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  1. Talbot v Lochee Lochee v Talbot

    Nervy,bricking it! Al scoot roon an ask him shall I?
  2. Usually nervy affairs for both teams and games not living up to expectations.You will be bricking it thou for 180 minutes.
  3. Scottish Cup Semi Draw

    Nothing new here it's been happening for over 30 years.Lets sign some senior players to win the junior cup.
  4. Scottish Cup Semi Draw

    If Lochee meet Hurlford in the final and it's in Killie.Two hours doon the road for some fans.Two minutes for others.Then we'll get the war cry. It's the only pitch available routine.
  5. Scottish Cup Semi Draw

    Aye,your probably right.If any Ayrshire side is lucky enough to be in it.
  6. Junior football, what is the future?

    Erm.......Congratulations........ !!!! A think.
  7. Scottish Cup Semi Draw

    An all Ayrshire final at Somerset would be an even more people's final.
  8. Too many to mention but good going for a mediocre team lol. I guess the board will be about 10 feet x 4 feet.
  9. Auchinleck Talbot.Scotland's most non progressive, mediocre wee diddy team ever to grace the junior scene. There's been a lot of collateral damage done on the way to having the biggest honours board in our grade,but hayho keep the derogery comments comming.I take them all as back handed compliments. Sticks,stones,names. I aint hurting.
  10. There certainly seems to be a lot of fake news doing the rounds,allegedly.
  11. Junior football, what is the future?

    I am pretty sure it will happen in the West also.The small fact that there isn't a W.o.s.l. is getting in the way.Things can change and change rapidly.We will just have to wait and see.
  12. Bankies nxt season

    You asked for 2 links to this game then don't care enough to Google it? Your all over the place.Get a grip,and shut the door when you go out.
  13. Bankies nxt season

    And the Scotsman