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  1. Look up subjective. I've followed Ayr for over 30 years. Ayr United has kicked my c**t in. I don't just go for the winning at the football it's a day out ok. I meet old friends, I eat nice meals in towns I used to run about in at the football. If you like winning against east fife rather than pitting your wits against Falkirk that's fucking fine I'm happy for you. I don't but do you see me jumping down your throat about it? Answer: non geez a Brek ffs I'm hurting too man it's not the who's raging the most is the biggest ayr fan comp is it? If only I'd known
  2. Absolutely not however the ones who are having a go for declaring it the best season in a while needed that explained. As you were.
  3. The thing is gents, and the orc, it's subjective isnt it. This has been my best season for many reasons that you will not be aware of. Good away days, pubs, da bants etc. It's like an album or a film. Feel free to continue basing life on winning though... As you were
  4. I'm going. Like paying last respects. Best season for a while. Wish we'd managed to just haud on by our fingernails but naw.
  5. Fortunately none have played for or managed you or you'd look really daft
  6. 0-4 balatoni (3) devlin
  7. Ayr United, What now 2016/17

    Cammy Duncan was my favourite goalie. RIP Cammy so shocked to hear
  8. Ayr United, What now 2016/17

    We were unbeaten away from home for an age man are you genuinely mental or just when you post on here?
  9. Simon sinek has retired from TED talks this morning after seeing the observational behemoth that is Hughes connect with the fan base of raith rovers by using an old lady down the post office Fife accent. Emotive stuff John. Lead on Macduff
  10. It was the chat of a pished man in the pub who has just lost his Mrs to the guy round the corner. Watched it through my fingers especially when he goes all Fife with his accent. Grim viewing
  11. Last night I had accepted we are down this morning I saw this... game on
  12. Relegation Elect vs The Champions

    can only accept it, we're pish. By all accounts hibs were first to every ball. Off we f**k
  13. Relegation Elect vs The Champions

    Thanks troops. Could be worse. Jamie Adams rampaging about the gaff just before the title winners go off on their club 18-30. Might keep a few in check
  14. Relegation Elect vs The Champions

    2 goals please Ayr do we have a full squad to choose from?