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  1. This guy? https://www.burnleyfootballclub.com/teams/u23-team/defender/harry-flowers/
  2. Caption competition

    Being able to make a c**t of yourself all around the world is some going.
  3. TRNSMT Festival

    Arctic Monkeys are now back. Be surprised if they don’t play this now
  4. Celtic v The Rangers*

    How many chances does Morelos need?!
  5. Celtic v The Rangers*

    Brighton v Bournemouth eh? Haud me back.
  6. Celtic v The Rangers*

    Ridiculous from Morelos trying to shoot there.
  7. Celtic v The Rangers*

    Genuinely don’t think Dembele is any better than Griffiths. If they get £20m+ for him then fair play.
  8. Celtic v The Rangers*

    Kranjcar should just announce his retirement at half time.
  9. Is that “are you watching Aberdeen” the St Mirren fans are chanting?