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  1. Notifications

    Recently being getting notifications from P & B, how do I stop these from being received?
  2. ICT v Motherwell

    Really enjoyed the two goals as on balance only one team deserved to have won. But you don't win by balance of play. A last minute winner made it even sweeter.
  3. Sportscene watch 2015/16

    Wooft!! Albert Kidd's goal, that's cruel on the Jambos watching.
  4. Sportscene watch 2015/16

    Hopefully Dr. Cosgrove won't allow himself to present such a program if it's just a gruesome twosome love in. And so far so good.
  5. Trains from the Shire pass through Livi South so it's the local bus or a hike through the town centre. There's also buses from Lanark or Wishaw to Livi town centre, don't know the frequencies or times though.
  6. Kilmarnock v Motherwell - 23/08/14

    Why did Kilmarnock not allow the linesman in front of the East Stand to bring his guide dog into the ground? Twice the ball went out of play, once right under his nose, and his dog wasn't there to help him!
  7. Sportscene watch 2015/16

    Surprised they didn't show the highlights of Barry Ferguson's Clyde at Queens Park as yesterday's Sportsound was reflecting the BBC's ongoing love-in with things Sevco.
  8. Bloody Edinburgh trams

    I was on this afternoon's tram as it was struck by the teenager. Thankfully not a dent or a drop of blood on the front of the city's new tram.
  9. Saw him a couple of times as well and regret to say he didn't look out of place in a Morton side struggling at the bottom of the Championship.
  10. SJC's Boat Thread

    Glad to see your reference to the kitchen, can't be doing with nautical terms once in the boat. None of this decks. deckheads, bulkheads nonsense. Mate got in touch yesterday and plans to visit in June but I'll keep you posted. Is "Kelpie" with you in Edinburgh as it's not been here for weeks?
  11. SJC's Boat Thread

    You doing your own refit? Need the sink redone on mine and mate's letting me down.
  12. Things you want to share with P&B

    Current edition of Private Eye mocking Seamus and friends in its From The Message Boards section: "Get tae f**k ye chelski *** bawbag's - hail hail"
  13. Your Old Stadium

    Or go to Pollok's ground, did that yesterday and it was like stepping right back to the 1970's facilities, it's a pity about the lack of 1970's crowds to match.
  14. SJC's Boat Thread

    Oh! A part time boater. ;-)
  15. SJC's Boat Thread

    You abandoned ship? Looked empty this afternoon.