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  1. Queens vs Pars

    I thought the ref had a good game, apart from being slow to book the persistent foulers in the Dunfermline team.
  2. I'm perturbed about the silence from Queens re Lyle missing last weekend.
  3. Gordon Strachan

    It can't be beyond the genetically superior intelligence of Scots (inventors of TV's, phones, etc) to manufacture footwear that boosts the height of our players? A nice pair of pink elevator shoes to match the strip would do! Adds 3-5 inches and increases confidence!
  4. Any highlights of the Montrose match coming?
  5. Killie interested in Fowler as manager for them?
  6. I've a feeling Kilmarnock may be interested in Naysmith after a radio interview tonight with one of Killie's Directors. (Or maybe James Fowler)
  7. "And don't even start me on the time-wasting... " That's hilarious coming from Morton who were a time wasting disgrace at Palmerston!
  8. How crap must Morton be to get beaten by Falkirk. Queens move above Morton in the League.
  9. Got to laugh at the folk on this site wanting rid of Naysmith already. I'd be fascinated to know who they fancy as a replacement for him at this stage of the season, Houston? Big Jim? Lee Robinson? Davy Irons? Rowan Alexander? Suggestions please.
  10. The Falkirk FC Thread

    Hartley will get you out of a jam.
  11. St Mirren vs Queen of the South

    Rankin wasn't happy when McGinn elbowed him in the face and you can see Rankin asking "who was it" when he gets back up. I think he waited until the last minute to get his payback on McGinn then quickly offered a handshake to get out of trouble (like Norman Hunter used to do!)
  12. Livvy will annihilate them. Banker home on my bet slip.
  13. The Falkirk FC Thread

    Mark Kerr's the obvious choice with John Baird as his assistant. They go together like gin and tonic. Or Rowan Alexander with Davie Irons? (virginton would have wet dreams over that)
  14. Inverness v Queens

    Now that Lee Robinson isn't at Queens to "carry the can" I wonder how much longer before Martin becomes public enemy number one? (At least Lee could occasionally catch the can so he could carry it!)
  15. The Falkirk FC Thread

    Why not Quitongo as player/manager?