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  1. c***s on the road

    People who cut you up because you've had the temerity to read the bus lane sign and then skip all the traffic queued in the other lane. It's got times for a reason. Just because it's painted red doesn't make it a no go area
  2. Infuriating Things Your Partner Does

    If the wean bashes her head on the missus' watch it's an accident and I agree. If the wean bashes her head on my watch, I'm not paying enough attention and it my fault that she may end up brain damaged. Cue a full blown argument. This ultimately leads to me telling her to "f**k off" and her believing shes the victim of the situation.
  3. The Bah Humbug Thread

    Christmas is brilliant. Opening presents with the wee one. She's young enough to still be impressed by pound shop tat. Booze in the morning. Loads of sweeties. Cake on offer constantly. Seeing the family. Playing board games Brilliant. Much better than a few years ago when it was just me and my parents opening 2 shite presents each before trying to pass the day until bed time.
  4. I know a lassie that's been vegan for 3 months. Every sentence has the word vegan in it. "Ive got vegan lasagne for lunch" "Had vegan donuts at the weekend" We went the vegan market" If we assume you're a vegan can you please just leave it out of every sentence. Plus she bought a fur gillet about 6 months ago. That's some fucking turn around.
  5. c***s on the road

    Best change the Irish number plate first.
  6. c***s on the road

    I tried wiggling it with an old pound coin but it wouldn't budge. It's about 100 notes, I think
  7. c***s on the road

    Aye, it's zippo. No tax, big clamp
  8. Acid attacks

    I'm not sure if it's up there with the "kidnapped model" on the publicity stunt scale or something else.
  9. French Press /Coffee Maker/Moka Pot?

    Get some new tastebuds.
  10. French Press /Coffee Maker/Moka Pot?

    It's better but not that much better that it justifys the cost. Large batch low quality beans, roasted to make a generic taste and give a long shelf life. Give me proper coffee as much as possible and I'll drink Nescafe Azera as a quick, cheap alternative on the other occasions.
  11. French Press /Coffee Maker/Moka Pot?

    Utter shite imo, may as well have instant.
  12. C**** on a Train

    One stinky guy next to me cracking his fingers. Starting off the guy across from me to do the same thing. Ffs
  13. French Press /Coffee Maker/Moka Pot?

    It makes delicious coffee, better than many expensive machines. They can be a bit leaky though.
  14. c***s on the road

    My missus. Truly terrifying tailgater. When I asked why she was so close whilst doing 80 on the motorway she replies "the correct distance is 2 car lengths." That is the correct anwer to a question. Not that question though.