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  1. Van Der Gaag
  2. It only takes Nat Wedderburn To fall in love To faaall in loooove
  3. I can't get Words by Boyzone out my head, not even listened to it in years. Was belting it out in the car this morning.
  4. Is it just me or does there seem to be a major lack of available signings?, or at least many that are widely known? I'm conscious this is more of a feeling than based on fact. Seems to be the summer of Shankland roulette, who's going to cave in and snap him up (or vice versa) in desperation? Think he'll end up here or Falkirk.
  5. I can't recall whole dreams mostly, but two nights ago I survived a nuclear apocalypse in Switzerland and last night I man handled a strange, fierce dog from the home I grew up in trying to get at my own dog. It ended up getting a red card from its owner who was looking for it. Then I settled down to watch Scotland v Norway, we were one up when I woke up. I think McFadden scored.
  6. I made a quick stop at Asda last night and although no eating wankers, the clientele wasn't up to much.
  7. [emoji1] best thing on here since Tony.
  8. You can go f**k off to the hairdressers queue ya bandy scrotum.
  9. Milk milk lemonade around the corner fudge is made.
  10. There are things that we'll simply never be able to comprehend.
  11. Nah, Fez needs a loan move more.
  12. I agree. With Wighton as back up you have the strikers you need.
  13. Absolutely. As I twiddle my evil moustache.
  14. What about that Aaron Splaine though eh?