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  1. you really ARE a sad wee man.
  2. It must....seeing as you are a unicellular frustrating.....not to be able to crawl under stones...they must be heavy I suppose...for a unicellular entity.
  3. Y' COULD pay me a very large amount of money NOT to share this on virtually every social media outlet available...but then again..nah...I'm gonna enjoy your excrutiating humiliation.
  4. Keep the faith Kenny131...our day is coming.
  5. Lex is a bell-end buddie....that should speak for itself.
  6. Don't think you mean that.
  7. First thing I thought to myself when I saw the teamsheet was ...'thank f**k Hanley's not playing!'
  8. How do you think Gordon and Armstrong are feeling right I feel pretty sick for them too...its not as if they deliberately fucked up.
  9. Leigh Griffiths ...take a bow son....had we held on for 2 mins...your place as a Scottish legend was assured.You played your part.Well done.
  10. Tonight on Peter and Roughie..during the playoffs...Alan Rough said..'Declan McManus should be looking to move to the next level'.
  11. I still think a pro footballer should score from a penalty kick...irrespective of whether a full back/centre back/mid..etc.,
  12. Center half...I assume you are American?
  13. I concur.
  14. Hughes gone.....punted or did he walk?
  15. Don't start thinking Utd are any great shakes because they arsed us 3-0 last night...they're not.We were blowin out our collective proverbials last night and Utd deserved to win.I fully expect Falkirk to progress.They are a better team.