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  1. West Juniors

    St Rochs V Celtic The fans wouldn't know who to support. Likewise Larkhall Thistle V Glasgow Rangers
  2. The names of the new West Region leagues

    Interestingly back in the days when the Scottish Junior club early rounds were played on a regional basis, as a member of the Stirlingshire junior association we did play clubs from the Fife and the Lothian leagues in the first couple of rounds. The Stirlingshire association ended in 1962, as a number of clubs had folded, including Alva Albion Rangers, and the two Grangemouth clubs had amalgamated. We played in the Dunbartonshire cup for a couple of years thereafter. I presume Camelon and Bonnybridge would have joined a Lothian association at that time. Grangemouth United also disappeared shortly afterwards. If the rumours of Clydebank applying for membership of EOSL are correct then why not?
  3. The names of the new West Region leagues

    What I did mean was that the NAMES of the new leagues was not voted on; My club was in favour of the reconstruction and I voted accordingly. The names were not an issue then and still are not as far as we are concerned. Its which one we end up playing in that is important and if we don't like it we'll F*** OFF to the EOSL!
  4. Junior football, what is the future?

    Actually makes sense now you have your looking into the future text feature turned off!
  5. The names of the new West Region leagues

    The names of the new leagues were NOT decided at an AGM. Presumably it was done at a management committee meeting amd if so the next general meeting with delegates present can voice their concern and put up alternative suggestions. Somehow I don't see it happening.
  6. Junior football, what is the future?

    Please switch off your predictive text, or else read it through before sending.
  7. Shock Signings?

    Brian had a spell with Kilsyth after the Rose and it was very obvious that he was a class act. It was his two goals at Whittlets in the final game of our season that helped us avoid relegation. He had some problems with alcohol though and tried to come back the following season but didn't make it and fell out of the game. A real shame as he still had a lot to offer.
  8. Junior football, what is the future?

    Well my post seems to have provoked some reaction and that is what is wanted, people coming out and nailing their colours to the mast. My view is that many junior clubs have had enough of being sent to the farthest points of the country to play a Scottish tie with no hope of receiving anything like their expenses to make the trip. It is probably just as unfair to the home club who have to shell out a guarantee well in excess of what actually comes in as gate money, never mind the hospitality costs. Some will say they get the chance to progress, and that is true, but again they themselves might get a similar long trip to another minnow and again suffer a big financial hit. We need properly funded clubs that can stand on their own two feet, and again, dare I say it, a ground with something more than the most basic facilities. It's going to be an interesting SJFA agm this year I feel, if the hierarchy don't come up with some real proposals for progress then the shit will really hit the fan.
  9. Junior football, what is the future?

    May as well contribute my tuppence worth to this debate. A lot of talk about what makes a club a big player in the junior grade. Many HAVE been big names over a fairly short period of time, Armadale were a fairly successfull club during the late 1940's , early 50's , likewise Broxburn and a few others. In the west Lugar and Annbank had short periods with great teams, Central League had Petershill, Ashfield , even Clydebank enjoying a lot of success. The common factor was a location in areas with thriving industrial and mining bases which have now gone into decline or disappeared altogether. No junior club has enjoyed almost unbroken success over their entire history in the way that the old firm have in the Senior grade. For me, that is what makes the juniors so fascinating, a new club can emerge and very quickly become a major force. Witness Johnstone Burgh in the early 1960's, Tayport in the 90's, and I suppose Kelty today. The hard part is sustaining it beyond the time when the founding group of people are no longer around. Clubs rise and fall, and no harm in looking back to a time when your own club ruled the roost, my own club, Kilsyth Rangers, were arguably the most successful club over a fifteen year period from the mid 1950's till the late 60's and I was very fortunate to be around to enjoy that success. Since then we have had some good periods, aznd some not so good but we are still around and competing and ever hopeful of winning a major trophy once again. Change is coming, no doubt about it, the setup in the lower regions of Scottish football will be unrecognisable in five years time from what it is at present. It may be forced from above, or the current administration may accept change, but it does need a major shift in thinking, many smaller clubs will have to admit they cannot continue in their present form and revert to local amateur leagues. The more ambitious clubs will look upwards, as Kelty have done, and decide to find their level within a new unified organisation. Dare I say it, along the lines of what happens down South?
  10. Cumbernauld United 2017-2018

    This shutdown has now almost equalled the one of the winterof 1946-47 when there were seven blank saturdays between 25/1/47 and 22/3/47. However we are a bit away from the winter of 1963 when ALL football in Great Britain was wiped our for ten weeks between 22/12/62 and 9/3/63. We played 3rd, 4th & 5th round Scottish ties in successive weeks when play did resume. I believe some cup competitions were not played out that season although it seems that most did going by Bernard Stokes book of cup winners. How they fitted in all the fixtures is hard to understand although there is no record of us playing in either the Central League cup or the Pompey cup that season. Perhaps clubs were allowed to withdraw from some of the minor competitions.
  11. Scottish Cup Weekend

    The club drawn away can offer a switch of venue for a financial consideration in exchange. It is my understanding that Meadow had already made a pretty generous offer and been turned down. There are precedents for this already so it seems Dyce think they can progress by keeping it at home.
  12. Your 2017 Junior Highlights

    The fantastic response of the community in helping us restore our dressing rooms after the arson attack on the very night we had gathered to celebrate the golden anniversary of our last Scottish cup win in 1967. Those who have visited since then will, I think, confirm that they are second to none in junior football. Oh, and there WILL be plenty of hot water for the visit of Darvel in january.
  13. West Region Cup Committee

    What's pointless about offering clubs who have finished their league programme by mid-April the chance to play a few more games and perhaps get a bit more revenue. My point was that this would replace the present Sectional League cups, not in addition to it. I believe a short sharp tournament played our within three weeks in May would attract decent crowds particularly if played on evenings when there are few other games on. A bit of imaginative fixture scheduling to avoid clashes with big televised games as well would be welcome. Maybe not much chance of that though if we don't finally get rid of the currernt incumbent.
  14. West Region Cup Committee

    Believe me, I attend West region general meetings and the mood for change is there. We are entering the last days of the Reich!
  15. West Region Cup Committee

    No chance of that one bit . He is vulnerable now, he has been responsible for far too many cockups in the last couple of years. I will be amazed if we start the new season with the current format , he may not even want it himself. The current sponsor could perhaps be persuaded to back a new end of season tournament for those clubs who have finished their league games and out of the other competitions, short and sharp. Four knockout sections and the four winners playing the semi's over one weekend, friday evenings and final on a neutral ground on the sunday. Much more attractive than the two current league cups, shared gates with all four receiving some prize money.