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  1. borrow @Bigmouth Strikes Again's cat.
  2. I recently read about a study in South Korea where they've developed a strain of the food poisoning bug (about a millionth of its normal strength) as they've discovered that it attacks bowel cancer cells and flags them up to the body's natural immune system for it to attack. The trials carried out on mice were very successful. There's also trials ongoing into using brain eating parasites to attack brain tumours!
  3. Fair point. Cowdenbeath gonna Cowden though.
  4. Not strictly true. Cowdenbeath have 6 points from their last 9 games whereas Clyde on have 2 points to show for their last 9 games.
  5. you get chatted up on the nightshift down Haymarket by a couple of spacehoppers, Bobby?
  6. what were you doing in a morgue, Jimmy?
  7. Thanks. Had he suffered a lot of concussions during his career?
  8. I see no cause given for his death. Seems to be happening more and more to sports players. Is there long term effect to the suppliments/TUES they're taking? Or am I just being a bit too cynical?!
  9. Obvious alias, obvious. Which one though?
  10. Quite an angry man is this Andreas Kelevra bloke eh?
  11. Bennett really is a pointless Posters on here. Always plays the man and not the ball then runs away when challenged in the debate. I wonder if he's ever been in the dock in Court? That would be a sight!
  12. Didn't you get through a 24 can slab on your own in one sitting?
  13. SuperMik 8 Ace should be everyones go to man for drinking advice on here. There's not much that pisstank doesn't know about off licences or beer tbf
  14. Throbber, if Christina Aguilera showed even the slightest hint of an interest in your wee sock covered boaby you'd have her on the full fat chippy diet quick as a flash.