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  1. I put Stuart McCall on his arse when going into the changing rooms at Dunkeld House Hotel back in May 1998. He was pretty sound to be honest and was laughing his head off as I helped him up! I wiped the smile off his face when I told him I hoped Hearts beat them in the upcoming cup final.....which they duly did!
  2. Why should you care? It was just the holding company vehicle. The Club & 145 years of unbroken history remains intact doesn't it?
  3. Wasn't me but remember walking down the Kings road in London back in 1998 when Tim Henman came walking out a of a shop. A lad behind me shouted "Tim Henman!".......which the smile on his face suggested he was delighted at being recognised......but the "what a w****r!" that immediately followed it nearly brought him to tears.
  4. I was there that night Rozalla played in Perth. 1991 I think at shenanigans....was called something different then though.
  5. Not recently in fairness to them.
  6. Would you rather your Club only got half the roseburn stand?
  7. Whyte wasn't duped either. SDM sought him out to take Rangers into admin.
  8. Exactly, Craig Whyte was given a heroes welcome off the back of that Daily Record article. ETA: look at the pish they came out with when King took over......and you lot bought it all over again.
  9. self inflected most would say.
  10. Perhaps if they'd kept you informed about what was really going on at Rangers back then instead of feeding you puff pieces the fans might have been able to unite and save your Club.
  11. Just you stick to believing whatever Keith Jackson tells you about your Club, Bennett.
  12. who makes this pish up!
  13. Not sure I'd be comfortable drinking from the P&B "fountain of knowledge" in all honesty.....probably end up with legionaries disease!
  14. Could have sworn I read that they went out on penalties! I'm going fucking senile in my old age!
  15. Aren't Lyon out?