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  1. Bonnyrigg Rose 2017-18

    Not the greatest picture BUT can clearly see easy 4-5 on the dug out and where they are standing seems to be lower like it’s been jumped on! Damaged was caused as a said doesn’t matter now it’s in the past we have lovely new dug outs now
  2. Bonnyrigg Rose 2017-18

    You caused damage to to dug outs nothing else was done about it end of story move on pal
  3. Bonnyrigg Rose 2017-18

    Tell the full story here mate.... You’ve already said you left the ground a good 20 mins after game when this happened before that? Fact of the matter glenafton supporters were giving it the come aheads to the Bonnyrigg supporters and chucking the odd can and bottle about and yes some were returned yous then tried to force tour way into the Calderwood pub to which then the hibs Bus (90% would be watching bonnyrigg of not at hampden) pulled up seen what you were doing to our pub and glens fans got the fight they were after! Can mind some boy dark hair glasses out his face desperate for someone from Bonnyrigg to come ahead while chucking cans at the Calderwood door he ended up in a heap.
  4. Bonnyrigg Rose 2017-18

    your quoting me personally show me where I’ve been showing to be a bad loser? If anything I’ve been extremely gracious and said I hope Beith go on to win it as had a good day with there supporters in the shed best lot from the West we’ve had our way! Mon the mighty lol
  5. Bonnyrigg Rose 2017-18

    Me personally undecided if it’s a pen or not as I’ve said a don’t think Bryan has to come out like that and that he’s gave the referee a decision to make on the spot Beith striker made the most of it but wouldn’t blame him for doing that. Now onto the form team in the league on the worst surface in the league minus our first choice defence Moyes, young, Hoskins, Brett and midfielder turner just have to roll out sleeves up and get on with it and we supporters must back them once again
  6. Bonnyrigg Rose 2017-18

    They tried to charge into the wood throwing bottles and cans desperate for a fight got battered and blamed Bonnyrigg lol
  7. Bonnyrigg Rose 2017-18

    Turner and Moyes
  8. Bonnyrigg Rose 2017-18

    Minus 5 players suspended
  9. Bonnyrigg Rose 2017-18

    Who lol
  10. Bonnyrigg Rose 2017-18

    We are out just get on with it! Brett gave the referee something to think about over nothing! the pen don’t really think bryan had to come out for the ball although the Beith player made the most of it (most would at that stage of the game) Hoskins should know better when confronting the ref we’d have probably got the replay and defended the corner if he was on the park. Game could/should have been wrapped up before Beith came anywhere near threatening our goal, Kyle Wilson should have replaced wayno around the 60 min as the beith defence were tiring on a heavy pitch didn’t see any trouble at the end did have a enjoyable bit of banter with all the Beith lads in the shed who caused NO trouble whatsoever
  11. Bonnyrigg Rose 2017-18

    Supporters anyway
  12. Bonnyrigg Rose 2017-18

    Exactly all the best lads
  13. Bonnyrigg Rose 2017-18

    Never seen it heartbreaking when they scored was almost at Sherwood when a heard final whistle we’ve had some wee daftys come to bonnyrigg last few years after a fight at full time only for us to be the bad guys tell you what beith were quality all the the best boys great craic [emoji1417]
  14. Bonnyrigg Rose 2017-18

    Hope beith win it great bunch of lads
  15. Bonnyrigg Rose 2017-18

    PUMPED? Best thing about today both fans got on singing together not like you mutants Who wanted a fight tried to ram into a pub then get bashed and blame Bonnyrigg lol