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  1. Going back to Dumbarton's board, if it's the same chairman as 4/5 years ago he's an arrogant, fat piss head who has car too much of the "I'm important, I'm a c**t" about him. The rest of the board seem reasonable as did Ian Murray.
  2. 7-10 are clearly the pinnacle of the whole franchise. Everything before was decent and after has been utter pish. 8 continues to be my favourite.
  3. Someone's family I have no doubt.
  4. Also are we still hating Aird? If yes, good.
  5. Definitely. He's versatile in that respect although if he ever wants to cement down a place permanently, he needs to show improvement when given a chance. And keep his hands bloody down.
  6. Hiya Falkirk [emoji1] [emoji1]
  7. Well this has certainly been a week I've enjoyed catching up on. Falkirk [emoji1]
  8. Hopefully Aird to Falkirk, too.
  9. Was that when Crawford was sent off for slipping on the wet pitch?
  10. And turn their heating up full blast.
  11. Another 2 weeks of writing off league results, but we'll pump Arbroath at least.
  12. Jaime take the black? Stranger things have happened, never considered that. Always thought he'd be around KL with Cersei and involved in her potential death.
  13. We don't pay nae c**t [emoji1]
  14. The lassie who won is a total Wid.