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  1. Don't be ridiculous Tam. My loyalities were never in doubt plus my Mum & Dad will be there. COYS!
  2. I'm glad you said that as I was starting to doubt myself there.
  3. Aye, whatever you say Kincy. Good luck with that self sustainability
  4. You want to refer to a time (pre 60's) where players salaries were limited by the maximum wage? No wonder your Club was self sustainable back then.
  5. No, you said you want to see your Club return to an era where they were self sustainable. I merely pointed out that this coincided with you rivals most successful period and even the Diddy teams collectively won more league titles than Rangers.
  6. Good luck on Thursday, Saints. Get them pumped.
  7. I've just cancelled my FoH monthly payments as I've just discovered that we can get a brand new Holding Company off the shelf for £50....I feel a right mug!
  8. In fairness, even the Diddy teams won more league titles than Rangers during the pre Minty decades that you aspire to return to. Diddy discourse indeed.
  9. You sure about that Kincy? 1960-1986 League Titles: Celtic - 14 Rangers - 6 Aberdeen - 3 Dundee Utd -1 Dundee - 1 Hearts - 1 Kilmarnock - 1 Let's not forget they won the European Cup and made a 2nd Final a few years later as well as numerous semi finals.
  10. You mean the decades that were Celtics most successful decades?
  11. So is the plan to have one of these "no new money into the Club" share issues every year in order for your Clubs directors get their money back for the soft loans they continually have to provide to keep the lights on through the season? Seems a bit short sighted to me.