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  1. We weren't brilliant against Falkirk but found a way to win. Our record against teams in the top half is decent but its another midweek game which we've been fairly useless in minus cup games. I'd go with largely the same team as Saturday, Graham in for Holt, McGinn in for Shinnie and Marciano back in goals. Morton have some quick attacking players and might exploit us on the counter the same way Dunfermline did while Efe is still due his big f**k up. Won't be an easy game, any sort of win will do. A draw isn't a disaster either but i'd rather we got the league wrapped up asap.
  2. Looks like we'll be getting a unique kit instead of the Nike template pish which is good.
  3. Macron making our kits for the next three years http://www.hibernianfc.co.uk/news/7420
  4. We need a much better squad next season. From the players that are out of contract I'd only keep three (Bartley, McGregor and Stevenson) while I'd hope we'd hold onto Cummings and McGinn for one more season although that might not be viable if someone comes in with ridiculous money. Boys like Keatings/Holt/Boyle aren't good enough for the step up.
  5. See Houston has come out and said we didn't deserve to win. Mind when Stubbs said the same thing and he lost his fucking mind? He should probably concentrate on working on his teams ability to defend cross balls then they might win a game or two against us...
  6. Why are Falkirk fans getting upset about their team being rightly called out as a bunch of cloggers? It's the truth. From the first minute yesterday Falkirk kicked us off the park. Only the most deluded Houstie fanboy would fail to see this.
  7. Seen a fair few get themselves wound up about our use of emergency loans after today's game. Glorious stuff.
  8. Aye, fucked it. Our first goal. Some whip for Efe to knock it in.
  9. I gave Keatings an absolute pasting after last week but fair play, some goal from him. Also a brilliant ball in for the first goal.
  10. Luck is what Falkirk got for their equaliser. The better team actually won in this fixture at ER for a change.
  11. Here i'd chuck Boozy in for McGinn the day. He'd still run rings round boys like Mark Kerr even at his age and weight.
  12. Decapitate Andreu and St Mirren will win. He's the only player of quality that United have. To think they were all raving about boys like "The Edge" and Willo Flood