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  1. Anyone know when the rovers games are? i can't seem to find them in the fixture list
  2. To be fair nobody should need trained in such things, after all we don't teach staff how to open the door to their office either. I had to stop myself walking out on a guy who as part of his first day training was asking things like how to open a link, attach files to email etc, I was being patient at this point, until he gets himself in a panic after making a typo( how he did this after taking half an hour over pressing each key i'm not sure) HOW DO I FIX THAT?! do i need to start all over?. erm no, just press backspace. Whats that?!
  3. Thank f**k for the old firm u20s, really don't know how we'd get by without such massive subsidies
  4. Given that none of the welsh/Irish teams beat a championship club I'm not sure how they can really justify giving them byes ahead of them. Also the u20s idea was shite last year and will be shite again, get it in the sea
  5. Good players get given a chance. You don't go trawling the back of beyond if a good youngster is on your doorstep. But if there's a better player available elsewhere then managers are going to sign and play them. Youngsters don't get game time if there's a better player ahead of them, we don't stop clubs playing those guys , we need to produce better youngsters so clubs don't have to look elsewhere
  6. Trawling fan sites and posting any half-thought out rumour as an exclusive has been the lazy journalists speciality since they figured out the internet existed.
  7. In what way are they pretending?! They play there games under the same rules as you do on a pitch. It's not like they play there games on FIFA ffs
  8. All this rage at 'new teams '(which somehow some of our oldest football clubs are bundled in with) always seems pretty arrogant tbh. It seems that unless you meet some undefined criteria you can't be considered a 'proper football club' If you organize a team to play football matches then you are a 'proper club' We have a licensing criteria, most of which is pretty fair generally, and as long as you can achieve the standard for the league you play in and can achieve the results so you avoid relegation then you absolutely deserve to be there.
  9. He seems to have at least conceded that a pyramid should happen. Still seem a mile off from him being supportive of it.
  10. They are east super league champions so have got a place through that
  11. Similar for cowdenbeath as well? Safety certificate given for concreted areas, but if a few fans wonder onto grass areas you aren't exactly expected to drag them down the verge and kick them out?
  12. Personally hope the deal goes through... But hold every vote on a Sunday, lets watch these fuckers squirm.
  13. For teams to enter a b team cost is not an issue. They are paying these players currently, playing them in a national league with many(maybe even the majority?) playing out of other clubs grounds anyway . There are many reasons to be against colt teams, the cost to sides running them isn't one.
  14. They can't get promoted, b teams are banned from the professional structure (Tier 5 and upwards)
  15. Think they should be a 'sub team' this year, ready to play any ties that can't be played.