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  1. Whilst they maybe taking the piss a little, it's very hard to feel sympathy for the clubs they are in direct competition with, it's not like any of them are community clubs.
  2. Probably was a few who insisted on a pie/piss and stopping every 10 feet to speak to people they haven't seen for a whole week. 'Cos that's what I always do' and blaming the club for any of the game they missed whilst doing that.
  3. Dumbarton in terms of facilities is fine. Tannadice is certainly the worst for value for money. Place is a fucking dump compared to the vast majority of spfl grounds one of the highest priced
  4. It seems strange this has become a contentious issue on either side. He was at ladeside for a very small period of his career. I can't see a development fee being very high at all. Either kilbirnie are being unrealistic in recognising this or pollok are being cheap and not paying a small fee.
  5. And the justification for inviting teams that can't even play a home tie is?
  6. Red card. I thought at the time it was slightly harsh but once hoppy got goal side the defender was always in trouble if there was contact, to be pulling his shirt is a silly decision. We were a bit sloppy, but as a team with alot of changes, ahead playing against 10 men and most importantly it being the Diddy cup the rage coming from some of the crowd was amusing.
  7. Possibly, though i'd guess if so it will be an emergency loan as that would give us more flexibility to recall if needed.
  8. Mulraney on talbot was pretty dirty IMO, just an effort to hit talbot becouse he had got nothing from him all game. How he didn't get booked I've no idea, plenty of opertunity to do so. 'Tackle' on Nat was really poor, very lucky to get a yellow for it.
  9. What would a Johnston best 11 be then? Murdoch Reid Morris Mcausland Talbots/Martin Cardle/McMillan Sheils wederburn higgy Clark faiss. So 3 guys from the league 1 team, 2 of which weren't at the club at the same time and another who is playing in the premiership.
  10. No, was that against inverness as well?
  11. That was the 2-2 game i think? 2-0 up and cruising(think we had a 3rd disallowed), clean tackle on dargo(don't recall a dive but it was a very clear tackle) dargo gets up ready for a corner and very surprised to find he has a penalty. He was telling everyone it wasn't a penalty. They score it and get every decision going before nabbing an equiliser with about 30 seconds to go from a goalmouth scramble. Think about half the norrie was down at the tunnel ready to lynch the ref at the end!
  12. Did hayes and foran not start scrapping about half an hour in only for the ref to just book them? Always seem to get dodgy decisions and/or horrific f**k ups vs ICT. Along with the penalty in the 2-2 game, black stapping on mcmanus and mcmanus being the one sent off. Dorris dropping the ball when we were relegated... Its no wonder we have such a poor record with those sort of things considered.
  13. Morris being back is a boost. Also amusing that aird's return to ibrox will be as a spectator, still a chance to improve on his performance from Saturday tho.
  14. It's called a developing story because the dafty who has written is trying to sound like he is in the know yet has basically emailed dafc and massively twisted the response
  15. still there, although its focusing more on food these days