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  1. That was scandalous, mind: newspapers throw the word 'starlet' around so much it's lost all meaning.
  2. Weren't we also found guilty of this recently?
  3. It's a shithole because it was flattened. It was a lot like York before it was bombed. Also: you are from Greenock, right? Just checking.
  4. Possibly. Can't even imagine what you must have done.
  5. Some of my former colleagues were PRing the Coventry bid. I actually had a three way loyalty split... I'm married to a Mackem and live five minutes north of Sunderland. I definitely wanted Paisley to win, though. Ah well. I'll settle for promotion instead.
  6. Imagine how diddy you'd need to be for a manager leaving your rivals to be the best thing to happen to your own club for years.
  7. He'll never leave Dundee so soon after moving there.
  8. To Celtic? I'm surprised. I guess he's seen the experiences of McAllister and Mallan and maybe fancies his chances at breaking through a bit faster up here. I'd be off to Forest if I was him.
  9. Who will be Brechin's first?

    Whereas my pessimistic side was wondering which fucker started this thread just before they play us at home
  10. I have the fear again

    Agreed with all that. What makes you say that about Loy? I've heard us signing him could be a reasonably likely outcome.
  11. Not completely out the frame yet - he's third choice as it stands. However, if and when Gary Mack comes back, he could be bumped down. Buchanan certainly did ok - as has been pointed out ad infinitum, we have been challenging at the right end with him in the side. I think he'll remain in the squad.
  12. Nah, we're fine: @Randy Giles said only an idiot would think that was going to happen, so we should be ok.
  13. I'd forgotten Kirkpatrick was even a thing. It's weird, I thought we were over-stocked in that area at the start of the season, but take out Hilson, Todd and Kirkpatrick (or: don't 'take them out' as much as 'allow for the fact that they never play') and we're pretty short there. I know our defensive crisis was a bitch, but we have actually been lucky with injuries elsewhere so far. Especially once you realise that only Reilly seems to pass muster as a true striker (in the eyes of our manager).
  14. I have the fear again

    My brain now automatically converts the word 'Viking' to 'Virgin'