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  1. Turned out as I feared, We did make plenty of chances in thne first half but some really awful finishing. Second half after Camby got their second goal it was all over. Need a genuine striker although I would like to see the trialist Farrell get a full 90 minutes, he has a bit of pace and the height that is lacking up front at the moment. Won't be any easier next week with Largs getting a very good win today.
  2. Leave yourself open at the back then?
  3. This looks suspiciously like the work of that crazy Pollok fan who drove everyone daft with his predictive league tables last season.
  4. Your right, end of discussion.
  5. Why is it nothing to do with the thread? It is factually true, one, a supporter of another club lives nowhere near his home town club (the clue is in his username) and so perhaps can be excused to some extent. The other is apparently an ex- supporter of his home town club where he still lives but has not been seen at a game lately. As far as my ^mate^ from along the road is concerned I am proud to number several lifelong Rabs supporters among my true friends and wish them well in their quest to retain the trophy they deservedly won last season. About groundsharing, Rob Roy were not prepared to accept the terms of the offer. We can live without the meagre amount they were prepared to pay.
  6. Lots of water lying at the deep end.
  7. No, not you, much closer to home.
  8. Two of the most prolific posters on here, funny how you never see them at a game though. Much too busy posting sh*te on here I suppose.
  9. It certainly DID NOT go to plan. 3-1 up on the hour mark then it all fell apart. Rossvale deserved their win, however the new management now know what they have to do.
  10. A 12 x 3 metre structure sufficient for up to about 150 @4 persons to 1 sq mtr utilising 50mm steel box section and profile sheeting could be built for about £2500 if you could utilise voluntary labour, We relayed a large part of our terracing, about 350 linear metres at no cost at all. Monoblock contracters replacing slabbed driveways will usually let you have the old slabs free for collection. Just needs a few dedicated supporters with some time on their hands. And don't forget to add £100 for the beer.
  11. Well Kelty failed to win the Scottish cup last year when they were hot favourites to do so. Many clubs are upgrading their facilities, and it is a pleasure to visit a ground which you havn't been to for a while and see the improvements. However to cover the other point I have been to a few others in the last year or two which have no protection from the elements for spectators ar all. The cost of providing shelter for 100 fans or thereabouts is minimal compared to the cost of laying down a 4g pitch. What Renfrew have provided is a good example of what can be done, basically a bus shelter which can be easily extended using standard sections to any length. A new ground I visited this saturday is a perfect example of what we don't want. A wire cage, no cover, no visibility for anyone not on the rail, only 60% of one side of the pitch available for viewing without having to peer through a wire mesh fence. No refeshments other than a vending machine for cold drinks and sweets in the sports hall complex which you have to leave the ground to access. Toilets ditto. Is this acceptable for what is a semi-professional grade of football, not in my book. No wonder junior football is becoming a laughing stock.
  12. First they would have to apply to SJFA to become a junior club. It would be put to all clubs at AGM and if approved then it would be up to a Regional association to accept them,or not. Up till now it has almost always been the case that new clubs are accepted. Perhaps it is time that applications were subject to a bit more scrutiny as regards ground facilities and so on. Do we really want to be visiting home grounds which are in reality just public parks with zero cover for spectators on a wet day, no refreshment stall, and a five minute walk to the toilets? Bearing in mind the age profile of a very large section of junior support the answer should be a resounding "No". Tell them to go and join the Lowland league, or the EOS or whatever, the natural home of failed junior clubs.
  13. The shops are at least a few hundred yards away, no idea what nearest pub is but its at least as far away. At least at virtually all junior grounds you can get something hot to warm you up on a winters day. 200 at yesterdays game is a pretty optomistic estimate. There were 28 in the home area (its segregated) and that includes several Rob Roy guys, I know I was standing with them in the second half, probably a bit more than double that in the away section + a dozen or so, mainly officials on the dug outs side. How can you say it was a dead rubber, Rob Roy have a realistic chance of progressing if they beat Cumbernauld, as do United, all depends on the scores in Wednesday's games. Heres hoping its a draw, or a narrow win and we get a good win over Rossvale which I expect after seeing them yesterday
  14. If you think grounds like Petershill and Benburb are soulless, try Huntershill. Truly awful venue, very limited spectator viewing, no protection from the weather, no catering facilities of any kind, a very long walk to toilet facilities in the main complex. Nowhere near a pub or any shops, I could go on but whats the point, just don't go there on any day when the weather isn't perfect. How do clubs at this sort of venue get admitted to junior football in the first place?
  15. No opposition, Rossval;e keeper sent off early in 2nd half.