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  1. Presume everything abit up in the air with young going
  2. Quite surprised at that. A massive scoop for a league 2 side.
  3. Spreading fixtures out for clubs with lights is playing fair. It's not discriminatory, playing under lights gives no more of a competitive advantage than investing in drainage or purchasing covers to get more games on during the season at first time of asking. You don't get teams forced to have no game because others in the league are unlikely to play, there is nothing wrong with teams investing in facilities gaining a competitive advantage. And you sure as hell would see teams without lights forking out if they end up losing titles becouse of it. Agreed however we should see some form of progressive licencing system introduced within the juniors. Holding crossgates and kelty to the same requirements doesn't make sense.
  4. Pace of life is too fast for some, for many it's far too slow. I don't want to spend my last breath happy to have worked for the man either, but I wouldn't want to be thinking of for all the time I sat on my arse . If you are going to be at your work for 8 hours a day then you may as well try to achieve something with that. You sure as hell aren't achieving 'the more important things' in that time.
  5. Not as fast as we could be. Progressing morally isn't contradictory to scientific or technological advance. None of that is benefited by spending half your day having aimless gossip and most of the rest of it drinking coffee. Only interested in doing the minimal needed to avoid being sacked.
  6. As individuals, as a society, as a nation and globally we should always be seeking to progress. Only a minority seem to be keen on pushing that. There is no end goal to progress, it is continual. What can we be doing to better ourselves? To better our contibution to our workplace, our community?
  7. To be more effective, to achieve more. To progress.
  8. I am a firm believer in the contract, it is after all what we agreed to. I am required to do X in return for Y.(wage, pension contribution, etc) The number of people who try to avoid doing X and still expect Y is ridiculous. As is the number of companies/boses who want far more than X(unpaid overtime, still in contact when on leave etc) but still only provide Y. I am only employed because someone reckons they will earn more from my effort than it will cost them. They aren't doing that though kindness. Fully agree with this. I despise the work shy chancers who seem to be on the majority in the country. However I fully support things like moving towards a 30 hour week, greater holiday allowance, more parental leave etc I guess in I think we should be working harder as a whole, but over a shorter period of time.
  9. Yes that's true just now, just saying should things change clubs with no lights shouldn't complain
  10. If you think other teams have an advantage by having lights then you should install them yourself. It is not a problem for the league that teams who have invested in faculties gain from it.
  11. Ftfy Barely anything happens up till then.
  12. McClean wondering why it was a penalty
  13. So its probably been done to death already but 1.5 million pounds?! Given that's about 3x the average playing budget at this level how much money are you giving flood?
  14. ^^^ Doesn't love a wedderturn
  15. I'm sure his family and friends would want to give him a good send off, unfair for you to deny them that because you are still raging at events that happened 50 years ago