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  1. Talbot v Rob Roy 18th Nov.

    Well,if the best footballing team in the league win on Saturday, some,and I mean some, may lift and eyebrow in surprise.
  2. Talbot v Rob Roy 18th Nov.

    Not all the Robroy guys will be there. ☺
  3. War of the Roses

    A.M. will not quote and have all your photos again.I have never seen such showboating since the Talbot treble winning team in the 80s.lol. Every time I see the park i think of Butch? ☺ Keep up the good work,keep it real.
  4. Talbot v Rob Roy 18th Nov.

    The lour of a game with Talbot has certainly pulled you out from under your stone. ha.☺
  5. stranger

    A Ken his face ! But where's he from?
  6. Talbot v Rob Roy 18th Nov.

    It's all about an individuals opinion. Could all members please have their posts verified and approved by the above poster before posting,thanks.☺
  7. Darvel Juniors 2017/18

    It does exactly what it says on the skin!
  8. Central Sectional Cup final

    It was a double dunt.Was aware of fishermen getting up to this malarkey but this is a first for footballers.
  9. Central Sectional Cup final

    I take it that they shit in the urinal...erm...the nest?
  10. Scottish Rnd 3

    90+15+pens? Lol Can lightning strike twice.?
  11. Auchinleck Vs Cumnock

    Good to see a pre match thread started before a ball is kicked.Previously these threads were commonly started about midweek before a game and lasted till a few days after it.Would be good to see more of them every week. Mon The Talbot
  12. Choose Juniors

    Death traps is a bit ambitious. you were going great guns up n till then.
  13. Sorry,no can do.Bought a 10 x 8 from tiger sheds last year but that is as far as it goes. Isa's yer man.
  14. Choose Juniors

    One club at one game put up one banner. (They will get what's coming) One post and you have banners and gloating committee men at at every ground in the shire.fuckin drama queen.
  15. Goals, & gossip. Saturday 07 Oct.

    Was there ANY extra time played at all!