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  1. There were no ' emphasies' on that post Ayrshire.....don't think he realised...
  2. Terrors are gonnae ram-raid you spoon-burners.
  3. Hiya EasyJet...hiya son!
  4. Indeed you did and indeed we are motivated.
  5. yourself both in cash and grief terms....Ton are looking for you guys.
  6. LOCATION: East of Glendick.
  7. What was the consensus of opinion on that?....I cant remember Rhys McCabe (no offence Rhys) but I do remember Josh.
  8. So Pars...whatever happened to Josh Falkingham?...I really rated him.
  9. The standard of refereeing is rapidly becoming a repetitive theme .The skunks are going doolally as well.
  10. No...but something tells me you're going to enlighten me Iain..
  11. ...and I'll back you up Bairnardo.Shandon is no racist.
  12. Make sure you wind up EasyJet (Stelios) next week.He cant help himself.Loves throwing a 'wobbly' out the pram stuff.Joyous to behold.
  13. Actually...I call that foreplay