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  1. Edinburgh Cup Derby 2018

    Make the yams think they’ve got a chance by giving them a draw at Tynie. Take them back to ER under the lights and give them a seeing to. Standard.
  2. Football Manager 2018

    Got a transfer budget of about 4 million and had about 20k a week to spare on wages with Hibs at the start of my third season. This takeover stuff is decent. Signed a good few players, Boyata on a free transfer and an Egyptian regen being the highlights. Also signed a 35 year old Robinho as a last resort back up striker and he scored on his debut. Scenes everywhere.
  3. Bartley and McGinn as a two in midfield is absolutely brutal and needs to get directly in the bin. Sounds like we would’ve been extremely lucky to sneak a draw tbf. At least we’ve not lost any ground on those around us.
  4. Football Manager 2018

    Got taken over by a random consortium in the second season of my Hibs save. Didn’t get ridiculous cash to spend but they have increased the budget. Allowed me to get in Ryan Christie on a pre contract (bought early for 300k) along with Cammy Kerr and Greg Taylor. Can’t get anywhere near Celtc, been pumped by them in every game so far.
  5. Murray and Stokes up front. Boyle and Barker our wide. Ooft.
  6. I’m utterly convinced St Johnstone will score. They’ll then park the bus and win. Absolute NAP.
  7. Main memory of him playing for us would be at Ibrox when we pumped the **** shree zip (obviously) and he got one. Could be some player on his day. Hope he manages to battle through.
  8. Football Manager 2018

    Signed Lewis Morgan and got Oli McBurnie on loan for Hibs. Going well so far, sitting 3rd with Rangers and Celtc above. The **** have been unstoppable in my save so far.
  9. They’ve gone full *** with that statement. Minter.
  10. St Johnstone will score, we’re nice like that.
  11. I’ve obviously seen enough to form the same opinion as yourself. As for Boyle, here’s a wild thought...he might have actually improved himself as a player since leaving Dundee.
  12. Imagine not wanting Martin Boyle when your club employs Randy Wolters as a professional football player
  13. Hibernian v Dundee

    Wee *** McCann absolutely raging. This is a glorious day.
  14. Hibernian v Dundee

    Marciano is the best keeper we’ve had for a very long time. He has the odd dodgy moment (as do most) but he’s been class since he came back into the side.