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  1. ICTFC v Crusaders

    This team are no mugs with a decent history, according to stats they play in an all seater stadium on a synthetic pitch, they beat Cove Rangers, Motherwell and Dundee United to get to the semi's. They have been active in European competitions since 1967 and in more recent times since 2009 up to this season they have played every year in either the Champions or Europa Leagues, so even semi pro they will be tough opponents, the only thing in our favour is that they have to travel to us but considering their European foray's that might not be a big deal to them.
  2. ICTFC 17/18

    Raven has been a great servant to the club and it would be sad to see him go but we move on and the ship is mightier than the crew.
  3. Challenge Cup 2017-18

    Doubt that.
  4. Challenge Cup 2017-18

    The whole feckin concept this year is a feckin total shambles.
  5. Inbhir Nis v An Eaglais Bhreac

    And according to the Livi fans on here Coll is shite. Thank goodness for him on Saturday with that clearance off the line.
  6. ICTFC 17/18

    What's happening with Nick Ross? I thought we might have seen him on the bench last night.
  7. Inbhir Nis v An Eaglais Bhreac

    Not a bad game, some end to end stuff at times and then it would get bogged down in midfield, we were lucky with Donaldson's clearance off the line as if that had went in we could have been struggling. Good to see Cooper getting a start with Mulraney away in some international diving competition, plus his performance on Wednesday probably helped with his selection, however he didn't repeat it and was subbed. We were obviously the better team in the second half and with poor Falkirk defending Bell struck a cool ball for the goal. Ridgers had I thought a good game and kept his box well. All in all a deserved win but an anxious finish with that 5 min injury time. Disappointed with the low local turn out for a cup game, there's no way I could watch it on ALBA with a foreign commentary, it would be like fecking a blow up doll as you can't beat the real thing can you, no comebacks please on me fecking a blow up! Surprised to see some earlier Falkirk posters having a go at Harris as along with Hippolyte I thought he was one of their better players, and I was surprised to see Peter Grant benched? Bawface Fartley will need to get Jimmy Nicholl back soon.
  8. Inbhir Nis v An Eaglais Bhreac

    Is he attending an international Irish Diving Competition? I'm sure he would be brill off the 10 metre board.
  9. Inbhir Nis v An Eaglais Bhreac

    How dare you address me in the familiar.
  10. ICTFC 17/18

    Totally agree with that, Baird especially just buzzes about the park trying to shake off defenders, Bell I like, he's young and ambitious and always goes for goal. And where the feck is the striker Zschusschen since July? is he injured or has he moved on/loaned out? or is he up in Lapland helping Santa out.
  11. Inbhir Nis v An Eaglais Bhreac

    Got Ladbrokes odds and I think for the first time this season, against a championship team, we're favourites at evens with Falkirk 2/1 against. Wee Hartley will be up for this one. As a BTW I see the New Saints are quoted at 10/11 odds on with QOS at 9/4 against. All four Quarter Final FT draws are tasty at 12/5.
  12. ICTFC 17/18

    We're all entitled to our opinions, you have your's possibly based on sentiment from Billy's 2011-2015 time with us and believe me I was a big fan of his then. BUT, Billy was signed by Wigan in 2015 and did not score in that season, he was then loaned to Oldham for the 2016 - 2017 season and again failed to score, Wigan then released him on a free. In July 2017 he signed for Ross County and as you saw last night strikers for them receive great service from the midfield, and yet in the 13 games Ross County have played so far this season Billy has only played in three of the 13 so it would seem that the coaches at RC are seeing problems in training. So if the board and Robertson were to look at signing him they would have to look at those same stats plus what he gave us in the latter half of last season. Your wish may be granted if RC loan him to us on a vastly reduced loan fee and I really would want him to do well but I have my real doubts as to his ability to score nowadays.
  13. ICTFC 17/18

    And how many times did we see that last season? Looking at his stats he had his best period from 2011 - 2015 with us when he made 121 Appearances and scored 54 goals. Since then he has had 80 appearances with various teams and scored 16 goals, which to my thinking does suggest he peaked with us. From the start of the 2016 season to now he has scored four goals There is no doubt that we need a striker but for me Billy is not the answer
  14. ICTFC 17/18

    Cooper tonight played a very good game and got injured late in the game and was subbed, on what he did tonight and if the injury isn't too bad he deserves a bench. Good to see Nick Ross back and I'm sure he will be offered terms on tonight's performance though maybe due to lack of games he wasn't as sharp as I've seen him in the past. Doran looked good and got our second goal, he was playing wholly in midfield though I like to see him on the wing, but Robertson had Elbouzedi on the left and Cooper on the right wing, Elbouzedi was great in the first half with some lovely runs and moves and Calder linked well with him but he faded in the second and was subbed with Daniel Mackay. Andy Macrae got a run out with five minutes to go and for the life of me I don't why he's playing for Forres when he should be on the bench. All in all it was a good open game regardless of the score, our passing in the main was good though a couple of their goals was down to poor defending on our part. We packed our end with I would say around the 500 mark, maybe more, and it was absolutely great to have the boys back who were in great voice throughout the match and noised up Davies who reacted to it.. Best man on the park for me was Schalk, that little fecker is sharp. Goalless Billy Mackay continued to show his goal scoring ability for Ross County much as he did for us in the latter half of last season, I reckon he'll be gone by January, hopefully not to us.
  15. Inbhir Nis v An Eaglais Bhreac

    Can't seem to find the odds on Ladbrokes or Hills as yet, I predicted a Livi draw and did well on that one Llast week so if you find the odds let me know. What is the QF format in the event of a FT draw?