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  1. Road to progression

    There is absolutely no way I can be considered to be anything other than employment Working out employment status for an employee Someone who works for a business is probably an employee if most of the following are true: they’re required to work regularly unless they’re on leave, for example holiday, sick leave or maternity leave they’re required to do a minimum number of hours and expect to be paid for time worked a manager or supervisor is responsible for their workload, saying when a piece of work should be finished and how it should be done they can’t send someone else to do their work. the business deducts tax and National Insurance contributions from their wages they get paid holiday they’re entitled to contractual or Statutory Sick Pay, and maternity or paternity pay they can join the business’s pension scheme the business’s disciplinary and grievance procedures apply to them they work at the business’s premises or at an address specified by the business their contract sets out redundancy procedures the business provides the materials, tools and equipment for their work they only work for the business or if they do have another job, it’s completely different from their work for the business their contract, statement of terms and conditions or offer letter (which can be described as an ‘employment contract’) uses terms like ‘employer’ and ‘employee’
  2. Walking Down The Halbeath Road

    Erm nothing. U20s keeper good enough to cover short term, allowing the club time to find a replacement if long term cover is needed. An approach taken by many in Scottish football, once murdoch is fit we'll have one of the best reserve keepers in Scotland. Celtic are the only team I've known to have 3 senior keepers at the club .
  3. Walking Down The Halbeath Road

    He was obviously considered good enough to be used as a sub/ to cover short term but Johnston preferred Robinson when he knew murdoch was out long term. It's not that difficult to grasp. He has been considered good enough to be a reserve keeper last year, why would that change this year?
  4. Walking Down The Halbeath Road

    Personally don't feel comfortable unless we have 8 recognised senior goalkeepers available, you never know if when illness can spontaneously disable 5/6 of them.
  5. Walking Down The Halbeath Road

    Johnston mentioned bringing in 4 or 5 this afternoon after signing Thompson. I'd agree we need a Center mid a striker and a winger, but I'd think the other places would also go to wide men as higgy is the only true winger in the squad as things stand, tho lawless and Thompson can also play there
  6. The Pelé Podcast - Neil Parry

    Have you considered telling people who you are due to interview a few days before hand? I get that sometimes this might not be possible if the timing is short notice or likely to change and you have a few people helping you out on players careers etc but I'm sure no matter who you interview they'll be a few people that have stories/quotes from their career that could be of interest. Obviously you'll need to filter out the inevitable 'why are you so shite/good/a dick'
  7. Fixtures 2018/19

    No new year or boxing day games yet midweek games scheduled is absolutely bonkers. Inverness away on a tuesday is abit shit but i guess they have to play someone on the midweek and unless they were to schedule 2 of the derby's midweek it will have a long trip for somebody
  8. The Pelé Podcast - Neil Parry

    Get Sir Andy Geggan on the show and its a deal. He'll have a fair few stories to tell
  9. The Pelé Podcast - Neil Parry

    You ok m8? Do you not think its abit odd to bring up Norrie Mccathie here?
  10. The Pelé Podcast - Neil Parry

    It's a bit before my time but hearing someone mention john Martin without immediately following it up with SCAB was a bit strange. Never heard anyone talk of him positively before.
  11. New clubs in the East of Scotland

    Comparing clubs highest crowds with other clubs average isn't exactly a fair comparison. Spence seems to be up to his usual standard of knowing just enough to pretend he is knowledgeable but struggling to get his facts right. Talk of floodlights being needed etc
  12. Walking Down The Halbeath Road

    I have quite big doubts over who we can bring in to improve upon those that have left, think AJ needs to bring a couple of rabbits out the hat(faiss + 1)
  13. Junior football, what is the future?

    Lack of licensed clubs is a bigger issue than spfl approval(although that is still a hurdle that needs changed) its possible next year would see us reach the tipping point that has twice as many LL region teams licenced vs HL, however even if we reach that point, given most of these sides will be east based then I'd think the LL would more likely be given stronger weighting for promotion(possibly 1st, 2nd LL, HL champion and club 42 in the play-offs) instead of having two tier 5 leagues. West teams can only get their preferred outcome of a tier 5 league for themselves if they go out and show they have the structures in place.
  14. Walking Down The Halbeath Road

    Dundee united and progress aren't exactly words that go together very often. Sent from my SM-T520 using Pie and Bovril mobile app
  15. New clubs in the East of Scotland

    I think the only way to guarantee you as a EoS premier team in 19/20 is to finish top 4. That still has you safe if none of the conference winners go up but two east sides were relegated from LL. Then only 2 5th places teams can go to the top league. Top 5 would see you safe if only 1 extra team from the east comes down. Top 6 will be enough if 2 promotion slots are available and the relegated sides are SoS territory.