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  1. Celtic in Europe - 17/18

  2. Celtic in Europe - 17/18

  3. Smackdown Thread

    Took a second for me to remember that Sarah Logan is Crazy Mary Dobson
  4. Smackdown Thread

    Bludgeon Brothers..... theme & entrance; good. Costume: Bit naff but with tweaks here and there could be made good. Slapping each other and going mental: Love it Here's hoping Harper & Rowan can be as good as they were when they were separated from Wyatt and had a great tag run (especially their match vs Usos)
  5. NXT

    I was dubious of him at first. But he's won me over. Mind boggling to think he's only 22 as well. Plenty time for improvement
  6. Survivor Series 2017

    Really good PPV that
  7. Survivor Series 2017

    Decent match, predictable finish
  8. Survivor Series 2017

    Had a feeling Corbin would win this. Brock, Charlotte & Usos to win to make the 5-v-5 the decider?
  9. NXT

    From what it looks like, the back of his head caught the edge of the furthest table. Props to him for carrying on after getting rudimentary treatment in the other ring. The amount of blood on the table when it was briefly in shot was grim
  10. Hearts Stadium Development

    I'm not hiding I-... GAWD Topcat, it was that ONE time alright? You never let me live it down
  11. Hearts Stadium Development

    Explain the shrine in your cupboard dedicated to it, then...
  12. Hearts Stadium Development

    Can imagine those with OCD seething at the tunnel not being in line with the halfway line
  13. Hearts Stadium Development

    Probably get someone seated right behind it putting their foot through it first