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  1. Killie vs Hibs

    This will be our toughest test in the run into the split. Killie have been very good at home while our away form has been strong all season. Killie should’ve scored at least once against us last time at Rugby Park and we could’ve had a couple more too. Going for an entertaining 2-2 draw for this.
  2. Dat foul count Bob
  3. Big Daz absolutely flattened GMS. I, for one, was extremely aroused by this happening.
  4. Dylan McGeough is a quality player at this level, as shown again today. Would be gutted to see him leave for Aberdeen at the end of the season.
  5. All things Dundee FC

    Si Murray is the fucking boy, eh lads? Cheers for letting us have Scotty Allan too. What a relationship this is. HiDees 4 ever x
  6. Stevenson and Ambrose stroll it to a clean sheet against the inferior McGinn and GMS. Lovely.
  7. Big Efe, slippers on, cigar out. What a man. Sure showed me I was wrong.
  8. Well that was fun. Scott Allan is absolutely fucking brilliant.
  9. Staggies v Jambos

    The Ross County Souttar is absolutely pish. Him and Fontaine are all over the place.
  10. Efe Ambrose is going to play right back up against GMS again, isnt he?
  11. Looking like it’ll be a good crowd at this. We’ve got to be a whole lot better than we were at Aberdeen. GMS up against Ambrose or even a returning Whittaker would most definitely end in a pumping for us. Aberdeen are probably the best side I’ve seen us play this season.
  12. Craig Levein

    I said f**k all about Hibs. Although tbf, everyone knows we play some of the best passing football in Scotland, maybe even Britain. I was merely pointing out the fact that Hearts are a team of cloggers and the patter that wee Craig is coming out with recently is all the funnier because of it.
  13. Craig Levein

    Craig Levein has turned into a right good laugh. He’s quite clearly at the wind up. His own team are absolute hammer throwers and he’s playing it rather well.
  14. The absolute w**k that I think is still the announcer at Hibs playing actual crowd chants over the tannoy just before extra time/ the penalties vs Accies in the playoff. Glad we got relegated after that, tbh.
  15. “Sometimes maybe it’s a good thing if you lose an early goal because it takes away the threat of conceding, because you have conceded”