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  1. I side with the other 10 SPL clubs for equality of competition, it benefits the game and the perception of it, even if it means My team Celtic being less advantaged than it currently is, im a football fan first who believes in fair play.
  2. Agreed to most of that!!! But I do give a feck though about Celtic first (me) Then Hearts (Wife and son) Scotland (Me and son) and finally Scottish football (its been tarnished) i loved Scottish football, the game needs a chance, we need to give it a chance but only if the Will comes from within scottish football.
  3. Spot on but we have to give the SPL one last chance to put the game right, their plan will have to be watertight as the eyes of the game will pour over every detail, one false statement and its as you say/indicate, not worth watching. Here is the question though, what one thing about our game will make the majority of all fans give our game that one last chance? My view is Equality of competition, a level playing feild.
  4. So you agree to a Compromise, if what you say happens and we get a change to the voting structure (11/3, under 90% but over 75%)and proper league reconstruction (14) then we the fans of other clubs should also compromise to give Scottish football one last chance, if what you say doesn't happen then Scottish Football is dead,if not already, this whole saga has turned our game in to a farce and without compromise, the game will be over, for me anyway
  5. Coupon Bursters

    Weekend from feckin hell!!!! If it's not bad enough Fulham ( newcastle, forest, hibs, albion rov, forfar) letting me down for a line of 6 for £600, then Partick thistle letting me down for 4 draw's (Motherwell, st jonstone, cowdenbeath), then today Leeds 1-2 shot's beating me for 5 (birming, liverpool, cardiff, chelsea) for £480, then i'm sittin with a feckin £10 chelsea 3-1 22/1!!!!! Any spare change or feckin lucky white heather! Still i won £300 last week! but i want to feckin win every week