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  1. Madness
  2. It's a strange one because his options at LB range from temporary solution (Milner) to absolute garbage (Moreno). Maybe dropping Robertson in tonight would have been a gamble, but he really should have used him more in pre-season and against Watford.
  3. It's a shame these matches don't feature on the exchanges. Those would have been some very healthy arbs.
  4. Scotrail actually do the opposite when there's big games on. I tried to buy a group save for three of us for the England game and was told they weren't available. I don't think it's solely for football either as their website has the following: Is the ticket subject to availability? No, but we do reserve the right to remove the option for GroupSave tickets during times of expected high demand such as large events. Shower of c***s tbh.
  5. He'll obviously be remembered for that season at Spurs, but I've seen Brazil about 4 times in the past year and he's always looked decent enough for them. Don't think it's the worst signing to bulk out the squad.
  6. Hansa v Hertha on BT Sport tonight.
  7. We should have dished out lifetime bans to the 26 IMO.
  8. It's also a little depressing to see that the BBC are still shit-scared of upsetting Rangers.
  9. Both teams to score is an absolute banker.
  10. OYF, what an end to the game.
  11. That's a cracker.
  12. He's been laughably bad. Can't be far off double figures for the amount of times he's given the ball away.
  13. Lazio 1-0 up in the Super Cup. Penalty from Immobile after a decent counter attack. Been a pretty tight game, but Cuadrado did miss a sitter in the first minute.
  14. Agree with this. We need to get ourselves as close to 18 points as possible by then (or at least an upturn in performances that suggests we could average upwards of 2.00 points per game for the rest of the season). Over 70 points has got to be the aim this season, so we need to start getting 3s on the board, especially at home.
  15. Predictable AF. We had chances at the end, but it's only when we're chasing a game that we actually show any urgency. That performance was scarily similar to about half our home games last season. Houston needs to stop being such a shitebag and gets us attacking teams from the off and moving the ball quickly. We've got some amount of pace in the frontline, but rarely used it today. Thought our shape was dreadful towards the end, despite it probably being our best period of the match in terms of creating chances.