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  1. Kirkintilloch Rob Roy New Stadium

    As I understand it the first area looked at was a bit further west; on the north side of the River Kelvin behind McNairs and close to the access to Kirkintiloch Golf club. That IS part of the flood plain. The site close to McDonalds and now occupied by Lidl is not. The second option was the existing football park just off the Waterside Road and objections by house owners and parking issues put paid to that one. The current site would be the best option if finance and other issues could be sorted out. As regards to the meeting with Kilsyth Rangers I was present and the offer and asking price were well apart, the Rob Roy officials just walked away with no attempt to negotiate. To be fair we did not really want our park ruined and were not really desperate for the money in any case.
  2. Best/worst grounds in junior football history.

    Surely you mean once the work at Holm Park is completed?
  3. Getting very interesting in this division now, Petershill and Cambuslang now looking certainties for automatic promotion, a group of four getting a bit cut off at the bottom and fighting to avoid the two relegation play off positions. All of the others could conceivably get one of the other two automatic promotion places or one of the two play off slots to go up. Largs perhaps will drop a few places as they are so far ahead with 20 Games played already and all the teams just below them having games in hand. They could be waiting for weeks at seasons end to get their final few games played. What are your views on how it will all end?
  4. Bo'ness United 2017/18

    How did it finish?
  5. Best/worst grounds in junior football history.

    There are quite a few that are little better. We played at Scone very recently and it is similar, surface OK , but lacking any cover, it was absolutely freezing (like today) and who would want to spectate on a cold or wet afternoon. It's high time junior football imposed certain minimum standards for spectators if it wants to survive as a viable entity. New clubs coming in should only be allowed if they have grounds which offer a certain level of facilitiy, and I'm sorry but Huntershill does not meet that as far as I'm concerned. The big shake up which is assuredly coming is a chance to weed out the clubs which cannot meet that standard; they can go back to Amatuer status which is where they belong.
  6. Games ON/OFF today

    Kilsyth v Renfrew ON
  7. Kirkintilloch Rob Roy New Stadium

    The answer is for RRG to open his wallet, buy the land and gift it to the club. But seriously it might not attract many bids due to the polluted nature of the site. Why is it that all the discussion on here is by supporters of other clubs, we have heard little or nothing from the Rabs fans themselves. I don't expect the club officials to come on here and say anything until they have something definite to say but surely the fans have their opinions. It is quite noticeable that many Rabs supporters who used to be regular posters seem to have disappeared from this site.
  8. Kirkintilloch Rob Roy New Stadium

    And its highly polluted wasteland at that. Strewn with asbestos sheeting, concrete, tyres, oil pollution; you name it, its all there. The cleanup costs alone will run into hundreds of thousands. I think it rather unlikely a residential development will be an option. It is the best place for a new sports facility but there are already all weather, floodlit 5 a sides pitches both at the sports/swimming pool centre not far away, and at Bishopbriggs leisuredrome only about 4 miles distant which might limit the earning potential of the same thing at the canal bank. It really is an unholy mess and I wonder just how much longer they can carry on.
  9. How bad are premier parks

    We played at Kello on saturday, The game was played to a finish but the state of the goalmouths at the end was as bad as I have ever seen. The ground is effectively wrecked till the end of the season.
  10. Kirkintilloch Rob Roy New Stadium

    Questions that remain unanswered: Is the money from the sale of Adamslie (the Stadium) in the bank, and how much of it has already been spent. Is there anything left of the money they received for the sale of the social club site. How much longer are Cumbernauld (George Watson) prepared to have them at Guys Meadow, bearing in mind that it is also having a serious impact on their ability to get games played. Is the Rossvale ground an option they would consider, bearing in mind its very limited spectator accommodation, lack of covered area, no easily accessible toilet facility, no catering facilities. If it was, I would think they would be looking at it already. Are their any other availabe options in the immediate area. Broadwood? Already got Clyde and Cumbernauld Colts. Ashfield? It seems not. Petershill? Now that Rossvale are gone, why not? Duncansfield? They already have approached us , but bearing in mind the damage that would be done to a grass pitch we did not accept their offer, we can live without it. Like many others, I fear for their future , they were always our biggest rivals, but to see them disappear would be a disaster.
  11. Did he predict the blizzard was cioming as well? Chose his time well, I'm in awe of his powers.
  12. Its went awfy quiet on here, no posts for ten days. Where's Glensmad?
  13. Games that might be on this weekend

    Kello/ Kilsyth game was played but it has almost totally destroyed the pitch. Never seen such a mess in a very long time by the end of the game.
  14. Kirkintilloch Rob Roy New Stadium

    It will be four years come end of this season. Worst thing is that nothing has happened on site except old covered enclosure was demolished almost immediately. Goalposts are still in place, lovely pavilion derelict. They should never have moved out until work had started on a new ground. Shafted hardly begins to descibe what has happened.