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  1. No Mercy 2017

    Disappointed with the end. Thought the best way to end was a Braun win via DQ... Brock keeps the belt but gets DQ'd out of desperation. Braun looks strong and gets a good push without becoming champion too soon. Alas the seeming usual of Brock getting dominated.. F5.. victory.. gotten a little boring now Really enjoyed the PPV up until Enzo showed up
  2. No Mercy 2017

    Same shit, different PPV for Lesnar
  3. No Mercy 2017

    Doesn't bode well for Hell in a Cell
  4. No Mercy 2017

  5. No Mercy 2017

    Well in Bliss
  6. No Mercy 2017

    Huge bump for Jax there
  7. No Mercy 2017

    And being unsuccessful in each and every defence
  8. No Mercy 2017

    No doubt WWE says Sasha or Bayley though...
  9. No Mercy 2017

    Booker for the love of god stop bouncing between being a face and heel commentator... and stop fucking grunting you sexual pest!
  10. No Mercy 2017

    Someone call Isaac Yankem
  11. No Mercy 2017

    Who was it that made the Brussels Sprout comment about Hibs a few years ago? Cause that aptly describes Bray Wyatt right now; fills a void but other than that there's no point to him
  12. Whether or not he begins to perform now he's gotten the goal monkey off his back... shame we didn't get to see vs County... stripped and everything then next thing we know he's sat back down with the bib back on
  13. Agreed. Games I've been to (Partick, Dundee, St. Johnstone & County) we've only really looked comfortable vs Partick... have we become slightly disjointed since Stokes re-signed? Might be best to wait till after the Celtic game but I'd like to see us try Matulevicius up front with Stokes and Boyle acting as inside forwards. Midfield 3 as you said with Bartley playing the DM role. McGinn really needs to work on his close control, seemed each time he dribbled with the ball he'd let it get just too far in front of him and allow it to get nicked or he'd get tackled/have to make a tackle.
  14. Was pretty anonymous on Saturday. Completely forgot he was playing until one of County's late chances (Schalk's effort I think) and McKay turned his back to the South stand in front of goal
  15. Now that you mention it it did look more like that. Stokes was dropping a lot deeper than Murray was. Hopefully they begin to link up better soon. Stokes has got more a footballing brain than Murray. He's trying to set stuff up for Murray from little touches and flicks that Murray just isn't reading