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  1. f**k off Throbber. Even you're not this much of a c**t.
  2. Big nasty people

    Was that before or after his difficult 2nd album?
  3. Big nasty people

    Mein Kampf.......although that was more of an audiobook TBF.
  4. Reasons to be Cheerful

    Wait til you try mushroom tempura.....
  5. Have you been out in the midday sun again?
  6. Good work! Everyone loses weight from different areas of their bodies at different rates I suppose. My chubby cheeks were the last to go!
  7. Not really given I was within touching distance of my desired weight when I had my operation and now resemble a bag of bones.
  8. What are you coming down from? (I'm assuming you are well and trying to lose weight?) Quite ironic that in my case I've been told I look well when my weight loss has been down to illness!
  9. Perhaps you just take things a tad too literally.
  10. Yes. It was an analogy of how much weight I've lost.
  11. After losing so much weigh recently I finally got round to buying some new clothes today. I've gone from a 35 inch waist to a 31 inch waist............felt like Tom Hanks in Philadelphia!
  12. Big nasty people

    Tell that to the Ukrainians.......
  13. Boxing Thread

    Absolute state of this!
  14. Lucky you indeed! I've only stood in the Stretford end at OT and the Leazes (sp) end at Newcastle in England. None compare to that night in the Shed at Tannadice when Gallacher lobbed the Barcelona keeper though. Absolute scenes!
  15. Pregnancy And Parenting

    Thanks mate. Appreciated. Still just taking it one step at a time. Long road.