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  1. For the lazy amongst us!:
  2. Not PATG in the truest sense of the phrase, buy from the kiosk outside the away end, only PATG is adults in the home end.
  4. Btw Morton fans are in McDermid Stand behind the goals tomorrow night, all away supports are getting housed there from now on as it's felt that where the smaller supports are currently so close to the tunnel is giving them an advantage where as the Key-Tech Stand would be no different with players running down the wing. Spoke to Eric Drysdale last Wednesday & that's one of the things that was said.
  5. Penman (South) Stand behind the goals would be best place to sit, that's where the majority of home fans go & while there might be a lot of bad language (taking into consideration the kid) you're likely to hear it anywhere in the ground especially as the away support will likely be in the Main Stand, parking is available at Beveridge Park but can sometimes get extremely busy so alternatively there is the back of the flats across from the stadium, plenty side streets, Morrisons & a car park on the Esplanade.
  6. Rovers' video:
  7. As suspected Dumbarton fans in Main Stand:
  8. That's exactly the club's viewpoint, the railway stand is only open as overspill to the McDermid Stand behind the goals now.
  9. I wonder how many Main Stand tickets we've sold i.e. would it that big an exercise to move them to the South Stand & give Hearts the Main Stand? if not, we could at least give them the corner that the smaller supports get.
  10. Was this a face-to-face conversation or could you provide us with a screenshot of what he actually said as like you say you are just a random poster on the internet?
  11. Radio Scotland are broadcasting live commentary of this, think they might regret the decision!
  12. Quote from Daily Record: Gary Locke is hoping to call in a favour to add a loan striker to his Raith squad ahead of Monday's Fife derby against Dunfermline. Rovers have only scored two goals in six games and Locke said: "I'm speaking to a couple of clubs about a couple of strikers. I'm hoping it might happen before Monday but we can't pay any money so I'm trying to call in a couple of favours from boys I know at bigger clubs. Hopefully they want lads out to play and if that's the case then we might be able to get somebody in."