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  1. Cheers for that. Strong implication there that the Davis deal isn't happening, then. I like the way Fowler talks, though; he comes across very well. When Barcelona do eventually come in for Ross, I'd be reasonably happy if Fowler was handed the reins.
  2. Fucking hell. Bahoken. The 'one we've been waiting for '.
  3. I think that's reasonable. I just don't have enough faith in our forward line as it stands. In 2000 and 2006 we had phenomenal strikers. I'd like to see a marquee signing: really push the boat out for someone.
  4. A genuinely itk poster on the Saints forum has hinted you've got Loy.
  5. Real talk, I think you'll win it. The rest of the top six is anyone's guess, from us, Morton, Arabs, ICT and Dunfermline. If we don't get goals (Loy, basically) then I fear we're on for 5th, behind the Ton, ICT and DUFC. Another close league this year, I reckon, albeit not as tight at the bottom as we made it last season. Sorry Brechin.
  6. Falkirk were my favourites for the title, but then they signed Alex Harris, so now I think they'll get relegated.
  7. According to wikipedia, he's a 'striker striker'. We've not had that sort of player since Djemba-Djemba. I'm not sure he's really what we need and I foresee a Falkirk-esque meltdown if he signs for us.
  8. Legend. Edit: him, not you.
  9. If you're missing that panic/in-fighting, have a glance at the Falkirk thread.
  10. Jack Ross says we could be looking to bring in between two and four more players, depending on whether newly-promoted youth team players Nathan Flanagan and Darren Whyte (winger and CH/DM respectively), are sent out on loan or kept with the senior squad. Article mentions that Jack Ross was on holiday for a bit. First I'd heard of it, TBH...
  11. If you can't develop both sides of your stadium, then why should he smile with both sides of his face?
  12. Come now, jealousy doesn't suit you.
  13. jimgoodwinyouseemupset.jpg
  14. Not sure it's been mentioned. What happened there?