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  1. Previously won the league that Jack Ross is being recruited to win. Lots of good contacts, young, ambitious - stuck his hat in for the Scotland job... I'd definitely give him an interview. If you can face clicking on the Daily Heil, here's the link (with zero quotes, obviously.) http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-5769215/Gary-Caldwell-keen-speak-St-Mirren-managerial-vacancy.html Also, did anyone see the Sol Campbell rumours that were flying around Twitter yesterday
  2. I've seen a few things on Twitter - from Sunderland fans as well - to the same effect. I just think it seems so far gone that it must be happening. Sunderland's new owner would lose a bit of instant cred if that were to happen on his first week in post.
  3. Looks like we're going through a proper procedure, which puts to bed any notion that a replacement was lined up and ready.
  4. (Quoted from the Ton thread - felt more appropriate to respond here). I wouldn't be opposed to Hopkin (as long as people stop calling him Hopkins). He'd be a decent shout to get us established in the top flight again. Next year might need to be a shitfest - and after that we can think about playing more attractive football. It was a couple seasons of playing Gusball that led to an extended spell last time up, and the eventual signings of the likes of Dorman. I'd still just about prefer Neilson though. (Edit - just saw your post on this thread )
  5. Not for me. I think he'll go to Morton and do very well.
  6. Hope it has a better title than this embarrassing abortion. Something something relegation express.
  7. That really isn't a meltdown, tbf.
  8. I am feeling karma now, thanks. Sleeping on it helped.
  9. Such a dearth of quality candidates out there at the moment that many of the same names are appearing on both of our shortlists. I can't see Hopkin coming to Paisley - I don't think we want him - but I've got the fear about how well a Hopkin-led Livi could do next season. So with that in mind, I'm hoping he joins you lot. He'd do a good job, I reckon.
  10. I think compensation was definitely due for the Ian Murray switch, but not from fucking St Mirren
  11. Ok, I'll bite: You're trying to create a narrative that literally nobody has ever claimed existed. Everyone knows we had a sticky few months when he first took over. Everyone knows he was under pressure. Everyone knows that game against Queens had seen them be proactive in the transfer market - bringing in the likes of Rankin - while we appeared to be moving quite slowly. If you'd been paying attention, all of these things are what made last season (16-17) quite so remarkable.
  12. 70% up on first day sales last year. Not sure what that means in real numbers. But yes, this won't help - but a couple of big signings will.
  13. Kyle has two years to run on his so would cost a fortune, you'd hope.
  14. Top of the League and You're No

    Even if we do go down again, we'll be back in this place long before Morton ever manage it, which is nice.