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  1. It's hard to tell from a still photo exactly what's gone on, tbh.
  2. Naw, we got on well with Hibs. They're a good bunch. TBH, we were so catastrophically shit last season that I think we were largely too embarrassed to muster any real animosity. Now we're marginally better (took us months to get six points on the board last time out) so we can go back to being p***ks again. Normal service resumed. Now off you f**k.
  3. No, that can't be right.The Arabs chairman Stephen Thompson had demanded a review of SFA compliance, no less, after selective video evidence was used to ban Gavin Gunning for three games. Here's what he said: Source. So there's no way the same club would do precisely that, just three months later. No way. Wait... I think I've got something... Source. Well. Something doesn't quite add up there. Thompson is either forgetful, or a hypocritical c**t. I'll let you decide.
  4. f**k off.
  5. Chuck in Stephen Thompson/video evidence and you'd have a full house.
  6. Yeah! What are you basing it on, exactly? FFS. Ah, ok, as you were.
  7. Fair enough. Is the progeria finally getting the better of him?
  8. Not for Willo Flood, though. I look forward to him getting away with at least three dead-cert yellow cards. I'd put Stelios on him, man-for-man, just for sheer panto villain entertainment.
  9. Depends which St Mirren turns up, I guess. We have got to screw the nut and start keeping our discipline, though.
  10. South Shields. Too far/expensive to get to many games, and I've got a young son so time's at a premium. I watch all the matches I can via SMTV/VPN, though.
  11. f**k, he went into his shell for the rest of the season
  12. As encouraging as Reilly is, it's nice to hear Buchanan get some decent feedback for a game in which we had only about 35% possession.
  13. Either way, that's sooner than I expected. Good news.