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  1. Heart of Midlothian Season 2017/2018

    He’ll be watching Man City or Chelsea in the pub on his own by the time he’s in his early ‘30s and shouting at the TV in the pub by his late ‘30s
  2. Project Brave rumbles on..

    Irving’s cousin
  3. Project Brave rumbles on..

    A new EPL franchise in the Aveva stadium would be able to exploit that market better and what’s more would have it’s home city all to itself. If we’re assuming that big leagues are going to be up for parachuting teams in from smaller markets then Celtic aren’t as big as Dublin FC and they don’t even exist.
  4. Project Brave rumbles on..

    15 years ago you could argue either way about whether Man City had a bigger fan base than Celtic or Rangers. They were about to move into the new City of manchester Stadium where they'd draw about 46,000 despite winning 5 home games all season and not having won a trophy in 33 years. You'd have had a far harder time arguing that City had a bigger following than Newcastle United though And while the last 15 years of Man City's history illustrate the technically possible best case scenario the 15 before that show what the worst might be. Or rather would show the worst if we ignore the last 15 years of Leeds United Celtic and Rangers are sizable clubs but there are a lot of "sizable" clubs out there. There's certainly more of them than there are middle eastern sovereign wealth funds
  5. Things The Lower Classes Do

    Things Advocates do for this pish
  6. Project Brave rumbles on..

    Because they're next door to Paisley they appear bigger to you.
  7. The Chronicles of the Banter Years (2012 - ∞)

    Etymology note The use as a derogatory term for Germans actually goes back to the First World War. The Historic **** were a barbarian horde who invaded the Roman empire as it was beginning to collapse so it was being used to mean "Warlike and uncivilised" in the same way that the Vandals (a tribe who came later and actually managed to sack Rome) have entered the language. The Oxford English Dictionary lists it NOUN 1 A member of a warlike Asiatic nomadic people who invaded and ravaged Europe in the 4th–5th centuries. 1.1 A reckless or uncivilized destroyer. The derogatory Irish Republican usage clearly came from the "Reckless or uncivilized destroyer" sense of the word in the same way as it's used for Germans However the OED now recognises that it's entered the language as as a derogatory term for Germans in it's own right as opposed to through metaphor. 2 derogatory, informal A German (especially during the First and Second World Wars). 2.1 "The *** " Germans collectively. The Irony of the "Foggy Dew" song is that it's about the 1916 Glorious Rising/Terrorist outrage * where Irish Republicans were joining WWI on the side of the Kaiser and against the Empire * I'm not judging
  8. Rangers vs Hearts

    So what do people think of Piña Colada
  9. Rangers vs Hearts

    I meant if you’re old enough to remember 1967 I didn’t think you were Billy McNeil For the record I’m not actually a cartoon feline.
  10. Rangers vs Hearts

    Rangers 25Alnwick 2Tavernier 40McCrorie 33Martin 3John 23Holt 10Dorrans 21Candeias 11Windass 28Murphy 26Cummings I don’t know who most of these are but I remember Tavernier having a good game against us at Murrayfield which was annoying at the time but effectively ended Rafael Grzelak’s involvement with the Hearts first team, so silver linings and all that Godinho can hopefully pun him back a bit
  11. Rangers vs Hearts

    Useful information judging by your avatar Anyway there’s a game of football on today And Hearts have announced their line up 1McLaughlin 4Souttar 5Hughes 6Berra 28Godinho 2Smith 15Cowie 16Randall 14Naismith 7Amankwaa 9Lafferty Which looks like a 5-3-2 to me Although we could conceivably play Smith in front of a back 4 again or have Naismith dropping back closer to the midfield.
  12. Post split fixtures

    We didn’t at Firhill
  13. Post split fixtures

    And so the west of Scotland will inevitably be submerged under a sea of anarchy, barbarism, sectarian strife and violence with waves lapping the rest of the country The only thing that can stop this title decider apocalypse is two consecutive away wins for Hearts at Ibrox an Pittodrie Err..... Apologies in advance,
  14. Rangers vs Hearts

    ^^^one of the sane ones
  15. Brexit slowly becoming a Farce.

    Tempting fate