and I was only on the side. St Roch’s terrible Wishaw brilliant Wishaw clinical St Roch’s missing chances Goalkeeping great Goalkeeping bad All of that mixed up culininated in an embarrassing result. Dunno how I feel about it yet....
  3. Wishaw v St Roch's

    Only 3 games on in the Central First this weekend, with all 3 being relatively decent games...Neilston hosting the Bens, and Port Glasgow entertaining the Vics...but (obviously biased) my eye is on teh Wishaw v St Roch's match. Wishaw have had the better of the Candy in recent times , in the last 2 seasons, Wishaw have won both matches at the Beltane (3 if you include the abandoned match) and drawn and lost 2-1 at James McGrory Park, which as i recall, we were delighted to take the points that day. They have a certain style with made our side uncomfortable and even the 3-3 game last season, Wishaw were 3 up at half time. However, both sides have had a bit of a upheaval in the summer. The Candy have reshaped almost their whole team, whilst the Wishaw manager has departed. I am nervous about the encounter but encouraged that we are starting to see a team taking shape...how has Wishaw coped with their managerial change and did any players follow him? Opinions on the match please?
  4. I'm surprised by this? On two fronts. I had players freely approached to leave and approached players, constantly throughout my time coaching in amateur football....be it pubs, clubs or even after games. I thought the amateur status lend itself to this. As for players invited to go Junior, i didn't think there would be much problems....always wanted my players to better themselves, However, as i knew it was the norm...doesn't make that necessarily correct. Can i ask what are you expecting compensation wise? You dont pay the player do you?
  5. St Roch's F.C. 2017-2018

    Match highlights from Saturdays win over Port Glasgow **no manager reaction due to the incident after the game. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H2OboyhOhSg
  6. St Roch's F.C. 2017-2018

    Unfortunately, we, more specifically, the Port Glasgow team, were victims of a theft. Frustratingly it seems we have been victims of an opportunity theft. We usually have a steward on the doors to dressing rooms to allow players quick entry and exit, but he was on holiday...and we have maybe been a bit blasé about security due to no incidents of this nature on match days. Phones, wallets, cards and money were stolen. Unfortunately there are elements of all communities and societies that let us all down, like our numerous break ins over the years. However, action was taken by the Port lads themselves along with members of St Roch's players, supporters club and committee, and all phones and cards were recovered...I'm led to believe that all monies have been reimbursed. So a satisfactory end for a very un-savoury, embarrassing and dangerous incident. The club will be making changes this week to ensure this cannot happen again. Our sincerest apologies to all at Port Glasgow.
  7. St Roch's F.C. 2017-2018

    Why say 1 word, when 754 will do Kinky [emoji1303]
  8. St Roch's F.C. 2017-2018

    Others have succinctly lauded the efforts of the club. I think the over riding factor, is the open minded approach of willing volunteers. Since i have been involved, the old adage of "thats how its always been done" attitude has dissipated quite rapidly, replaced with the more helpful "why not" look on things. The are of which the club is situated in, isn't the most affluent by any stretch and has felt somewhat left out, with regards regeneration over the years (or so i am told) so it has very much imo, kept its community feel much more to where i am from. So the connect between the club and community is still there, despite maybe an element of separation over the years previous. Very much a look after the community and the community will reward you. Maintaining that connect is hard, especially when you consider the standard of player (and obvious outgoings) have gone up, so its not always perfect, but if the effort is there, then that is good. The manager however, is again imo, absolutely huge and the catalyst in the turn around. His enthusiasm, his contacts, his passion and drive...i really hope we can put something in place to allow the club to be sustainable, but the day he decides he is done with it, will be a massive loss.
  9. St Roch's F.C. 2017-2018

    Can you clarify the question please, I'll try an help ye out.
  10. St Roch's F.C. 2017-2018

    He's done very well in both games. He is willing to do the doggies(when you are men down, you need it) and offers when going long and short. Holds up well and troubles defences. I was delighted he got his goal at the weekend too. Seems a nice lad. Hope he keeps it up...and then has a successful career in league football afterwards.
  11. Rossvale Ground - Suggestion.

    That could be...Mr Albert however, seems to allude that they were both on the other side at one point. Unless I picked it up wrong.
  12. Rossvale Ground - Suggestion.

    They had 1 on each side on Saturday mate, that makes me believe they could have had both there...maybe the entry gates don't allow them to be equidistant from the centre of the pitch...but as i say, after all the stuff about paying a fiver and a cage etc...to then miss parts of the match (however small) isn't great. An tbh, it's a forum to allow folk to vent...i'm content with that.
  13. St Roch's F.C. 2017-2018

    [emoji3] Yes, them folk too
  14. St Roch's F.C. 2017-2018

    For anyone in the bottom cage on Saturday, what happened with Tam Hanlons second...i've heard/read totally different perspectives!
  15. Central 1st Division 2017-18

    I dare say he's simply replying to your inference that Rossvale would struggle to pay linesman, by suggesting that they have 'splashed the cash' in the past.