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  1. Central 1st Division 2017-18

    Definitely... a was at the arthurlie Medda. Playoff last Friday and to be fair game was rotten and we mentioned Huw the leagues top 6 min would hv fancies there chances against either team playing like that on the night without doubt one of toughest league
  2. Shettleston vs neilston playoff chat

    Yip tower hearts 21 keeper
  3. Shettleston vs neilston playoff chat

    Was tense to watch shetto goalkeeper again with great display (few clubs sniffing about him) Despite the weather cracking crowd pitch looked magic We are going up

    Few rumours from lie ppl up brig o lea last nite that Stevie rankin is getting it wae Murdo at Pollok joining him
  5. Shettleston vs neilston playoff chat

    One of best moments of game and perhaps full juniors season was the shettleston physio losing the rag at the redf running on throwing has wee hat then picking it up and throwing it again whole stadium was howling
  6. Shettleston vs neilston playoff chat

    According to shettleston Twitter should hv been a lot more if it wasn’t for shetto goalie both goalies had cracking games
  7. Shettleston vs neilston playoff chat

    Two goal keepers were superb tonight..... thought we edged it in the night !ref lost control and Huw there wasn’t a red I’ll never know deent wee crowd tonight also half way there on to brig o lea on wed nite
  8. Shettleston vs neilston playoff chat

    Defo I’m not buying into shetto form guide carry on ... we lost 4 of last 7 ... so we aren’t exactly flying ... al about who wants it more on the two nights hoping it’s us
  9. Shettleston vs neilston playoff chat

    He still gets up to odd game to this day may see him wed nite the game back in 2014 was a cracking game
  10. Shettleston vs neilston playoff chat

    1st leg tomoz at greenfield ... wee bit of buzz about neilston with locals feeling they can get promotion but can’t afford to take anything for granted positive result tomoro sets up home leg on wed c”mon the farmers
  11. West Region Championship thread 2018-19

    After tonight no could be relaxation. Candidates could do a Maryhill or burgh and plummet down leagues really bad state of affairs only players that looked at all bother were young boys that they got loan of off there 21s heard few guys at game calling for another new gaffer awready
  12. New championship playoff

    Shetto went out the west yday
  13. New championship playoff

    It s beyond me why it’s not been officially announced now as all 4 teams hv no other fixtures
  14. New championship playoff

    Only reason a can imagine is so either team can’t moan about advantages etc both teams hving to travel midweek rather than one
  15. Central 1st Division 2017-18

    We didn’t half make it hard for ourselfs this past month but we are delighted to have another shot of promotion via the playoff hopefully the big wigs get dates etc all sorted soon jist a small mention to every team in the division been some season and all teams played there parts season started with bens flying out of traps winning 1st 8 games ... and they stilll came up short for league the steady roch and there band of fans also just missed out on league title by width of the post ..by far most street wise team in division never known when beat.. must be some sort of record with late goals Rossvale- table doesn’t lie and went on lob unbeaten run n also ... thing for me that won it for them from wat a seen was two wingers they were rapid ... but as a said in roch comment could hv been so much different “width of a post” wishaw- great effort in Scottish ... but it killed there league chance really .. felt wee bit of common sense could hv been used by making provisional league fixtures and us ? Were great up until 4 week ago and wheels came off bus and wee struggled to cope with the midweek chaos but made it in end up the saga continues when we play Shetto