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  1. Username change required

  2. Modern Hall of Famers

    woops wrong year ETA - Moral winners
  3. Modern Hall of Famers

    I've got Jack Ross' top signed by your squad from the Semi Final that year. Was gutted when the Mrs moved in and made me take all my framed tops down, pride of place up my loft at the moment! As for Modern Hall of fame, Crunchie, Russell Latapy, Craig Sibbald, Scott Mackenzie, Scott Arfield, ( what a midfield that would be) Yogi, Tam Scobbie
  4. 2-0 - Scott MacDonald to score twice Falkirk-nil This is how we will be known from now until the end of the season going by that toothless performance on Scotland's premier sport channel tonight.
  5. Inbhir Nis v An Eaglais Bhreac

    A poor Inverness who deserved the win against Falkirk-nil. Hartley has his work cut out for him. 6 attacking players on that park in the second half and not one shot on Target. The quality of that game was horrific
  6. Narcos

    Sorry lad missed your post and that was after looking to see if anyone had posted about it
  7. Narcos

    http://www.bbc.com/news/world-latin-america-41294516 Scout for the New series murdered in Mexico
  8. Your accent

    Polish in Czech Republic German and Russian when I was in Egypt - German by the hotel staff when we arrived and then Russian by some English twat I held a door for him and he said to his wife, that's a first a Russian with manners. In Hollywood studios at Disney I stopped one of the Cast Members to ask for directions - Español???? Portuguesa???? he look utterly bemused as this pasty white Scotsman tried to explain I was speaking English . Most people that aren't from Scotland tend to comment on how fast I talk, got a few friends out in Cyprus and if I get chatting to another scot they genuinely believe we speak a different language.
  9. MLS 2017

    Its about 10-15 miles from Idrive I think, never been to the stadium but had a few route maps from parks etc to help plan with the day. If your not driving I'm sure Uber would be pretty cheap for that distance in Orlando.
  10. Love those highlights, that was an utter destruction! Bittersweet watching that though, Brockville really was special There will never be an atmosphere like that in TFS!
  11. MLS 2017

    Going to Florida in September so going to take in either Orlando City v New England Revolution (Wednesday Night), or vs FC Dallas (Saturday) Looking More likely to go to the Wednesday night. Stadium looks decent and I will be going into the terracing (sorry Safe standing Fanzone) won't live up to watching Falkirk slide 4 past Hearts at Brockville. Need to get some chants going when we are on the offence trying to kick a score in the oppositions hotbox Revolution are Looooosers At least I've go the kick off times, unlike the last time I went to see UCF Kights American football, thought it kicked off at 3 so turned up about 12 to take in the tail gate, turns out it was a 6pm kick off, the Mrs was not impressed.
  12. There's yer dinner

    Having Christmas Dinner at home this year, We've had a hectic year and I told my parents to poke it when they suggested going out to the local pub for a below par overpriced xmas dinner, all was well! Now the inlaws are joining us which I don't really mind but they are trying to put stipulations on the Menu! "Oh I don't like prawns...", "you need to have sage and onion stuffing..." "its not Christmas without sherry trifle" "we will eat about 4" Aye right nae bother, you'll be here ready to eat for 2pm, there will be prawns to start, I'll decide on what I stuff up the birds arse and you'll get a Christmas pudding and sent up the road for 6. Found the Xmas shopping list in the kitchen today and it had 8 pigs in blankets listed on it, 8 between 4 adults. Naw!!! GTF, they are the best part of Christmas dinner. I used to like my wife and her parents
  13. St M have been behind more times tonight than they have league wins *this season