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  1. Queens v Morton

    Out of curiosity, how much does goal line technology cost? I don't mean the video which would be prohibitive at this level, but am I right in thinking in England some sort of "buzzer" the ref is wearing indicates the ball over the line?
  2. Queens v Morton

    There are clearly missing images on that clip.
  3. League Leaders V QOS

    Have you got a link? What heading are they under? Thanks
  4. League Leaders V QOS

    Any highlights anywhere? Apart from the amateur attempts from the crowd.
  5. League Leaders V QOS

    Saints fans are rightly crapping themselves, Queens win coming up!
  6. Queens v Brechin City

    This is a MUST WIN for Queens. Anything less and it's a relegation battle. Only 10 points ahead of second bottom maybe less if we get beat.
  7. Personally, my opinion only, at the moment I would say the game won't make it, not because of the pitch but because of the travelling/surrounds etc. But I hope I'm wrong!
  8. How many games did he play in the first team against top quality opposition?
  9. We should re-sign Aiden Smith (the most natural goalscorer at Palmerston since Gavin Reilly)
  10. Who will be Brechin's first?

    Queens always like to help struggling teams out (Falkirk, St Mirren last season, etc.)
  11. Why was Martin on the subs bench? There's a strange gap on the official site reporting this match where it says something like "Martin was on the subs bench due to......." and then the text looks like it's been removed? Strange.....
  12. Fordyce, Marshall, Jacobs, Carmichael all injured till God knows when, Rooney and Brownlie will eventually be suspended before the end of the season, hasn't Stirling been told he can leave as well? Doesn't leave much from your summary of players available.
  13. Could it be Gary Naysmith is angling to be released? You know, upset the home fans enough so that the Board have to let him go?
  14. Personally, I think it's part of a cost cutting exercise, gates are down so money must be tight to run a full-time set up. Derek Lyle would have been gone at the end of this season anyway, he's not away yet though.
  15. Worst Manager in the league

    TURD.... 1 - Livingston supporter 2 - Livingston supporter 3 - Livingston supporter 4 - Livingston supporter