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  1. If it had been on t.v that incident would have still been on repeat. Hardly that problematic. We've but videos up after games before on twitter, your just upset it shows what a f**k up the ref made.
  2. Stirling uni reserves, spartans withdrew
  3. If Bo'ness go Linlithgow will follow rather quickly imo.
  4. LL2 isn't going to and shouldn't happen 30+ sides playing lowland wide football makes no sense. Should sufficient clubs get licensed(very likely within 5 years I'd say) we will see an east west split, tho to start with that will probably be further east initially
  5. We can see who's played the ball when they get good contact on it, would be kinda pointless attending football matches if you can't. Some seem to be going on about this like it was a tight decision that didn't go our way, and had murdoch just got fingertips to it you could possibly have a case. However he doesn't, he knows he's getting there well before hippolyte, hence why he can perform the slower action of turning it out for a corner rather than just tipping it away from him.
  6. Fans are ultimately a revenue source. It's a pretty shite way of looking at it but it's true. From any sporting perspective you want the players to be playing at their level. If Edusport have proved themselves as better than the other SoS sides they deserve promotion. We need certain off-field criteria to be met but it's pretty difficult to put down clubs for lack of fans. The criticisms on that just seem like an extension of the 'Hamilton shouldn't be in the premiership, look at their crowds' argument. I'd hate for a 'traditional ' team to be relegated for lack of crowds, therefore we must give Edusport the same benefit. The moving about I have some sympathy on. I think licensing could have some criteria against that, something along the lines of 'any change of a clubs location of greater than 5/10 miles must be for a maximum of 2 years' I believe the fa have some rule along those lines to prevent another m.k dons
  7. In reality it's another year where fixtures have gone incomplete, just let it die ffs
  8. A tough opponent who don't attract people to go watch them are never going to be popular. However i don't think how many fans they have is relevant to how they should progress
  9. Yea think his ego is getting to him he probably was involved, but instrumental sounds a bit much
  10. Preston possibly Selkirk and the junior 3 would put the league up to 16, possibly puts reconstruction on the table if a mass switchover from juniors is triggered.
  11. How very predictable
  12. We'd have also picked up a f**k load of cash from a game vs the zombies.
  13. Yes, although in league 2 the gaps are smaller. Still 6k in it for Edinburgh if they finish 6th vs 9th. In the championship for us there's 40k between our potential finishing spots(5th to 8th) we maybe guaranteed mid-table nobodies but it's certainly worth fighting for.
  14. Yes the ref was thick as f**k, I thought that was established. He didn't give away a penalty or do anything close to committing an offence, the ref made some random bullshit reason.
  15. All very well but really everyone wants to know how the race for 5th will pan out