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  1. Mikkelsen clearly did his best to try and stamp it out at the time. Should probably get an award or something.
  2. 1,600 in the away end, give or take. Capacity of just over 8,000. We're getting guys from The Falkirk Stadium to help with doing a head count, so attendance is expected to be confirmed at 2,387.
  3. I assume your thank-you card to Lennon is in the post?
  4. Darren McGregor and John McGinn know where their loyalties lie.
  5. That's where I am at the moment. I think we'd be ok in the playoffs, and auto relegation has become unthinkable over the past couple of months.
  6. I favour the Battle Royale/Hunger Games approach. All we need now is a neutral venue to host the event: a bleak, dystopian setting where the web-toed locals have long since given up hope of ever having any sort of quality of life ever again... I'll let you add your own punchlines there.
  7. Even though @Poet of the Macabre spelled it out, seeing it in a full table just made my stomach flip slightly. Obviously I wish we weren't involved quite so directly, but what an epic end to the season this is.
  8. ...and that's not actually all that implausible. I guess we'll find out a lot about Hibs' attitude tonight and that could affect how they show up in the last three games. I was wondering about Lennon's comments at the weekend and whether that was him warming everyone up to the idea of a massive rotation. Then again, they were obviously down to the bare bones already when they brought in Efe ( ), so they might be stuck with the players they've got.
  9. Just stuck a tenner on double chance, Draw or Raith to win @ 3.5. Crazy prices considering Hibs' season is now over, and I'd gladly pay a tenner for Raith not to gain any more ground on us, so, as you say, win-win.
  10. 'Entirely'? SimpleTON makes a mess of the English language again. Survival is still in our hands, just as it was when we scudded the Morton bottle crashers 4-1 on their own turf without even getting out of second gear. Entirely would mean we were down already. Idiot. Thanks for playing, back in your box, wee shame, etc. Ps 4-1
  11. Did you miss the part the other day when VT was comparing - with pictures, but without irony - your ground to Barca's?
  12. That gif works well at the top of the page, IMO.
  13. Well, it's just one more thing that Morton have made a complete mesh out of.
  14. I'm not, I'm just having a conversation. If I'm honest, I think we'd have more of a chance of progressing from the playoffs than they would (notwithstanding the considerable points gap, obviously), but in the meantime, we really need them to beat Ayr.
  15. Ah, you'll be fine. I guess you just need to find a way to find some form again for the playoffs: if only to get your support going in excited about the games. They should be a great day out - effectively your reward for a great season - but they could be pretty torturous if there's too much pessimism around.