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  1. Mark Stewart's too wee, we need a physical presence up front.
  2. I would imagine Inverness will try and kick their way to the title. From what I saw on TV last season they'll try and "rummel-em-up". Big fermers.
  3. Queens are trying to run a full time team so they need a certain income yearly to budget for. If you're a Queens supporter then you won't whinge about a few quid.
  4. Nice to see season ticket prices are "frozen" again for this upcoming season.
  5. Absolutely spot on.
  6. Please keep Baird and Muirhead for next season.
  7. got to laugh at Houston. Complains about Queens spending money on Dobbie while he blows his "budget" on puddens like Muirhead, Baird, etc.
  8. Why is this nonsense still on the Championship thread? They were relegated ages ago! Go away! Who cares!
  9. Oh well. it's the long trail to Inverness next season. What's the betting the midweek Tuesday match near the end of the season will be us away to Inverness?
  10. I wonder if the manager will got for a big "rummel -em-up" type striker to add variation to our attack? If so, any available?
  11. Nope. He'll never come to Queens, hates us with a vengeance. Probably inherited from one of his relatives.
  12. You must be joking!
  13. Muirhead modelling next season's Falkirk strip.
  14. You should build your team for next season around Muirhead.
  15. Well done United beating those diving cheats. And as for that big useless turd Muirhead - GIRUY!