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  1. Different road same shit, eh?
  2. I'm calling Boostin Kev alias.
  3. Sakura started the final cycle of chemotherapy yesterday. She's her usual cheerful happy self, always on the go in spite of needing yet more blood and platelet transfusions. Obviously we're keen to get back to a normal life (or as normal as possible) but without trying to sound like old Red being "institutionalised" in Shawshank, but having lived in the hospital since the begining of December last year, you start to feel "safe" in here. Apprehensive about this next step.
  4. Usually involves reconstruction surgery but further complications could involve the sphincter muscles or how it's connected to the vagina/urethra. Is there no support from the Urologist, Pediatrician or Surgeon?
  5. He's certainly desperate for attention at least!
  6. Who the f**k is this Finch road c**t?!
  7. Move on. Helicopter Sunday was exciting and we (sic) need to get back to days like that.....
  8. Pre 1945 - Yes. Post 1945 - No.
  9. So did you guys get your cash back?
  10. Has Tanner the Shanner been sacked then or am I being whooshed?
  11. Precident already set for this I believe. ""Imperfect but eligible" - Move on!
  12. vT: mad shagging university of lifer.
  13. Bennett: Thick and irrelevant B&B dwelling ***.
  14. It's almost as if they live in Jim Traynors parallel universe!