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  1. Harkins is a skillfull footballer..I think most recognise the fact...however...age is obviously catching up with him.
  2. Imagine you were sat in your usual Visitor Seat in the Stand....if you looked straight across the park at the Cowshed...that's were you will be.
  3. .....Indeed Master.
  4. Well there you have there nowhere trustworthy to purchase a car from these days?.......shocking!
  5. That enuff?...happy to add a few more.
  6. I see our very own linesman (he'll hate that) Wee Doogie Ross is rumoured to be giving up his 'day job' (one of them) and standing for Westminster against Angus Robertson....again (you'd think Murdo Fraser would have had a word wae hapless Doogie and pointed at his own unremitting failure (7) to win a first past the post vote).....but hey ho.
  7. Yep...that's our Nizzy (he'll pick yer other fullback's pocket as well).
  8. Congratulations on winning The Championship Hibees.....don't take any pish from the sheep-shaggers ...we played them in October remember and we have played you guys 4 money is on The of luck!
  9. Which is NOT an item of concern with your new it John.
  10. Yes....I was in Barcelona on business.
  11. I could take that from an Arab since they've played (and won) there...but from a supporter of a rudderless ramshackle mob such as your lot...?
  12. My sAT
  13. OK you don't hope fpr Geenock are not a Greenock Morton Supporter.
  14. Speak......I'm all ears Scosha.