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  1. The draw's on Friday at 6.30pm, my stab in the dark will be away to Kilmarnock!
  2. Heard from a reliable source tonight that Carlisle United are after Hopkin as manager for them next season.
  3. Attacking football at home games (ie not just one up front)
  4. Who do you want to come down?

    Are these your favourite away days because you usually win?
  5. That is my point. A village team bankrolled by a sugar daddy. Sounds like another Gretna to me.
  6. Oh well, it's Ross County (the new Gretna) next season then. Won't need to open the away terracing.
  7. Who do you want to come down?

    Ross County, the new Gretna.
  8. Sadly, I have witnessed on several occasions this season what passes as "football" as performed by Livingston.
  9. Come on Livi, get into the Premier League, can't wait to see you kick lumps out of Celtic, Rangers, Hearts, Hibs, Aberdeen, etc. Should liven up the TV coverage for one season before you're relegated again.
  10. If the loan system is going to be more difficult to utilise next season, then surely that means we must indeed have a big enough squad already signed, to cover injuries, suspensions, etc ., that we're bound to get during 40-50 games next season?
  11. In an ideal world, yes. But an average of just one against a game should be achievable.
  12. I hope we sign another 2 full backs and a central defender next. We must cut down on the number of goals leaked, St Mirren and Livingston only leaked an average of one goal a game to make the top two positions. I did a quick check and if we'd reduced our goals against in games by one, we'd have picked up another 14 points in the League. We would have been second with 66 points. Get the defence sorted.
  13. Jack Ross is right to leave now if he gets the chance, he's on the crest of a successful wave. Look what happened to Jim McIntyre, won a Cup with Ross County, decided to stay with them and ends up getting sacked and not been in a job since. Always leave when you're winning.