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  1. The Royal Wedding

    On an earlier post on this thread I mentioned the greed of the Royal family but I have just read an article which really takes the biscuit. Apparently the many, was there 6000, charity workers, community stalwarts and volunteers who were invited to the wedding to stand on the lawns outside the chapel were handed Harry and Meghan wedding goody bags. The bags contained shortbread, chocolate and best of all A 20% OFF VOUCHER FOR THE WINDSOR CASTLE GIFT SHOP!. As we all know Windsor Castle and the gift shop is owned by the queen. Is there no end to this family's feckin downright cheek and greed.
  2. The Royal Wedding

    Maybe so but American Presidents sell more to foreign governments. Plus we don't build that many stand alone British fighter jets, we are mostly involved in a European project for the Eurofighter Typhoon and we also purchase american built. But the other side of it is when Sarah Ferguson was caught trying to sell access to the Royal Family for money to a journalist posing as an arab. Prince Edwards wife Sophie was also caught out as I recall on some access she was offering wasn't it. And what about Air Miles Andy he's a total sponger.
  3. The Royal Wedding

    You're right, He's a Tory and that sums him up for me. But he was the guy that got her to start paying tax when she came to his government and asked us the tax payers to fund the repairs to HER windsor castle after that fire she had, feckin cheek! Mind you nobody knows how much tax she actually pays now.
  4. The Royal Wedding

    Your reasoning is sound in that the police would have been paid anyway but I doubt that as quoted the whole of the Thames Valley Police Force would normally all be on duty on any one particular day as they were yesterday, plus other area police forces were involved not counting the military personnel, in addition the costs quoted was for the weeks before and up to the event when the procession route alone was scrutinised and buildings, drains and possible covert areas were searched etc, this alone involved much specialist army and police personnel, also consider the significant cost in the electronic scanning of mobile phone and other devices keyword transmissions for the area, GCHQ would have been involved in that. And you are right when you mention diverted resources from other areas. It was also mentioned, though I think that it is unlikely, that as Windsor is in Heathrows flight path, flights were diverted and/or suspended for two hours during the ceremony.
  5. The Royal Wedding

    It's events like this that the monarchy uses to sugar coat their greed, I believe the cost of the security alone was £32 million which we the tax payers paid for. As an example of their outright greed George the Third surrendered the Crown Estates, the biggest landowner in the UK. to the government to get out of paying for the civil service, armies and navy's etc, in return the Monarch got monies from the Civil List. The vast profits from the CE since that time is paid into the treasury to benefit the nation. Ever since all monarch's have fought to get some of the Crown Estate profits back to them. This year the queen finally succeeded in getting 15% paid directly to her, that amounted to £75 million, with her income from the Duchy of Lancaster her income for this year was just under £100 million. Further the £75 million she received this year cannot be less next year and so on and feckin on. The Scottish Government have for some years now asked for the Crown Estate profits raised in Scotland to be paid to them to benefit Scotland but The Treasury has repeatedly fecked them off. Another feckin scam they get up to is claiming that presents she receives on foreign state visits belong to her and the monarchy, imagine what the Saudis give her, as the UK's Head of State all presents she receives on these visits belong to the state, you and I, The Queens gallery at Buckingham Palace contains countless priceless paintings by famous artists which various governments, John Major being the most vociferous, have argued that many of those belong to the state, she and those before her strongly deny this and to cap it all you and I have to pay to enter the queens gallery to view them. It's all feckin thievery at the end of the day and hopefully future generations will wake up to it.
  6. ICTFC 17/18

    Wasn't there a major financial problem with Fort William last season and talk of them possibly dropping out of the HL? Christie first brought it up. CALEY JAGS FANCY A HIGHLAND FLING The Press and Journal (Moray) 5 Feb 2018 BY JAMIE DURENT Caley Thistle’s head of youth development Charlie Christie wants his club to have a colts team in the Highland League. The SPFL clubs are currently considering a proposal that could see Rangers and Celtic colts teams join League 2 and Christie is keen for Caley Jags to explore the feasibility of joining the Highland League. With the possibility of a Highland League title-winning side winning promotion to the SPFL and uncertainty over the future of Fort William, a place could open up in the league this summer. Christie said: “I believe it’s the way to go if the Highland League would accept them. “We wouldn’t be there to challenge for titles. We’d be there to develop and nurture our own players in a very good league. “I’m a big fan of the league and you can see its strengths, given how well sides have done in the Scottish Cup this year. We’d be around the mid-table mark, playing a lot of challenging games with the aim of developing players for first-team level.”
  7. ICTFC 17/18

    John Robertson was saying last week that he wants to get the young boys in as a colt team in the Highland league, can't see it happening though.
  8. ICTFC 17/18

    Is his son still with us?
  9. ICTFC 17/18

    Fair enough but my annoyance with McGregor is with him bringing us into his miserable excuses. Kenny Cameron did the decent thing and fell on his sword over the Foran debacle, I'm well aware that McGregors position is different to Kenny's but he should have the decency to take the flak and own up to his mistakes, as I said three management changes in one season reeks of a misuse of power.
  10. ICTFC 17/18

    Uncle Roy all over the media bleating on about the reason we and county got relegated was that we were both complacent?? we at Caley are well aware why we got relegated and it was nothing to do with complacency,. The reason that County got relegated was due in no small way to three management changes in one season leading to team instability, and we all know who was instrumental in bringing that about, you should have listened to Jim McIntyre when he told you what would happen Roy, don't be bringing us into your miserable excuses.
  11. ICTFC 17/18

    With Vigur's departure and then the news that Meghan Markle's father is not coming to the Royal wedding I am totally feckin devastated, my pillow was absolutely soaking this morning.
  12. ICTFC 17/18

    Now there's a feckin surprise.
  13. ICTFC 17/18

    Hopefully Vigurs will bring as much luck as Draper, McKay and Tansey did to you.
  14. ICTFC 17/18

    Hastings was one of the hardest working pro's I've seen with us, hopefully his son will be a chip off the old block.
  15. Lucky Billy McKay

    It'll be interesting to see where Ross Draper moves to next season as he's on a McKay roll with two consecutive relegations with two separate teams.