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  1. Midweek fixtures

    Any ideas when we reckon this years midweek fix will start quite a backlog of fixtures... last year they started on 19th april is that about the norm or could it be earlier
  2. Weather disruption

    See they had few home ties are alternative venues but still madness
  3. Weather disruption

    So if neilston get this weeks game on which will be in doubt with forecast it will be exactly 3 month since last home game soul destroying a thought that was unbelievable ... but then a found out that forth wanderers hvnt played a home game at kings hill in any competition since there 1st league game of season against Greenock on the 18th AUGUST lol Huw they are surviving is Beyond me with no income fair play to them ... was mibbie they reason they sold mclaren to the bens ?
  4. Freebies for the committee

    A lot of committee guys actually still pay in at games cos they no Huw tough it can be. Also buy raffles etc to.... don’t no about other committes but we all still buy season tickets pay on away buses with no discounts pay the same as fans at fundraisers ... it’s all for the love of your club you try giv other clubs a turn when at grounds buy using there bars going back for hospitality etc ...
  5. Pollok v Talbot Feb 3rd

    A wee bit off topic but Huw did the linesman mccart do ... last weeks I think was 1st junior game back in 2nd div since he cut short neilston gow game last season then thrown into a massive game
  6. Arthurlie v Gartcairn

    Gartcairn certainly team moving in right direction goes to show what hard wurk does ... Rossvale gd example this time nxt year could be in the new 2nd tier of junior football in West always annoys me when teams dnt go back for hospitality at least go back and buy a juice ... is at neilston hv it every sat for away team some come others dnt but most hv one or two faces ... a wont name and shame but we went too one teams hospitality and our players were made too buy pies so basically pie stall was still open
  7. Games off 20/1/18

    Shanner if there so concern why are they allowing neilston to travel to Largs for friendly... neilston more than willing to travel even tho under blanket of snow jist so team gets game time
  8. Games off 20/1/18

    I’m referring to games like Troon bring called off
  9. Games off 20/1/18

    The real reason will be to make the fixture mans job Easier nxt eeek .... main roads will be fine in Glasgow area
  10. Central 1st Division 2017-18

    Was there couple of week back and was convinced ut would be off as i wurk down that was wet and frosty all week at times and was surprising gd on the sat
  11. Central 1st Division 2017-18

    After bens flyin start other teams hv eventually reeled them back in getting tight up the top end
  12. Arthurlie pull a fly one

    The way things are lookin that surface could be in lower leagues very soon ..
  13. Arthurlie pull a fly one

    Jeasus christ all over a game a fitba not one to stir but neilstons bowling green 5 mins up the hill where weather is worst would hv been on have a nice day
  14. Chris Mackie

    Mibbie its thecertain guys that run the club that medda fans shid be more upset about
  15. Chris Mackie

    Ex meadow gaffer ross wilson will be looking for wurk plus a local lad