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  1. Did you go on Saturday? We've got absolute zero chance of beating Morton over two legs.
  2. Why would you not want the most successful Falkirk manager of the modern era back in charge?
  3. Today was definitely the tipping point for me. In many ways, it reminded me of some of the worst days under Pressley. Disappointed for Houston, who is genuinely likeable and has given us many great days in his time as manager. Nevertheless, it's now clear he cannot take us any further and does not have the scouting ability required to compete at this level. Hughes is the man for me. The "WE CUN DO BETTER THAN YOGI" fans can get fucked. Unquestionably the most successful modern era Falkirk manager, and the only manager in recent memory who had the balls to pressure his employers to strive to be better and not accept mediocrity.
  4. The soft-ball interview questions on Falkirk TV are absolutely infuriating.
  5. Rankin was one of our best players today.
  6. Need to finish them off. We're in complete control but Alagui is always a threat.
  7. Who was the Queens fan utterly obsessed with Rory Loy?
  8. Actually took a huge deflection.
  9. #prayforfalkirk
  10. The next Scotland manager, Steven Pressley, has been outed from yet another club. I for one, am shocked by this news.
  11. Who are these wonderful, exciting players that you suggest exist? And if they're so brilliant, why the f**k would they come to the Scottish championship to play for Falkirk?
  12. Excellent move for Blair. All the best to him.
  13. "Agreed, the c***s should be blacklisted from having anything to do with us, and if we ever draw them in any of the cups while theyre rotting in the championship I hope the Club tells them to stuff their tickets, that we wont be taking any for their ground and wont be offering any for ours." Bet you guys are gutted now that you're "blacklisted" by rangers media 😂