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  1. Forfar Athletic vs Arbroath

    That's a cracking result.
  2. The Arbroath Thread

    To be fair it does come across as quite unprofessional, this along with physiogate doesn't exactly make the club look great. The first aim this season is to consolidate our position in this division so surely if we're going to pay for a player, you'd at least want them playing in games we need to be picking results up in.
  3. The Arbroath Thread

    Signed Gary Fraser on loan? Bit bizarre!
  4. Ayr United vs Arbroath

    Yesterday made it a full year unbeaten away in league games, last time was the 3-2 against Clyde on the 10/09/16. Next time we play away is the 16th of September.
  5. Ayr United vs Arbroath

    So that's us up to a year unbeaten in away league games, fucking amazing record.
  6. Ayr United vs Arbroath

    Sadly don't think he does the ball smashing anymore lads, not that I've noticed anyway. I was looking forward to that when he first signed too.
  7. Airdrie vs Arbroath

    Are students concessions?
  8. Arbroath v Queens Park

    One of the main highlights of the game was Bryan (Berbatov) Prunty's touch when he plucked the ball out the air. Sensational stuff.
  9. Group D

    Aye sounds like it, shame as I think that's likely our strongest team that started. Needed to take 1-1 into half time to have any chance.
  10. The Arbroath Thread

    I'd certainly agree on the pace and finishing part (although he did miss a sitter against Dundee) but I feel he struggles to read the game and still has a bit of naivety to his game.
  11. The Arbroath Thread

    Aye great play from Prunty to set him up.
  12. The Arbroath Thread

    Thought MacKenzie looked alright personally, agreed on the rest of them though. Thought TOB Yule and Doris our best players.
  13. The Arbroath Thread

    Think that's six we now have that can play as centre mids in Gold, Whatley, McCord, Yule, Malin and O'Brien. Got to assume that O'Brien will play in defence now.
  14. The Arbroath Thread

    That's Malin signed on again, don't mind that as he's a good squad player.
  15. The Arbroath Thread

    So that's Yule, Denholm and O'Brien on 2 year deals. Everyone else on one year deals I assume?