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  1. I see we’re at the stage where Paulo starts posting his fantasy Hearts line ups for next season
  2. God of War

    I’ve pre-ordered but with Game. Looks like Amazon and Sony have had a falling out. This does look an outstanding game and the reviews certainly back it up. Really looking forward to it.
  3. Some papers saying we are interested in Kenny Miller. I’d say it’s a load of pish but we all know how Lennon seems to have a thing for ageing strikers that don’t score. Let’s hope this one ends up the same way that Heskey did.
  4. Sol Bamba roaming about in defensive midfield in a Hibs jersey
  5. “...massive club like Rangers is a big step with concomitant risk.” They weren’t wrong about that risk, were they?
  6. Andy Walker is not a happy *** and that makes me extremely aroused tbqh.
  7. McCrorie was so obviously out of his depth in defence. Not surprised to see him off. Here comes big Bruno as well edit: Every *** that gets hooked is so raging at the management staff. It’s beautiful.
  8. Andy Halliday Murty has absolutely ruined him there and hooked him right before half time. Dont worry though. I’m sure he’s still got it all under control like he did two years ago...
  9. Aberdeen bottling it in a big game? Surely not?!
  10. I like how the thread starts with someone suggesting we are desperate for a rivalry with the **** before it descends into a tirade of abuse and hatred about Hibernian. They fucking hate us and it’s ever so beautiful.
  11. Dylan McGeough has been our best/most consistent performer. McGinn, Boyle and Hanlon also worthy of a mention.
  12. Ross County vs Hibs

    Flattering to deceive as usual. Typical Hibs.
  13. Ross County vs Hibs

    We’ve achieved our highest pre split points total since 2001. Neil Lennon has done a great job this season, only thing to improve on is the high number of draws we’ve had.