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  1. ICTFC 17/18

    Hughes for the County job?
  2. ICTFC 17/18

    It's been well documented, and he is always keen to remind the media, that John Robertson didn't apply for the Caley job, without going into details and by all accounts, which could possibly be true, it was a political appointment in the sense that apparently one financially influential man wanted him to get the job. Robertson's last managerial appointment was with East Fife 5 years ago. Excuses have been made to the effect, and I have used them, that he came in late and had a limited budget, however he signed a few duds. Since getting the job his record is abysmal, in plain speak utter shite. The fans are 100% behind him.
  3. ICTFC 17/18

    Uncle Roy doesn't feck about, a run of defeats and the Manager and his assistant are run off, wish we had that sort of hardness at ICT.
  4. Inverness v Queens

    Given our last few results and especially after saturday's debacle I would be very surprised if we even took a point from this game.
  5. Dumbarton v I.C.T 23/9/17

    We can now sing the Tartan Army anthem 'We're shite and we know we are'' with confidence as it's the only surety left.
  6. ICTFC 17/18

    After today's dire performance it's clear in my mind that the club is rotten and dysfunctional from top to bottom. We have a manager who never applied for the job and with limited funds on a hurry up he signed losers. We have a board that puts more effort and emphasis on chasing wee daft boys which in turn affects and influences possible future fans. We have recent appointments at the club of past employees of one man. And to top it all we are now looking at dwindling attendances. If I was of a perverse nature I could be persuaded that someone is running the club into the ground, but I'm not that type of person and prefer to view this shambles as total and ineffectual mismanagement. Something needs to be done now, but you know what? feck all will be done and we will carry on with this shite.
  7. Dumbarton v I.C.T 23/9/17

    Spot on, hope it's not a wee ripper of a wet one.
  8. Dumbarton v I.C.T 23/9/17

    Thanks for that, I wasn't a 100% sure.
  9. Dumbarton v I.C.T 23/9/17

    Time you had yer Spiderman Jammies on and away tae bed tae play wi your feckin self.
  10. Dumbarton v I.C.T 23/9/17

    I had a 30 minute delay from the bridge M8 one mile sign until I made the A82 going to the game as the better half wanted to shop at Braeheed. As a wee btw I had never turned off before to Dumbfartin at the lights but used to carry straight on, correct me if I'm wrong but wasn't the garage right at the lights used to be called the Dumbuck Garage and was owned by Jackie Stewarts dad who in turn financed Jackie's early foray's into racing? One very wet and windy december night I ran those lights at red and immediately had the blues and two's on my tail, expensive gaff for me.
  11. Dumbarton v I.C.T 23/9/17

    An absolute disgrace of a second half where a part time team ripped us apart and made us look like a bottom Highland League team, if that, Vigurs and Polworth should hang their heads in feckin shame by their puerile performance today and Oakley is definately not up to snuff, he was shite and we can't afford him any more games. There were many more culprits but these three were the standouts. For a team that only trains on Tuesday and Thursday evenings they hustled and bustled us and many times easily beat us to the ball, their pace, game play and fitness was a credit to the coaching staff. Forget sendings off and fouls against us as we absolutely deserved all we got. And yes their No 20 Foxylias was outstanding and probably won't be there after January. Wardrop is although worth a mention but overall it was team performance from Dumbfartin.
  12. Dumbarton v I.C.T 23/9/17

    Okeydokey, sounds as if there could be longer delays tomorrow on the bridge sadly so I will stay round about Byers road area, maybe the Grosvenor at the top then head out the GWR which I'm more familiar with, how's the parking at the ground?
  13. Dumbarton v I.C.T 23/9/17

    How long are the delays on the Erskine bridge? For some games in the central belt I stay in the Crowne Plaza which is real easy for accessing the M8, as I would be using the bridge tomorrow I would imagine the delays might be prolonged?? Would I be better hoteling in town and use the Great Western Road?
  14. The BBC (Scotland)

    My mistake, the BBC has made £500 million in the last decade from licencing strictly. Top Gear rakes in £50 million. It is known for its clumsy newsreaders and preening soap stars, but Strictly Come Dancing has become one of the greatest money-spinners in the history of the BBC. The Mail on Sunday has established that the Saturday night favourite has raked in a staggering half a billion pounds for the Corporation in the decade since it first aired. Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-3328776/Strictly-coining-BBC-waltzed-500million-selling-star-50-countries-versions-lot-racier-British-original.html#ixzz4tG3KKXrL Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook