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  1. Scottish Cup

    That seems to be the party line . Think Largs handed an order to all fans not to comment as the silence has been deafening lol
  2. Scottish Cup

    He will be fine for us . He just doesn’t like cone lickers [emoji23][emoji12]
  3. Whitletts Manager

    Not true according to my source .
  4. Kilbirnie players

    Michael Tuohy
  5. Today's scores ?

    All our injuries finally caught up today imo . Larky on drugs to say Talbot are wonderful . Better team today of that there was no doubt but this has been coming for us for at least a month . We are 3 players short of a good side & have 3 starters out injured . As others have said nothing in it until the sending off & 3 goals in the last 8 minutes .
  6. Today's scores ?

    Talbot 1 Ladeside 0 . 1st attack of the match Beith 0 Rab’s 1
  7. West Region summer transfer speculation 2017

    Surprised at Mckenna going on loan tbh. Would expect Andy to take a few weeks to get up to speed
  8. Whitletts Manager

    Anyone associated with John Redmond should be struck off the list . Cretin of a man
  9. Neilston signings

    Kelly been at us for 2 spells as back up & is a keen young guy. Can’t comment on how he actually is between the sticks as a don’t think he played in either spell
  10. Junior football, what is the future?

    On a personal level yes
  11. Junior football, what is the future?

    That’s the million dollar question . TJ won’t as it would render him out of his cushy number & as I’ve stated there isn’t a queue of West clubs waiting to leave . The sfa are just as useless as their junior counterparts when it comes to improving the game in this country so a don’t hold out any hope for a quick fix tbh
  12. Junior football, what is the future?

    Bankies fans will vote for this as they in the long term want back into the seniors . Wouldn’t fancy the trips that they would have to do the 1st season anyways & that’s if they get promoted at the 1st attempt . If they don’t then will they fancy they trips every other week ?
  13. Junior football, what is the future?

    I would say when a viable West league gets put in place Would hope if that did come into fruition our club would be at the forefront of it all
  14. Junior football, what is the future?

    Thus far this only seems to be an East region issue & only due to the close proximity of the eos league to most sides in the region Really can’t see any west side opting for this for a while yet due to the distances involved in joining the only viable league which is the South . Some lesser lights might jump ship as it’ll be the only way the will get further themselves as they certainly won’t on the park Our Bankie friends might once the ground situation is sorted but there is no way your Polloks, Talbots , Ladeside’s of this world will join the current set up . And tbh why would they want to at this time ? A viable West league on the same level as the East & South would probably be viable but until that is on the table it’s a no goer I’m afraid
  15. Player Available for Transfer

    Sad if it does happen cos Arthurlie has always been 1 of my favourite away days & have made a good few friends up at the club . But as yous have said it’s been in the cards for a while . Hopefully we are all proven wrong