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  1. Gretna - Living (and dying) the Dream

    Just finished this. Laughably bad in places, and not just with the benefit of hindsight. The author was a Ross County fan but becomes a Gretna fan, even though it means his team going down at the end of the season. Lots of "Woe is me, think of my book" stuff as well when Gretna threaten to bottle it. "If Gretna can somehow drag themselves over the finish line it will be the most astonishing achievement in the history of the game" must be one of the most hilarious lines ever printed. Also some great stuff elsewhere in the book from Alexander claiming the press has it in for Gretna and they're achieving everything through hard work and certainly not by spending money.
  2. Law of averages suggests we were due a defeat. We're probably due a rough patch too as our form for the last 22 months has been phenomenal. Hopefully this is just a bad day, we've reacted well to our previous defeats this season.
  3. Looking forward to Jack Ross saying when he was stuck in traffic on the Erskine Bridge a Morton fan got out of his car and came over to thank him for staying in Scottish football.
  4. https://www.stmirren.com/news/club/club-news/1590-club-statement-2
  5. Oh aye, just remembered we have a game this weekend.
  6. More importantly, this might be what pushes elvis over the edge.
  7. It'll be interesting to see what happens with Fowler. He's on the same length of contract as Jack Ross so Barnsley might not be willing to pay the compensation, but then whoever our new manager was would be stuck with him as assistant. Seem to recall John Potter was Ross' first choice as assistant and he may try for him again so Fowler might not get the option of deciding whether or not to move. If Ross goes (which I think is more likely than not) I'd be quite happy with Fowler getting the job until the end of the season on the basis that he gets it permanently if he gets us over the line. There may be question marks over his managerial ability but he's a far more palatable option than some of the jokers, charlatans and shitehawks currently available.
  8. Sportsound Watch 14/15

    I see tonight's episode will feature John Hughes putting forward his case for why he should get the Scotland job. I wasn't going to listen but after reading that... I still won't be listening.
  9. Dara O'Briens Go 8 BIT

    How on earth are they going to do that? They just did the team talks then played. It was thrilling viewing.
  10. Clubs down south sack managers at the drop of a hat. Far stranger things have happened than a club appointing a manager in February then booting him when they're relegated. Could be he'll ask for assurances that he won't get the boot if they go down. Don't think anyone is expecting anything other than a relegation battle if we go up so can't see it harming his reputation too much. A case can be made for him staying to win the league then having his pick of the jobs with a clean slate rather than going and trying to keep someone else's squad up with no opportunity to take it. On the flip side Barnsley seem to be a well run club (or they were until the takeover) and aren't a complete basketcase like Sunderland, so that aspect may appeal. 0/10.
  11. They can be interested without having made contact.
  12. Dara O'Briens Go 8 BIT

    Looks like they'll be releasing these a week in advance on demand. Next week's has Football Manager
  13. If nothing else, it got us a mention on The Totally Football League Show. By coincidence (genuinely, as he was also on a few weeks back) their guest was League Cup winning legend Sam Parkin, scorer of the thumpingest header I've ever seen.
  14. I knew things were going too smoothly.