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  1. Excellent news, on both counts.
  2. How is Alan Christie recovering from his bad injury? Any chance of the legend that was Shug returning?
  3. Thank you for this update. Great to see that some key players have signed upper next season
  4. Having lost 3 key players in the shape of David O'Donnell ( Fauldhouse), Cameron Lawson ( Cambuslang), Kieran McGurk ( amateur) the local paper is reporting that we have signed: Jamie Brophy from Shotts Kyle Gillespie - Blantyre Celtic Darren Sneddon - Wishaw Andy Crilly is also leaving due to work and our longest serving player in my 10 years following Lanark, Davie Collins is described as unlikely to be resigning apparently also due to work committments, which would be a surprise. I have not read anything saying who from last season has actually re-signed. Any news about the comings and goings to and from The Yowes would be most welcome.
  5. Young DD is a good signing. A very good prospect as long as he 'screws the nut' and doesn't waste energy and bookings arguing about decisions. Very nice player on his day.
  6. Is this the ex Lanark Paul Hewitt? Cameron Lawson is a good player and has the potential to be even better. He will have to work at his fitness and, dare I say, become somewhat leaner to play at this level. Good defender and can crack in the free kicks. Good luck to him. Has been a good servant to Lanark.
  7. Always told him he could play at a higher level. Good luck to him. Fitness shouldn't be an issue!
  8. Totally unreasonable and without any logic or consideration of the implications for those involved.
  9. Was told that DD aka David O'Donnell has been transferred to Fauldhouse. A good step up for him. A player with some promise.
  10. Awaiting confirmation that at least 4 key players from last season have signed for teams in higher leagues. A pity but almost inevitable. No news of any signings yet.
  11. Forgot about the one Walker cleared off the line in injury time at 2-1.
  12. Our season ultimately ended in disappointment as the league table doesn't lie. However, this has been the most enjoyable campaign that I can recall for quite some time thanks to the quality of some of the football we have played. Ultimately we drew too many games but it is the first Lanark team who also won points when not playing so well, getting a late equaliser or winner here and there. We even overcame our penalty hoodoo. Some lovely football played by some good young players such as Ronan Kearney. We were bolstered after a poor start to our season by the signing of David O'Donnell and Gareth Halford from Newmains. Gareth is the best keeper that I can recall at Lanark. Thanks then to the players, the management and everyone involved on our committee, without whom there would be no club. We still have one of the best pitches around - well done Geordie! We are looking forward to next season already and hope that the club will keep the flow of information going about who's staying, who's going and who is signing. C'Mon The Yowes!
  13. KRR did indeed have a few chances, particularly first half. Better team won over the piece. Two good goals.
  14. Congratulations to EK and many thanks to Newmains for giving it a go today.
  15. I concur. If we don't get promoted we only have ourselves to blame. I would not have swapped our position with EK. Normally points in the bag is better than games in hand which means several games in a relatively short period. To play the champions who had been idle for so many weeks and to play a very depleted Gartcairn team is EK's good fortune. I hope Newmains can do us a further good turn having groomed two such good players that we have benefitted from for most of this season. The final league table never lies.