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  1. No problem. The c**t belongs in a bygone era!
  2. He was married to my ex boss' auntie.......there's nothing "supposed" about these links. Turns out the model he ran off with was the secretary on the section of the BRP I worked on.....small world eh?!
  3. I worked for a company that gave the staff 3 "duvet days" per year.....basically if you couldn't be fucked going in you'd get paid for it. The MD was a complete and utter charlatan which I pointed out to him and the Directors on my exit interview. They went out of business voluntarily 18 months later as it was cheaper than buying out a contract he had signed them up for!
  4. Just imagine having Magee as your son-in-law? Fucking hell!
  5. I was living in London when Diana died. You couldn't fucking move for the grief merchants for about 2 weeks afterwards.
  6. All vT's self induced coma wanks over on the "St Mirren relegation express" thread will have been for nothing if you guys stay up!
  7. If the 1st team squad couldn't take "a few home truths" from Joey Barton the delicate little flowers won't stand a chance when Bomber Brown let's rip on them!
  8. Far be it for me to white knight Celtic but I'd say that the 66/67 season was pretty perfect a season for them.
  9. is she filling MC Hammers trousers?! Pretty face mind you
  10. Are you sure he's not in the Aberdeen University Comedy Club and this is just his "humor"? i had the misfortune of seeing them at the Edinburgh festival a couple of years ago where the barman got the only laugh of the whole gig when suggesting he called an ambulance as they were dying on their arse. One of the female "comedians" walked off the stage in tears........I say misfortune it was actually pretty funny in a tragic way!
  11. vT enjoying his best Saturday night ever by the looks of it!
  12. Civil engineer actually. I'm an English teacher by default in I grew up speaking the language and Japan is desperate for native English speakers! Apparently the Grammar is the best school in Perth these days but was definitely the worst when we were there! I thought you came from the double dykes?!
  13. The iced coffees from the convenience stores are a must to try in the hot summer months too. ETA - be careful when buying ice cream. Just because it's green doesn't mean it's mint's probably green tea flavour! Same with brown as there's a good chance that's red bean paste flavour!
  14. I know he's dead but the guy wasn't fictional!
  15. Must be interfering with their crack intake......