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  1. Alright, CSI Dumfries... Yep. It's almost as if we're being run like a proper football club again.
  2. It's like a parallel universe compared to the way the club has been run at times recently.
  3. Or, if he's really fucked, Cappielow.
  4. Fucking Stelios, man.
  5. Stelios tweeted a pic of himself sitting in the stand at SMP, with his thumbs up... Seems like an odd move if he's not signing.
  6. That would just be "Do, do, do, do..." (I shit you not, the Super Stelios tune has just come on the office Spotify. It's fate, I tells ya.)
  7. Do, do, do, do, do, do...
  8. Wide in a 4-3-3; Morgan on the opposite side, Loy down the middle.
  9. And a two-year deal for Cammy Smith We're going to be a real threat next season.
  10. Gary MacKenzie confirmed, to the surprise of nobody.
  11. Nailed it, by the looks of things.
  12. There's no doubt we've made a good impression on Rodgers, so hopefully we'd bear near the top of the list of destinations for a decent loanee.
  13. Yeah, definitely. Smith didn't really grab headlines but he made a huge impact.
  14. A genuine ITK poster on B&W all but confirmed it was GM and Cammy Smith yesterday. Outstanding stuff, if true. Always useful to have a 10-goal-a-season defender on board.
  15. I like the way you've listed his options there in order of desperation.