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  1. Central 1st Division 2017-18

    Was there couple of week back and was convinced ut would be off as i wurk down that was wet and frosty all week at times and was surprising gd on the sat
  2. Central 1st Division 2017-18

    After bens flyin start other teams hv eventually reeled them back in getting tight up the top end
  3. Arthurlie pull a fly one

    The way things are lookin that surface could be in lower leagues very soon ..
  4. Arthurlie pull a fly one

    Jeasus christ all over a game a fitba not one to stir but neilstons bowling green 5 mins up the hill where weather is worst would hv been on have a nice day
  5. Chris Mackie

    Mibbie its thecertain guys that run the club that medda fans shid be more upset about
  6. Chris Mackie

    Ex meadow gaffer ross wilson will be looking for wurk plus a local lad
  7. St Roch's F.C. 2017-2018

    Hearing port players personal belongings were stole today sad day if true...
  8. Central 1st Division 2017-18

    Not the 1st time the shire had something like this happen around 5 yeer ago there manager assaulted neilston fans in the shed with 5 mins to play and hame got abandoned with neilston winning 2-1 game replayed later in season neilaton winning 6-0
  9. Rossvale v Saint Rochs

    Then on the other hand youve got clubs that rip the arse out the committee cards every club gets 10 ( far as im aware) but then when clubs arrive every one and there granny is commitee jist wAntin in free lots of respect for the commitee guys who pay in and take raffles across the grounds as they no huw hard things are but again no club is perfect all hv there flaws love a rant
  10. Rossvale v Saint Rochs

    Bottom line clubs try there best and can only use whats infront of them or what they can afford no point slaightering it up at neilston we must hv one of better parks but our pavillion is ancient and pretty gubbed needs knocked down and started again but we cant .. We try our best to improve what we can and in sure other clubs also try cluba are also fightin agaisnt weather low gates and even vandalism on regular basics so cut some slack as for the roch weve never had any probs with them or there fans ..every club has there drunks lets not kid on me and my mates were the neilston ones that used to hurl abuse n took it back but that wat makes the juniors what it is long as its all jist banter ps farmers for promotion lol
  11. St Roch's F.C. 2017-2018

    Absolute shambles i was 1st neilston man to notice the fixture change via see-in it on the roch twitter and contacted our club sec who was un aware of it and he had to contact mr r ee explained to him that cause dix were announced weeks back players were told to hv weekend off n some players went n mase other plans The worst bit about it all is wee explained to hin that if game did go ahead that would mean that 6 out 7 league games that hv been announced we hv 6 at home lol the 1st 5 all being home ties his reply "oh a didnt realise" (classy) said would try get back to us and alter somehing so canceled the game and wee now jist have 4 league home games in a row lol its chaos i agree if perthshire cant fulfil fixture there should forefit tie eapecially if they wanted to play on fri
  12. Central 1st Division 2017-18

    Hopefully neilston continue where we left off last season with a decent finish to season we can be in mix for top 4 finish
  13. Grounds 2017/2018 thread

    Might be biased but in the west neilston brig o lea is up there its like a bowling green at moment n has been for last 12 months the guys that work on it hav did a cracking job
  14. Fri night game get out the house

    Cracking night for game as neilston host greenock at brig o lea. 7:30 ko
  15. Neilston vs cambu

    Jist to start by congrats to camby winning the league what a day up brig o lea starting with out pitch as it stands must be up there as one of the best at monent its in absolute great condition end to end game of football with camby up 3-1 and neilston pegging them back and giving major scare with chances then it came fairytale ending with camby gettin pen in last kik of ball to create special memories for there club with fans managers and players all on pitch neilston prob deserved a draw mibbie more but showing signs of late that nxt season we could be involved in top of table mix all best to camby great advert for the juniors!!