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  1. Re facilities

    Are you going to groundshare with Albion Rovers then?
  2. I'm pretty sure the Lanark covered enclosure has lamp posts as the main supports. The streets of the town are in perpetual darkness in the winter!
  3. The little covered enclosure at Renfrew looks suspiciously like a bus shelter, but it does the job.
  4. Allowing 2 feet per spectatorand with four 2 foot wide steps, first one at ground level and 8" rise between them you could accommodate up to 80 quite easily in a container with still 6 foot headroom on the rear step. You can buy s/hand containers for a couple of thousand pounds, probably even cheaper for beat up ones. Allow another 1k for transport, paint and slabbing, we got about 800 linear feet of 3x2 slabs free to uplift from monoblock contactors to repair our own terracing a few years back. All you need are a few volunteers and -Hey Presto, a servicable little covered enclosure for not more than 3 grand.
  5. Fixtures

    I thought that from about two seconds after the result was annouced.
  6. Fixtures

    Not all of them, only some of them.
  7. Agreed, but with only one recognised defender from last season in todays starting line up, no too hard to understand, Bullit (Chris Reid) is sorely missed in the middle, hopefully he will be back next week.
  8. Scottish 2nd round draw

    Quite a few places in Scotland have alternative Gaelic names. Would they be read out as the draw is made with English sub titles? Seriously though, anything that gives the junior game a little bit of visibility is to be welcomed, its profile within the general public is now at an all time low. This, and a few other matters need to be raised and discussed at the next SJFA AGM. The last few have been an absolute joke, all over in not much more than half an hour with nothing of any consequence either discussed or decided. If Tom Johnston stands up and announces we still have no proper sponsor for our major competition it should be along with his own resignation.
  9. Central Sectional Cup final

    With all our recent upgrades to the ground, totally renovated dressing rooms, new pie shop, toilets etc. we are surely due some recognition . Also plenty of parking within a very short walk at the new health centre carpark. Coachman Hotel, Broch public house and Masonic club not too far away either for those who lIke a pre-match refreshment. Yes, a couple of miles to the nearest train station (Croy), but how many actually travel by rail to these games?
  10. Scores & talking points today

    Posted on three seperate threads, you certainly don't want anyone to miss it!
  11. Kilsyth Rangers 2017 / 2018

    Shouldn't have let him go in the first place
  12. A lot of changes is something of an understatement, only two of last seasons regulars in todays starting line up. Missing a few experienced players, David Waters, Gary Kelly, Franny Kelly still injured, they would have made a difference. Three young players on loan from Clyde, have to say they don't impress me so far. Its going to be tough this season, no doubt of that, but have every faith in Chris and the others that they will get it right in time. They were left in a very bad position with no experienced players signed during the close season despite the previous management knowing that half of last years team were not coming back. However Glencairn were by far the better team today and we really looked to have missed the boat with Gormley, an impressive debut by him and no doubt he will get a lot more goals.
  13. I can't actually be sure that both photos were taken at the same match, nothing on them to indicate venue or date taken.No luck in finding out if Mr Cassidys archive still exists. A local historian did try to find out some years ago without success, so looks like they might be lost, a real shame but unfortunately its only in comparitively recent years that we have begun to value that siort of stuff.