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  1. 2mins 30 secs to see our supposed next signing absolutely burn it down the line before making Andrew Robertson look very silly with a WORLD CLASS chop back inside. Also sets up their goal. #baller status confirmed IMO.
  2. Sounds like Stokes isn't quite the done deal we'd hoped it would be. Last night showed that we 100% need a proper goalscorer. Murray works hard but is pretty useless with the ball, same goes for Boyle. Graham will be replaced by big Davy and Shaw is entirely untested at this level. Itll be interesting to see how this other Lith midfielder comes into the equation as well and who he'll get a game in front of.
  3. You were up against Martin Boyle, Simon Murray and Brian Graham. Simmer down.
  4. A sexy Scottish cup winning thug, m9.
  5. Martin Boyles end product is horrendous.
  6. We currently have Brian Graham playing up front. Give us a break.
  7. Ambrose and McGregor at centre half so far tonight...
  8. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vykintas_Slivka This is apparently the guy.
  9. Another Lith joining? We trying to become the yams?!? Lololololol amirite? Lennon also says we've made Stokes a very, very good offer.
  10. It'll be an absolute fucker if we don't get him now. I agree with HB's post, it doesn't matter if we sign him and he does f**k all for the season. I just want to see him run out at Ibrox and goad some ****.
  11. https://www.rovers.co.uk/news/2017/july/anthony-stokes-departs/#.WXHhRyU48cw.twitter IS IT ON?!
  12. https://stv.tv/amp/1393964-kris-commons-reveals-he-is-close-to-rejoining-hibernian/ He certainly doesn't sound convinced that he'll play again.