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  1. Where did guess the everyday object thread go?
  2. Ha! If only. Thankfully I barely ever go as I'm in fairly healthy shape. However there was a time I had a lot of mental health issues and you could see the "bullshit" thoughts in their face every time I went. Absolute c***s, should have showed them the self harm scars.
  3. No Reilly on that list?
  4. I take exception to this.
  5. The one who has a wash the night before?
  6. I hate receptionists who think they're qualified to give an opinion. FCK off ye old boot, I'll tell all my medical concerns to the actual GP, not some gossiping Widnae.
  7. No you won't!
  8. I haven't smoked cannabis for years now. Glad too, didn't do me any favours mentally at the time but no problem anyone else smoking it. As long as they're not bothering anyone, which normally isn't the case.
  9. If you picked up 10p a day you'd have £36.50 each Hogmanay for a few drinks.
  10. Yaaaaaasssss let's get this party started
  11. It's all the choobs that simply have to be seem with their Costa or Starfucks in their hand. Uni was full of these wankers too including some lecturers.
  12. Loving the boab perhaps.
  13. Nothing. Ever again.
  14. Morton, the very definition of Diddy club.