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  1. Jail

    Sounds like a great guy! Prison seems like the best place for him.
  2. Pregnancy And Parenting

    Count yourself lucky. I find myself walking around town singing annoyingly catchy tunes from kids tv programmes in broken Japanese thanks to the drivel my daughter watches!
  3. Jail

    I remember reading about that case in the news. Did you think he was capable of killing someone? We've all met or know people "not right in the head" but how many of them would you genuinely think could kill?
  4. Scotland v Netherlands squad/lineup

    Pittodrie will be at full capacity if @Craig McCulloch Burley is picking the team.....
  5. I think your being generous calling the culprit a "hacker", Bobby. 2 different people or 1 roaming snooper?
  6. Jail

    Worked with an Aussie that spent the weekend in the Bangkok Hilton after he got a bit frantic with a Thai Police Officer instead of a tourist Police Officer about having his passport stolen. Said it was easily the worst experience of his life and that he broke down in tears at the Aussie Consulate upon his release.
  7. So Throbber in Leith but who in the West end?
  8. It also goes completely the opposite way sometimes. I got and continue to receive a great deal of comfort from posting about my daughters illness on the Pregnancy & Parenting Thread. It can be a lot easier to talk about things with anonymous strangers that have no vested emotional attachment.
  9. Have you been making enemies on P&B again, Bobby?!
  10. Sorry to hear the news about your Dad @Tynieness. You'll get through this mate. Gambatte.
  11. Pregnancy And Parenting

    Good luck to her with the Op, mate. Hope it all goes well.
  12. Realistic foreign managers

    You forgot Chinese.....
  13. Realistic foreign managers

    I quite like to idea of MacKay missing out on the Scotland job to a foreigner.... Wonder how he'd take it?
  14. Time for B Teams

    You are aware my post wasn't in any way serious? Or am I missing a double whoosh?!
  15. The coaching badges do need an overhaul. I did mine at Cheshire FA in Northwich and whilst it required more than "just turning up", I was surprised (and disappointed) at how basic it was. Even at Level 3. I was basing football taking presidence due to it being generally accepted as the "National sport" even by the Politians. I get your point though.