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  1. I'll not be surprised if Kerr's back in, with Fordyce at right back and Rooney on the bench. Kane, Dobbie and Lyle to start up front.
  2. Falkirk are one of our bogey teams. We'll be lucky to get a draw.
  3. Charming.
  4. Hopefully we get a strong ref for this one to protect our football players from the diving, cheating, hammer-throwers that play for Falkirk.
  5. £30,000 in 1995 is approx. £54,000 today (going by inflation average)
  6. I wish the Board would give Monkey the full time post of looking after that bloody sign!
  7. Dunfermline spending out of control again?
  8. I think we'll rest Dobbie, Martin, Lyle and one of the defence for this match. I expect Kane and Kerr to play from the start, with Carmichael, Stirling and Murray vying for the other two starting positions. Could be another tight home match. Is there extra time and penalties at the end of this if there's a draw at 90 mins?
  9. When was the last time we beat 10 men?
  10. So it shouldn't have been a surprise for anybody then!
  11. I did tell you yesterday at 15.45
  12. Dunfermline wanting Reilly back on loan from St Mirren?
  13. Thomson joins Livvy?
  14. Swap deal for McFadden?
  15. Gavin was messed about at Dunfermline. When Daddy's boy arrived he knew he wouldn't get a fair crack of the whip.