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  1. Pretty much:
  2. You mean Andy Dorman (who was English but got capped for Wales)? That was the year before at Love Street.
  3. Bit confused at Falkirk fans saying it's always tough at our ground - don't think they've lost at our new stadium! Our record in the opening league game is horrendous. Haven't won one since 2006. The only other one this century was in 2004 - although on the plus side it was against Falkirk at Love Street. Would be good to end that run but after Saturday I'd take a point.
  4. Not after that. Would still rather see us use under-20 players as cover rather than have four fullbacks in the squad, however on the basis of yesterday it seems we have no one good enough to fill in if the best we can manage is a young lad playing out of position. Not really much point letting the manager sign one though seeing as certain individuals think Ross should be hung, drawn and quartered at Paisley Cross because the only possible outcome from this season is us finishing bottom with no points.
  5. In fairness to him, the rest of the game we hoofed the ball to him and expected him to win it against bigger centre halfs - a tactic that stopped as soon as we put our bigger forwards on.
  6. Not sure what was funnier - Osman getting himself two bookings when his team is 4-0 up or or shambolic attempts to deal with a counter attack from a team down to 10 men.
  7. Laughably bad. Time to watch the golf.
  8. Dreadful stuff. Defending poor and lumping the ball forward for the midget Reilly to try to win all the time. Didn't realise Alex Rae was back in charge.
  9. No Stelios at all today, if he's injured that would explain the attempt to get Smith on loan. Edit: Seems he's suspended already!
  10. We are seemingly trying to sign Liam Smith on loan. I see he was with you last season but not for long - was it just typical Locke signing a guy from Hearts?
  11. Alternatively you could ask our Cypriot fullback Stelios, who played in the top tier of Cypriot football last season so would have seen this team in action and will perhaps know a bit about Aberdeen too.
  12. Tried to top my furthest ever distance (23 miles) this morning but ended up having to stop at 19.5 and walk the rest as I was done in. Pretty annoyed at myself for giving up but I'd run out of steam and suppose I should still be happy for going such a long way.
  13. We might be a bit short, however I can't see Hearts loaning us a guy just to provide cover for more experienced players who are likely to be starting. Would rather we rely on someone from our own under-20s to provide cover/back-up for the guys we have in that position. Striker is the priority for me at the moment but it all seems to have gone a bit quiet on that front.
  14. Was up all night wondering why no one had asked a random player I can't remember playing in Scottish football what he thinks of Aberdeen despite not having seen them play. Thank you BBC, I can sleep easy tonight.