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  1. The Official SNP Deputy Leadership Thread

    Simply that I agree with the FM that no decision re. INDYREF2 should be made before all the terms (or none ) are understood.I DO agree with you,however, that in any event, we cannot let the current mandate expire (as per Pete Wishart) when there is no guarantee we will secure a majority..or even support from the Greens @ 2021 elections. Never forget..the YES Campaign started at 28% and concluded at 45%....YES is solid @45% despite the Panelbase poll..I suspect you know that.SO....what a fantastic platform we kick-on from......whats not to like?
  2. The Official SNP Deputy Leadership Thread

    Well thank goodness Bob (no offence Bob) isn't one of Nicola's SPAD's.
  3. The Official SNP Deputy Leadership Thread

    I concur and whats more..people will wonder why on earth we haven't pursued the mandate already secured but as regards exactly when...FM stated quite clearly 'once Brexit terms have/have not been agreed' so that the SG are in full possession of the terms of the deal.
  4. To quote a famous Greenock chap..." I DONT BELIEVE IT!! "
  5. .....and Scotland have scored!
  6. Get in there John Baird!!!!
  7. Goal Morton...Gary Fraser.
  8. WTF!!! Tiffoney for Tidser?
  9. Gaston injured I assume.
  10. When will indyref2 happen?

    Like I said......that Panelbase poll is purely on voter preference regarding the timing of a second referendum. Not voting intentions.
  11. When will indyref2 happen?

    The clown probably doesn't even realise this poll (commissioned by the Times) was purely about the TIMING of the next Indyref....not voting intention. i.e......42% want a vote in or around 12 months time ( 25% after Brexit negotiations are concluded and 17% during Brexit negotiations. Interestingly.. there is no option available anyone minded to go for a vote in 2/3 years time and given this scenario its more than likely these people would have voted against the early options available.
  12. Get in Rickie Lamie!!!