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  1. Various club name issues

    Names evolve through time as the main activity of the club changes. Queens Park are undoubtably the oldest club which played ORGANISED football in Scotland, but they were simply following on from the example in England where a set of rules for the game had been drawn up. Queens Park's main activity was cricket and they wanted to play another game during the winter months. They needed opposition of course and contacted the Vale of Leven sporting club whose main activity was shinty, but also partcipated in cricket, quoiting and rowing. The rest is history as they say, and the game quickly caught on but the names of the clubs did not immediately change to reflect what soon became the main activity of the club. Many clubs which sprang up played a range of sports and some had the suffix "Football and Athletic Club". The "athletic" part was dropped as football became the main activity of most of them. It was perhaps natural that only the town name or other suffix reflecting the cultural leanings of the club, e.g. Celtic, Harp, Hibernian, was retained. New clubs still being formed today seem not to have any suffix in many instances. I never hear Rossvale, Gartcairn or many of the new Lowland league clubs being referred to with any other added part to their name. Maybe we should just refer to them by what most of their fans call them, "the Gers", the "Tic" or "Hibees", the "Peasy" and so on.
  2. Kilsyth Rangers 2018/19

    AGM this Sunday evening, 7pm in clubhut. Come along and hopefully you will be informed.
  3. WoSFL Pyramid Deadline - SJFA or Club led?

    Nobody counted the 'fors' or noted any abstentions. It was simply noted as an overwhelming majority. And yes, I know I'm being pedantic, but also like to get things right.
  4. Road to progression

    How can you play a game on saturday and train two nights, all within 4 hours taking pre-match preparation and travelling time into account?
  5. Scottish Junior Cup next season - byes/rounds

    I may be wrong here, but my recollection is that in the 1950's there were byes in both round 1 and round 2 but at that time the competition was regionalised up to round 3. There was certainly a much larger number of clubs entering the competition, probably around 200, but that does not require an extra round. Up to 256 can be accommodated within eight rounds. I think that pre WW2 the competition had 9 rounds at one time. Anyone confirm?
  6. SJFA AGM this Saturday

    Very easy to say "get ET to sponsor the Scottish". We are looking for a sponsor with far deeper pockets than a newspaper publisher with falling sales and advertising migrating to the internet. How often do you personally buy the paper? Probably never, maybe take a look at their website occasionally, no need to fork out 60p or however much it costs these days, but you expect a group who will get little benefit from throwing cash at a minor football tournament, for that is what it now is to sponsor it. Bit different in the days of four figure crowds in the first few rounds and 60000 at Hampden for the final. What kind of company is actually going to benefit from the sort of people who have a special interest in our grade? Very hard to say, Emirates are throwing tens, possibly hundreds of millions at football, but only at the very highest level where they get worldwide exposure via televised games watched by hundreds of millions, not 2 figure crowds on a wet saturday afternoon at Ochterloonie. I really hope we can find a credible sponsor, but it will have to be a Scottish based company with someone with an interest in our game to do it. There are some throwing cash at their local clubs, e,g. Kelty, and of course some of the better known Ayrshire clubs are currently spashing cash which was not handed over at the turnstile, how about some of them spreading it a bit wider?
  7. Kenny Mclean

    This must probably be the highest in the modern junior era (post 60's) but are there any higher? I think there may well be, but hard to find out and provide proof.
  8. Kilsyth Rangers 2018/19

    Thanks for your good wishes, your own service to the club over the past ten years has been outstanding and you will always be welcome at Duncansfield.
  9. Junior football, what is the future?

    Don't think anyone really knows apart from themselves. It was a show of hands (holding red or green cards) and although there were 4 reds it would be hard to say who they were bearing in mind the brief time they were in the air. It was just noted as an overwhelming majority rather than an actual count. There may also have been one or two abstentions so not neccesarily 121 in favour, but a clear result nevertheless.
  10. Kenny Mclean

    More than a few, problem is many clubs have incomplete records, especially of times gone by. I doubt if anyone could say definitively who is all time top scorer in the junior game. Plenty who scored very prolificaly for one or two seasons then went Senior. Among those who remained junior and have very high totals from former times would be our own Alex Querrie who scored 260 in six seasons for Kilsyth, and also an unknown number with Forth Rangers and perhaps a few with Bo'ness. Billy Walker at Dalry in the 50's and 60's must have had a very high total, can anyone enlighten us? I also remember Cooke? at Largs in the same era. Plenty of others I am sure well into the 2 or 3 hundreds, put your claim in here. An average of twenty a season over ten years is no mean feat at any level and most clubs would be very happy with that
  11. Cumbernauld United v Pollok Thursday 14th June 2018

    Scott Robertson is an absolute A***HOLE. Any club who votes for him at this years WRAGM should be banished to the Lowland League
  12. Fixtures conundrum

    Hopefully it we will be informed of its execution at the West AGM next week
  13. Tonight's scores 11/6

    Another good reason why junior football needs to be put down; would this be allowed in the play-offs between Lowland/Highland leagues and bottom of SFL? Grossly unfair to the teams who don't have the cash to splash for players for one-off appearances.
  14. Shettleston vs neilston playoff chat

    Hugh is one of the great gentlemen of junior football, not many with his dedication to the game left. For his sake I hope Neilston get through + I always enjoy a visit to Neilston.
  15. Fixtures conundrum

    It may be a fair distance from the centre of Perth, but it does at l;east have a bar and would be a far better venue than the one actually chosen.