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  1. Central 1st Division 2017-18

    I agree, for most of the game you were but, until they lost those two goals in quick succession they were very much in it and, as I said, you ran out comfortable winners.
  2. Central 1st Division 2017-18

    Thought the scoreline was a bit harsh on Shotts today. Were very much in it until they lost two quick fire goals. The 3rd was offside as the guy who evaded the ball was definitely in play and distracting the keeper. A nice goal back by Danny Burns was immediately undermined by another error when Neilston scored straight from a corner . They ran out comfortable winners against a depleted SBA who had no subs, had a player sent off near the end and their number 6, who has been playing for Lanark recently, could have had a straight red for an off the ball kick at a Neilston defender.
  3. Tonight's scores

    Great to see Kris still playing. Lanark allowed him to leave too early. Lovely 2nd goal by Forth. Is Toby still 'Gow's regular keeper, does anyone know?
  4. Tomorrows games 19/05/18

    Making the trip as a neutral to watch Neilston v SBA. Far rather that than watch the cup final.
  5. Fixtures

    Will any kick off's be brought forward on Saturday due to the Cup Final?
  6. End of season pitches

    Our park has been in good nick throughout this season and was again yesterday.
  7. Central League Cup

    Thanks. We have been pleased with the way the young lads have been shaping up and we did play and have been playing some nice football. That said, our own gem of a keeper Gareth Hallford had a few good saves of his own to keep us in it.
  8. Central League Cup

    He did very well. At least 4 excellent saves.
  9. Central League Cup

    Lanark 0 Cumbernauld 2Our season has come to the end with a first defeat in 8 games against a very well organised and much more experienced team. Very close game. Very little in it which turned on a controversial decision which resulted in their 2nd goal.We created quite a few chances which were very well saved by their keeper who, looked older than me, is certainly heavier than me but is definitely more agile than me!Season definitely finished on a high performance wise.And a lovely afternoon to boot
  10. Lanark United 2017/18

    Won 6 and lost 1 to promotion chasing Bellshill in past 7 games. The performances have been good as well as the results. Good way to end the season even if it is too little too late. 6th from 12. Our lowest position in the 11 years I have followed Lanark.
  11. Today's Scores

    Lanark 1 Bellshill 0
  12. Central league division 2

    I should have said that we benefitted from an incorrect call by the ref which resulted in our 2nd goal. A corner was headed over by one of our guys. Ref awarded us another corner from which we subsequently scored.
  13. Central league division 2

    Lanark 5 Johnstone 2 Excellent performance from a young Lanark team today but unquestionably aided by a critical penalty save at 0-0 after 10 minutes by Gareth Halford and in the 2nd half at 2-1, after which we went straight up the park and scored our 3rd. Top scorer Ronan Kearney missed a couple of excellent chances but still scored twice. Johnstone keeper had 2 wonderful saves. Got soaked and was freezing. Summer football still seems most attractive.
  14. Goals, & gossip.Sat 28th April.

    Lanark 5 Johnstone 2
  15. Central league division 2

    We have drawn 7 games so far this season. Other than Yoker with 6, no other team in the West comes close. Crippled us.