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  1. If she doesn't come clean and admit she's just a publicity seeking scumbag she should be jailed. Imagine letting it get to extraditions and court cases.
  2. Best everyday feelings

    Do they check out your loafers then smile?
  3. Favourite MILF Thread

    And knowing she sets the bar low for her husband means we all have a chance
  4. Light meals and snacks

    You never gave us all the details. Whats the actual criteria?
  5. Light meals and snacks

    Fruit salad with yogurt. Homemade soup Meat and veg Fidh and veg Actually, a light, low fat diet is piss easy. f**k off
  6. Best everyday feelings

    I'd still rather go to the pub on a Saturday night. Each to their own though
  7. Best everyday feelings

    Both. TV on and doze in front of it. A scratch at a really itchy ringpiece. The one where your finger goes through the paper but you just dont care.
  8. Best everyday feelings

    Putting your kid down for their afternoon nap. 2 hours of peaceful bliss
  9. Best everyday feelings

    Id like to add a sit down piss when you're hungover
  10. Best everyday feelings

    Do you live with your parents?
  11. Best everyday feelings

    A real sneeze which clears your lungs and almost puts your back out is a joy.
  12. I feel we should take more time to appreciate the everyday things. What feelings make you as happy as a lottery win. Let me start with a glass of ice cold juice when you're hungover and your mouth is drier than Mother Theresa's flip flops. Add to that, a piss when you've had to hold it in until you can't breathe. That actually brings a tear to my eye. What's everyone else got.
  13. Kilmarnock v Dundee

    Thank f**k he doesn't play like the black one, he was fantastic.
  14. Lets talk about petrol stations!

    I have indeed. You and I will have to disagree on the definition of night. Still wouldnt want to trek to a toilet block at 7 am though.
  15. Lets talk about petrol stations!

    Unfortunately you've now got me wondering how many years I have left before I revert back again?