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  1. 24 year old adolescents

    The hotel guy's reply was great but I much prefer the response of the guy she asked for freebie lip fillers.
  2. The Great Big Kilmarnock Thread

    Works very hard and does a lot more dirty work than he probably should. Ultimately not a good attacker or midfielder and a very poor winger. Dime a dozen is the phrase that springs to mind. It's a shame as we all love a trier
  3. Best TV theme song

    Cities of Gold Count Duckula Trap Door Dangermouse Supergran is THE best. "She's got more bottle than United Dairies." Quality
  4. The Great Big Kilmarnock Thread

    That's exactly how it works. I heard that guy Lookman was on about 50k a month a Charlton before Everton signed him. True story.
  5. Carillion enters liquidation.

    Dunno what his involvement is but Philip Green is a c**t.
  6. Monster munch

    Free Tazos. Here you go, have a free circle of cardboard. We were easy pleased.
  7. Monster munch

    Slap on plenty of butter
  8. Monster munch

    You chose Beef you fucking pervert. I'll take the distain from people who chose Pickled Onion, not from you.
  9. Monster munch

    Pickled onion and flaming hot mixed together, served in a well fired roll.
  10. Dietary appropriation

    I will not be appropriating tofu any time soon. I saw a rasta drinking Irn Bru. Next time I'll publicly humiliate him. Fucking c**t
  11. Horrific club photos

    If Baggio had been born in Forfar........ doesn't bear thinking about.
  12. John Worboys

    Justice Secretary. What a job. Do f**k all until the media decide what's important, then desperately run along side the bandwagon trying to jump on.
  13. H&M Racist Hoodie

    It is different, vegan's haven't had centuries of oppression....... hopefully they will in the future
  14. H&M Racist Hoodie

    My kid is mixed.; if friends bought her that I'd think it was awesome. Would I buy it for a friend's kid? No. Maybe, if I only saw it on a hanger I might not see the racist element. I don't think that's relevant though, the advert is a total f**k up.
  15. H&M Racist Hoodie

    Choosing to dress your own child in a slogan hoodie and saying it to strange kids in the park isn't really comparable. I'd feed my own daughter a banana but wouldn't go round offering bananas to black kids in the park. Your point is correct, just your example is pish.