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  1. Lanark United 2017/18

    No idea. Delighted, whatever the reason.
  2. Lanark United 2017/18

    Pleased to report that Gareth Halford has returned to the club. He will make a big difference. Got to say that Cat stepped in at short notice and has done well for us, apart from the blip when he got himself sent off in the Scottish v Dalkeith. I don't think he has played since although he has been at the last couple of games.
  3. Games Off

    Lanark v St. Ant's. Frozen pitch
  4. Cambuslang Rangers 2017-18

    No surprise
  5. Newtongrange Star v Cumbernauld

    Looks like there was a major turnaround in fortunes in the replay.
  6. Todays Scores 06/01/18

    Royal Albert 4 Lanark 4 Lanark went 1 up inside 5 minutes and then were 3-1 down inside 15! Back to 3-3 by half time. a second penalty for RA, cheekily chipped in put them back in the lead before we equalised with 11 minutes to go and then could have stolen it at the death. RA will be kicking themselves as they missed at least 3 absolute sitters today. Great entertainment, if low on quality - all for a fiver. RA keeper should have a word with himself. I had a red face for him.
  7. Todays Scores 06/01/18

    How many did Danny Burns score?
  8. Games on

    Royal Albert v Lanark is on, at The Gow. 13.45 ko
  9. Carluke Rovers

    The new manager left to manage a team in Dundee? He had a good , albeit brief spell in charge. Who has been appointed to replace him?
  10. Today's Scores

    Gary Brass appears to be the Whitburn striker's name. Stood out for me on the day.
  11. Today's Scores

    Whitburn4 Benburb 1 Awful defensive display by Benburb. Gave away 2 howlers in the 1st half . Impressed by Whitburn number 9.
  12. Scottish Cup Weekend

    Whitburn v Benburb definitely on?
  13. West Region fixtures "to March"

    Anyone know why are there only fixtures in the top league on 23rd?
  14. Lanark United 2017/18

    Despite the 4-1 scoreline, we did give a good account of ourselves and were still competitive at 2-0 with 10 minutes to go. Pleased with the team today.
  15. Refereeing Quality

    The vast majority of us are guilty at calling out mistakes by the officials disproportionately to the mistakes made by our own players. Happy to upset the officials, less so our own players.