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  1. Bringing together a group of selectors rather than having 1 man responsible is in my thinking worth a try. http://www.scottishamateurfa.co.uk/static_page/id/team_selection
  2. Split them into groups, midfeilder talking too midfielder etc then a full team talk, all about knowledge and motivation
  3. Just using names as examp, feel free to put forward 7 who you think would fit the roll. im thinking Souness would be perfect, moyes too, Smith, mcliesh, Michael Stewart, Ally mccoist, Gary macallister, I’ve got 2 of each position of potentials, there are many candidates, again just an example
  4. I get the biggest ego’s with the biggest opinions on all and everything that’s wrong with Scottish footbal, I call it a development committee/Selection Panel, On the Scotland team side of things, i’d have them scouting players, watching games, picking squad, selecting starting 11, I’d have 3-4 of them in the dressing room pre-match working and motivating the players, team talk and tactics, 1 man can’t do the job that 3 or 4 men could do, on international duty all we’d need is a strategy and coaches depending on the game ahead, we wouldn’t have a manager a such, it’s not a new idea, a selection committee works in other sports, what we all have though is one thing in common, we want Scotland to be great again, let’s try something different.
  5. Bit raw on the posting Lol Seriously though same old is not working, we’re just running around in circles, it’s going to take real football men to sort our game out, too big a job for 1 man, Lets try something different.
  6. We got a lucky win against Slovaks and should have been pumped by Slovenia, ironically the Slovaks are out, IF we’d qualified R-Ireland would be out, it’s not about genetics It’s 100% about mental toughness, remembering the Scots of the past the greats the legends, the players the managers, those who taught you’s how to play the game, the passing game, they all had it, they where mentally tough, they knew how to win, they didn’t like to lose.I can’t see it changing unless we identify the tough hungry kids, also bring back the belt for losing No seriously We have to bring back competiveness from as young an age as possible, our top leagues also need to get real too, EPL is by all means High Stakes football, in Scotland it’s protectionism, the fear of getting relegated is killing competition, much fewer derby’s, virtually no end of season drama, it schect and we know it is (apart from the famous Glasgow Celtic) Sometimes though it’s like watching paint dry or/and at the same time waiting for the kettle to boil, it’s embarrassing this once great footballing nation is on our knees, I live for the day we practice what we’ve preached. I’m saying the task is to big for 1 man and his dog, it’s too difficult to get us out of the mess we are in and I’m talking at all levels of Scottish football, I’m proposing for at least the next campaign roughly a 2 year period we get those big influences/influencers that watch our game north and south of the border to sort out Scottish football from top too bottom, we have Souness, Sutton, Stewart, MacLeish Nicholas and others who are ex players who now do punditting, they live and see the game they go over every aspect of the game day in and day out, they too are like us, they have an opinion, if you add this group of ex players to other legends of the game like Walter Smith Ally mccoist John Collins Richard gough Paul lambert etc I’m sure there are many more. The idea, for the next 2 years, we get 7 no nonsense football men to sort our football out from top too bottom, they’d also be responsible for picking the Scotland squads and starting 11 for our next campaign, give them the freedom to do what we all crave, the freedom to sort our once great game right out, what do we have to lose? So who would you have at the table and why?
  7. I side with the other 10 SPL clubs for equality of competition, it benefits the game and the perception of it, even if it means My team Celtic being less advantaged than it currently is, im a football fan first who believes in fair play.
  8. Agreed to most of that!!! But I do give a feck though about Celtic first (me) Then Hearts (Wife and son) Scotland (Me and son) and finally Scottish football (its been tarnished) i loved Scottish football, the game needs a chance, we need to give it a chance but only if the Will comes from within scottish football.
  9. Spot on but we have to give the SPL one last chance to put the game right, their plan will have to be watertight as the eyes of the game will pour over every detail, one false statement and its as you say/indicate, not worth watching. Here is the question though, what one thing about our game will make the majority of all fans give our game that one last chance? My view is Equality of competition, a level playing feild.
  10. So you agree to a Compromise, if what you say happens and we get a change to the voting structure (11/3, under 90% but over 75%)and proper league reconstruction (14) then we the fans of other clubs should also compromise to give Scottish football one last chance, if what you say doesn't happen then Scottish Football is dead,if not already, this whole saga has turned our game in to a farce and without compromise, the game will be over, for me anyway
  11. Coupon Bursters

    Weekend from feckin hell!!!! If it's not bad enough Fulham ( newcastle, forest, hibs, albion rov, forfar) letting me down for a line of 6 for £600, then Partick thistle letting me down for 4 draw's (Motherwell, st jonstone, cowdenbeath), then today Leeds 1-2 shot's beating me for 5 (birming, liverpool, cardiff, chelsea) for £480, then i'm sittin with a feckin £10 chelsea 3-1 22/1!!!!! Any spare change or feckin lucky white heather! Still i won £300 last week! but i want to feckin win every week