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  1. The Recent Match Videos Thread

    look at the tackle in 59secs no contact on ball whatsoever and tackle on the edge of the box similair to red card which took the ball and never touched the player.
  2. Darvel Juniors 2017/18

    Would that be the no 6 who got away with an off the ball incident then hit the deck when anyone went in with a tackle getting a player booked and one sent off ?
  3. AWR

    Bryan Slavin new winton manager
  4. Port Glasgow Vacancy

    There is no point being made, just saying that being a signed player doesn't mean you cant move on if things change. Ryan was one of the best players at Winton last season he'll be missed for sure.
  5. Port Glasgow Vacancy

    So was Ryan Caddis and hes now with Onthank who Winton are playing in a friendly tomorrow night?
  6. Port Glasgow Vacancy

    Possibly Eddie Walton ex Largs Thistle as Player/Coach.
  7. Rob Roy vs AWR in WoS Cup

    What level would that be? sometimes the lower league teams raise their game against "bigger clubs" a bit of a poor remark, seems to be if the "bigger clubs" don't turn you over it was because they had an off day. AWR had 5 players unavailable and had to name a goalkeeper as an outfield player. The Rabs had chances to win in 90 mins but didn't, their goal was a deflected in off a defender and at 1 each AWR hit the post and only an outstanding save from the keeper put them through on penalties! If league positions don't change your team might be at "their level" next season.
  8. ADL Thread? ??

    Seems he's just signed for the Meadow.
  9. ADL Thread? ??

    If you were in the league winning/promotion positions would you still say the same and let them go? promotion takes them up a level!
  10. Darvel Juniors 16/17

    This game on? Can't see it going 90 if this rain keeps up.
  11. ADL Thread? ??

    Moaning? Like I said not questioning the result or team performances, the defender at the end should have seen red for his "save" on the line for sure, only looking for clarification on the rule regarding a red card for the keeper it seems that as long as the keepers make it look like they are going for the ball they can take the player out and stay on the park?
  12. ADL Thread? ??

    Yes a penalty for handball should have been given, not disputing the result or the performances of both teams just trying to figure out why the ref sent the keeper off maybe the video highlights will show the reason.
  13. ADL Thread? ??

    Didn't look much to it, would be interested what the whitletts thoughts are on the decision to send the keeper off.
  14. ADL Thread? ??

    Last week v Talbot the Beith keeper takes the player down, yellow card and a penalty This week the AWR keeper takes the player down Red card and a penalty? Two different decisions for the same offence!
  15. Good to see the boys getting noticed, but the last 4 players who moved up from Largs amateurs to junior were signed by Dalry and Beith and an under 19 player by Winton!