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  1. Does the "days off cancelled" thing ever work out well for managers?
  2. Absolute heads gone from us.
  3. Either that or a cracking auto-correct.
  4. Suspended tomorrow I think?
  5. My fucking word.
  6. You'd almost think this Herbalife thing doesn't actually work.
  7. An incredibly worrying couple of results. We look well off the standard required based on the first two serious games. Also, Houston complaining about hoof-ball
  8. Disappointed there isn't a grade threshold to be honest.
  9. Unfortunately, we've been plagued with "one of those" for the best part of a year now.
  10. I'm not sure I agree with the comments saying we were the better team for the first twenty minutes - or Loy being our best player - but each to their own. Regardless, St Mirren are absolutely streets ahead of us based on yesterday's game. I'm sure they'll make the playoffs quite comfortably. Not entirely sure where that leaves us. To be honest, the performance from us felt incredibly familiar from last season (It reminded me of the cup game at Cappielow in many ways) and it should be no surprise given the lack of turn around in the squad. We were not remotely good enough last year during the campaign and we're not suddenly going to be good enough this year.
  11. Oh please be Pressley.
  12. I've always been in the "Sibbald is overrated" camp. However, he was our best midfielder by a long way last season and it's obviously great that he will likely be returning. I just hope Houston doesn't wedge him into the starting 11 given our early season form without him.
  13. Hopefully he get's the lads tanked up on herbalife.
  14. I'd tend to agree and have previously shown my dislike towards Houston's player recruitment. However, there needs to be some perspective. We're a small-time club in the second tier of the Scottish leagues. We're not exactly a big draw for "exciting" players.