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  1. P&b Running Club

    Put vaseline on your nipples before you start. Should stop it happening.
  2. Going by the comments of their managers, we were seemingly gifted goals in our games against Falkirk, Dundee United and Caley Thistle too. Funny how often it keeps happening. Lucky old us.
  3. Aye mine too. Wouldn't surprise me if Lyle waited outside for the guy afterwards. Would be sleeping with one eye open if I was him! Two Smiths excellent, defence reasonably good in the circumstances. Quite funny scoring from a short corner routine that had gone badly wrong. Hope the Queens fans had a safe journey home as the M74 wasn't fun.
  4. Valiant effort, except there is no team called Castle Douglas. The team from Castle Douglas is called Threave Rovers and Glenafton beat them in the first round yesterday. It's therefore unlikely they'll have been drawn against them in the second round. But apart from that it's spot on.
  5. McCart loan signing confirmed. At least he has some first team experience, albeit for a guff side. Would have been nice if it had been sorted a few days ago to give him more time training with the rest of the squad.
  6. Like this https://www.stmirren.com/news/club/all-news/1172-darren-whyte-joins-forfar-on-emergency-loan
  7. Disappointing none of our own youngsters is deemed capable of stepping up to fill in when we're so short. Thought Whyte was meant to be able to play centrally despite Ross deciding he's a fullback.
  8. That's disappointing as he looked totally out of his depth, although I thought he'd been playing leftback before moving to Queens. If only you had an experienced fullback on the coaching staff who could help him work on his game.
  9. P&b Running Club

    Usually go for a run before work on a Wednesday. Wasn't feeling it all this morning - hardly slept, felt crap even before I got going and never really got into it. So, weirdly, it was the quickest pace I've set for that particular route! Going to have to change my early morning ones soon sadly as there's a couple of miles I use with no street lights and I can barely see where I'm going.
  10. Any chance Scott Mercer will be playing? Morgan absolutely owned him in the second game at Palmerston last season. Reminiscent of Craig Dargo against Josh Thompson the night we battered Celtic.
  11. Really good to see a Scottish football account tweeting this sort of thing. Something has messed up with that tweet displaying properly, apologies.
  12. F1 2017

    Palmer second (due to pitstops)!
  13. F1 2017

    Weird from Mercedes not to change tyres on at least one car. Think they'll pay for that.
  14. Pars vs St Mirren

    The result doesn't surprise me. We're as liable to dish out a thumping, as shown against Dundee United, as we are to get thumped ourselves due to the way we play. Important that we respond the way we did after the Morton game. Two ridiculously stupid red cards going by the highlights. With four red cards along with our manager and his assistant being sent to the stands in just six league games I think we should start saving up for the inevitable SFA fine that's coming our way at the end of the season.
  15. Today's Sun quotes St Mirren chairman "Gordon Smith". Our chairman Gordon Scott must be raging that he's been replaced.