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  1. I was wondering about this, has this company done the club over in some way or is it just something innocent?
  2. Confirmation that the Morton tie will be rescheduled:
  3. As suspected Ayr fans are in the Turnbull Hutton (Main Stand) corner:
  4. With the utmost respect to Ayr I would be surprised if they were expecting to bring enough fans to justify opening another stand, for those that don't know, it tends to be this area the smaller away supports are in nowadays, Main Stand (in the corner closest to the South Stand):
  5. Ludicrous, if we're being completely strict about it, will we have to provide details to get into St Mirren away or QOS away as technically speaking they are all-ticket games even if we just turn up & get one outside the ground? same could be said about Easter Road but in Rovers' case we normally sell tickets in advance for that one anyway.
  6. £20 again for the Pars game for anyone without a season ticket, also some strange necessity for all ticket holders to provide their name & address!
  7. Rovers' highlights - Pars' highlights -
  8. Dunfermline site confirms that home support can get tickets from a kiosk on Saturday but no mention of any arrangements of that type for Rovers support:
  9. Sorry, hadn't realised that it had now been taken off the online shop so I guess it is a bit of a hassle at this stage.
  10. I didn't say that it should be all-ticket by any means, I agree with you on that one, I was just saying that it's nonsense to say that it's a hassle to get tickets if you are required to.
  11. I don't get why people think like that, "getting tickets is a hassle" if you can't get along when the office is open, order them online at your convenience & get them delivered or if you're in a supporters club get tickets through them, easy! The only minor hassle is them trying to enforce allocated seating which we all know won't happen on the day anyway.
  12. In case any QOS fans don't know, it's normally this section the smaller away supports are in now.
  13. If it does get called off, both teams have a free weekend on 26th November due to entering the Scottish Cup at round 4 rather than 3 so if the clubs have any sense they would play it then.
  14. £20/10 for Hibs match: