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  1. An absolutely incredible dive for the penalty having seen it back.
  2. Nope. I'm saying the core support that go to regular season games will get a ticket if they want one.
  3. Do you know people who didn't get tickets last year for any of the games that wanted to go?
  4. Bit of an overreaction to this to be honest. Anybody who wants a ticket for any of the games will be able to get one.
  5. Yeah that's kinda' what I feel as well. Not confident given how poor we've been over the last two games.
  6. Pretty much agree with all of this. He's a good manager and has done well with us, but he's taken us as far as he can. In the very likely scenario we're in the championship next year then a new manager is a must for me.
  7. Is the page not loading properly or is it really that brief?
  8. Steven Pressley has the ability and the temperament to be the manager of a big club. He's got a big future in front of him.
  9. I'm feeling quite meh about the rest of the season to be honest. Even if we finish second, which is entirely possible, I don't think we've got a chance of beating Morton over two legs. They're definitely a better side than us.
  10. Hibernian Morton Falkirk Dundee United Queen of the South Dunfermline Dumbarton Raith Rovers St Mirren Ayr United I can't see us finishing us second to be honest. Morton showed more against us in the cup game than any other team that have played us all season, especially in the second half. I'd be much more worried about meeting them in the play-offs than Dundee United.
  11. We've responded very well after the shambles at Greenock in the cup. Credit to Houston and the players.
  12. Great appointment for Raith - absolutely gutted he's gone there to be honest. One of the best managers in the league by far.
  13. Did you go on Saturday? We've got absolute zero chance of beating Morton over two legs.
  14. Why would you not want the most successful Falkirk manager of the modern era back in charge?
  15. Today was definitely the tipping point for me. In many ways, it reminded me of some of the worst days under Pressley. Disappointed for Houston, who is genuinely likeable and has given us many great days in his time as manager. Nevertheless, it's now clear he cannot take us any further and does not have the scouting ability required to compete at this level. Hughes is the man for me. The "WE CUN DO BETTER THAN YOGI" fans can get fucked. Unquestionably the most successful modern era Falkirk manager, and the only manager in recent memory who had the balls to pressure his employers to strive to be better and not accept mediocrity.