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  1. Well done Dumbarton, you deserve to stay up.
  2. You've still got a great chance to make St Mirren the team in the play-offs. Personally, I think you'll do it.
  3. Like Falkirk have never "used up time" in their matches in the past. Grow up son, every team in the country (and abroad!) uses up time. It's called game management.
  4. Correct. Maybe if you spent the proper rate on a decent striker instead of the whinging (from your manager about other teams in the same league) you would benefit. Meanwhile, we'll see you again next season, because I fully expect whoever finishes 11th in the Premier League will have more than enough to beat whoever survives the initial round of the playoffs.
  5. Sadly for you, Houston doesn't think he's worth the money.
  6. Ayr 0 Hibs 1 Dunfermline 2 Morton 0 Falkirk 3 Queens 1 Dundee Untd 3 Dumbarton 1 St Mirren 3 Raith 0
  7. I hope Hibs get investigated and fined for fielding a weak team.
  8. Exactly. Well said. Cheats.
  9. It's not "obsession", it's a fair question. Sadly, we need Morton to try and win this game. But I'm not too confident they'll even try.
  10. Any chance you Morton shower will try and win this game?
  11. After yesterday's "performance" I'm putting my life savings on a Falkirk win. Easy money.
  12. For me, the number one priority is for the Manager to get a defence built for next season. I think I'm right in saying we've let in more goals at home than even the teams below us. We need a right back and three central defenders at least. After yesterday I was thinking we need a left back as well.
  13. I've a wee bet Raith will get something from this game.
  14. Dumbarton fully deserved to win. Queens are a shambles at the moment. I fear for next season.
  15. Very fair decision.