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  1. The Fran Sandaza hoax call definitely needs adding to year 1. The fans were giving it big licks about signing players from SPL clubs and how they were all there to play for such a big club. Then of their big money signings admits in a hoax call that he's there for the cash and wants out
  2. Classic trick when you were doing English essays for school
  3. The Falkirk FC Thread

    That statement all but confirms it was Vaulks IMO. http://www.falkirkfc.co.uk/club-statement-national-minimum-wage/
  4. Clyde 1 is essential listening tonight.
  5. FA Cup 2017/18

    VAR getting trialled in the Brighton-Palace match and select matches further into the competition. Seems a bit odd that they'd pick and choose matches to use it.
  6. Who will be Brechin's first?

    All of Brechin's points have been won at home, so I'd imagine that's where it may come.
  7. The organisation that dished out the ban then names the wrong player on their Twitter. Only in Scotland
  8. The Falkirk FC Thread

    Definitely going to St Mirren though...
  9. Premier League 2017-2018

    They had 33 shots and a fair few of them were in very good positions. A combination of poor finishing and inspired goalkeeping kept the score down to 1.
  10. Italian Football Thread

    Samp shat it taking off two of their danger men fairly early and paid the price. Lazio not overly convincing tonight, but did look the more threatening once they equalised.
  11. Italian Football Thread

    Samp leading 1-0 at home to Lazio. Been a pretty tight contest and Lazio hit the post a few minutes earlier. Great linkup between Quagliarella and Zapata for the goal. They've struck up a good partnership already and Ramirez in behind them looks like a steal at £10m.
  12. Italian Football Thread

    Just came in for a wee LOL at Gatusso and Milan. Some achievement gifting Benevento their first ever point
  13. World Cup 2018 Qualifying

    It's winnable, but I wouldn't say it's given. Whilst they're a better team on paper than those two, they haven't won a knockout match since Ecuador in 2002.
  14. World Cup 2018 Qualifying

    Can't see them finishing ahead of Belgium, so that would probably leave them Poland/Colombia in the last 16 and Germany in the 1/4s.
  15. World Cup 2018 Qualifying

    Did you see Russia at the Confed Cup? They're no great shakes themselves.