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  1. That is what is worrying me about us!
  2. They used to do that sort of thing years ago when we visited Firhill, in their Jackie Husband Stand we were in the section closest to the North Stand & there was a segregation line separating us from home fans but the concourse was a free-for-all so it would be easy to do, no need for anything within the concourse just segregate within the stand.
  3. I was told this specifically in person by Eric Drysdale.
  4. For part of the season we were housing smaller away supports in the corner of the Main Stand closest to the South Stand but at one point because apparently "it was giving away teams an advantage their supports being so close to the tunnel" we reverted to every away support in the McDermid Stand, apparently the Key-Tech Stand was the same for giving teams an advantage because of players running down the wing.
  5. That's absolutely incredible! my question to that would be why?
  6. Entry is £10 for adults, £5 for concessions & £12 for parent/child on Wednesday:
  7. Oops, well spotted!
  8. Correct, higher placed team has the 2nd leg at home.
  9. We wouldn't get away with it otherwise as similar accommodation must be charged the same so unless we put them in the Key-Tech Stand we have to charge the same.
  10. Away end ya townie b*****d!
  11. I stand corrected then!