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  1. I'd tend to agree and have previously shown my dislike towards Houston's player recruitment. However, there needs to be some perspective. We're a small-time club in the second tier of the Scottish leagues. We're not exactly a big draw for "exciting" players.
  2. Which players in our price range would you suggest we should have gone for instead?
  3. Fucking love Darren Dods.
  4. The name of our first season ticket renewal sums up our club at the moment.
  5. We've been dreadful for the vast majority of the season. However, there was a moment on Tuesday and up until we scored last night where I thought: "hmm, we actually almost look like a team that could accomplish something". Even last season I didn't really feel like that at any point. Mostly because we fluked our way to victory on so many occasions and it was inevitable we would get found out eventually. We started last night's game at a good tempo, looking threatening and actually playing some good stuff. In many ways picking up where we left off on Tuesday. But then we scored. And then it all came back - the same soul-destroying shit that we've attempted the whole season. When has John Baird ever successfully won a long-ball or not immediately conceded possession? In my opinion, the rest of the game after we scored was a complete tactical failure. But in reality, its what we've done all season. The respect we have given certain teams this season is just baffling, and last night was the worst of the lot. We could and should have buried them after we scored, but instead we commit to spending the next 70 minutes camped in our own half hoping we don't concede. I completely understand there is a need to sit-in more when you score, especially given the gargantuan importance of the game. But for me, it was more the manner in which we did so. It seemed like Houston thought scoring against Dundee United at home (with all those big resources) was a huge upset - so we better not go for another in case we really upset them! The lower teams in the championship don't do that when they play us, and why should they? All teams play in the 2nd tier of Scottish football for a reason - because they're not very good. Why can everyone else seem to appreciate this but not our manager? I like Houston. He comes across as a good guy and certainly wants the best for Falkirk, which is more than I can say for some of the imposters like Pressley and Holt. He's given us some good memories, but ultimately we have not achieved success under him. The time under his tenure has labelled us as one of the biggest bottlers in Scottish football. Of course you can say this is down to individual errors by the team, but I feel like the manner in which we approach games has severely held us back. We're crying out for fresh ideas and we've got to make the changes now so we can rebuild the team in the summer.
  6. Whilst we played well, it was also the best Dundee United had been against us all season.
  7. Pleasantly surprised at our approach to the game. Tactics were spot on. We look better than them and have every right to be confident for Friday.
  8. Craigen is easily our most improved player of the season for me.
  9. Periscope chat is some place.
  10. We're not getting upset about the difference of a few hundred seats are we?
  11. Unfortunately for us, that's how we have played for the majority of the season.
  12. We'll probably chuck away second away, let's be honest.
  13. I've got no problem with the arrangement to be honest. I don't live in Falkirk so there was no way I was going to be able to pick up a voucher, but that's no fault of either club. Might try for the home end but not sure if it's worth bothering.
  14. Safe to say the author of pars review is an absolute VL.
  15. An absolutely incredible dive for the penalty having seen it back.