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  1. Well over the line. Well spotted by the officials.
  2. Raith will shag us next week. The Queens players have given up on the manager and stopped playing for him.
  3. Hopefully it will add a few more Saints fans to the gate to create a bit of atmosphere.
  4. More money to be had against Queens on Saturday.
  5. Nice to see Morton fans supporting St Mirren tonight, the reason being they'd miss the Renfrewshire derbies next season if Saints went down
  6. First goal was a foul shy. Second goal, what a clown of a keeper. Unbelievable!
  7. How many Celtic under 14's have Hibs got on emergency loan?
  8. Scottish football at it's best! Probably one of the greatest endings I've ever seen in a football match! Queens were magnificent!
  9. Sad news, not something to revel in.
  10. Can somebody explain to me how Hibs can get Commons on emergency loan (with only another 30 players on their books), but a team with no goalies can't get an emergency loan?
  11. Have Morton not got millions?
  12. Nothing wrong with Lyle's challenge in the first minute. Looked like self defence to me.
  13. Who gives a monkey's?