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  1. It was young Forrest. I wish he'd taken it round him that would have been a grandstander into the Somerset road end but he was tired as itzdrk correctly says he's not been played a lot recently.
  2. Is it that or did his head go after he missed the one on one? He didn't want to know after that but you're right ring rusty is a good shout
  3. I fully endorse what McCall did. Dumbarton had a grip of the game when they went down to ten and because we were almost sitting on top of ourselves he went full on attack to get them on the back foot .This in my opinion was the right thing to do the players however let him down. mcguffie my wee favourite looked as if he wasn't switched on, Devlin and Gilly weren't on the same page either. Thought gilly was poor actually. Why was Forrest completely knackered with 20 minutes to go? Remarkable save from fleming at the end I thought they had scored it was a beauty of a stop. That guy's fantastic! Last 5 minutes was agony. Robbie Crawford was simply sensational
  4. have to deal with the Stirling boy. He's absolutely good so he could undo us if we have a 20 minutes like we did against dunf. Hoping for decent crowd with a wee bit of patience and a goal or 2 to cheer. If we can't win this then I'll accept our fate. Huge game for Ayr!
  5. Calm down hen
  6. I'm going for the potential scenes not really the standard of footy. Just want to get that little bit more hope so I can be even more devastated if we fail. It's almost learned behaviour supporting Ayr for so many years. Self harm essentially
  7. I'm making Saturday and last game versus raith rate me?
  8. Each game a mountain Dumbarton is Vesuvius. Forrest coming of age game 2-1 eruptions
  9. "The happy clappers" tag is tragic. It's divisive, unneccessry and the forum equivalent of mike Tyson biting holyfields ear. We all care about Ayr United I assume?
  10. Positives: Murphy and cairney are not available its daylight so darkface won't be able to use the terrace as camouflage Negatives: doc and adamski are out. Inability to kill fucking heads in could cost us
  11. Think we've got Dumbarton at home soon. BIG! Having Falkirk and Dunfermline both in form in the lead up to that will hopefully be a positive keeping the standard high. Obviously will work negatively if we get horsed but
  12. Is your nephew playing ?
  13. Are you playing?
  14. ^^^ rattled