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  1. Various club name issues

    No, Notts County's ground is called Meadow Lane. The County Ground is where Swindon Town play.
  2. Various club name issues

    There was a St Rollox chemical works before the railway yard was there. St Rollox church is across the road as you enter into Sighthill. My great-granddad James McCulloch was manager of the St Rollox Chemical Works at the end of the 19th & start of the 20th century. His son, also James, was his assistant and took over when he retired. Famously it once had the tallest chimney in Europe (possibly in the world?). Sadly, neither of them had any interest in football afaik.
  3. WoSFL Pyramid Deadline - SJFA or Club led?

    So what AGM "Notices of Motion" WERE presented to the WRSJFA April meeting? If there were any I don't recall it having been mentioned on here, and I know there are some regular posters who are delegates or at least have access to WRSJFA minutes. And clubs needed to have been discussing possible amendments to any Notices of Motion way back at the start of May! Or, if proposals for changes to Cup competitions, pyramid links etc are being proposed by the Management Committee rather than member clubs, what's the procedure for notification of these, and what opportunity for proposing amendments and for mandating delegates which way to vote?
  4. Scottish Junior Cup next season - byes/rounds

    Depends whether those 4 clubs get automatic byes to R2 or, with the reduced numbers, to R3. If it's to R2 (the round of 128) then the 4 are just 4 of 127 byes so as you say just one R1 tie is required (making it basically a preliminary round). If the 4 were to get byes to R3 (the round of 64) that leaves 60 qualifying places for 125 clubs, so 5 R1 preliminary ties would be required in R1 followed by 60 ties in R2. Seemples!
  5. Western Super League 2018-19

    There is no West Super league any more however much you want to call it that. Premiership Championship League1 League2 Get used to it and FFS change the title of this thread!
  6. West Region Juniors New Leagues 2018-19

    Somewhere else I calculated that, with Dunipace leaving for the EoSL, assuming the Sectional is streamlined, the district cups go and the ETC stays, the total number of WR games next season will be 10 more than this season. On average clubs will play a very similar number of games. Of course if there's a resurrected Stonehouse in League 2 the numbers go up a bit, but with more league games and fewer cups the end of season catch-up should be easier to schedule so I really don't see any reason to panic yet ... as long as we have a competent fixture setter on board ...
  7. West Region Juniors New Leagues 2018-19

    There's been no official word afaik but I understand that (as has been reported elsewhere on this forum) the Cups Sub-Committee recommended amalgamating and streamlining the Sectional Cups and discontinuing the end-of-season district cups. I thought another of the reasons behind the restructuring was to do away with regionalisation to help ensure that the balance of teams in each division was maintained. In your example, there could be 4 teams relegated from the same geographical area, where would you put them? IF such a regionalised tier is created in ANY league system, the allocation of teams to the sub-tier divisions would need to be reviewed at the end of each season, as takes place every year in many levels of the English pyramid. The only reason there was an issue in the West Juniors was because below the 2nd tier the Ayrshire and Central leagues were set within fixed geographical boundaries. This became unsustainable when the relative success of the Ayrshire clubs led to that 3rd tier league shrinking to 11 clubs while the Central 2nd stayed at 12 and the Central 1st grew to 15 last season.
  8. West Region Juniors New Leagues 2018-19

    It's kinda tricky to take into account the views/interests of clubs that can't be bothered to reply to a consultation. It's also worth considering that Whitletts and Pollok were given pelters by the WR MC for talking to other interested clubs, saying that they'd instructed us only to discuss our proposals with each other and St Anthony's!! Remains to be seen. Obviously there WERE some clubs that voted against reconstruction but, other than specific ones who told us they objected (e.g. Talbot, surprise surprise, and Muirkirk) we don't know how they were distributed between the divisions or geographically. The clubs that DID take part in the development of the AGM motions were from all 5 existing divisions and a reasonably representative geographical spread. The increase in division size from 12/14 to 16 was a key motivation for the proposal. Clubs both in the upper (e.g. Pollok) and lower (e.g. Whitletts and St Anthony's) all wanted more guaranteed home fixtures and fewer randomly-drawn knockout tournaments (which is hopefully what will be confirmed on 27th June). The likes of what you are suggesting would have been too complicated to sell as part of the overall proposal. If the WRSJFA keeps its 63/64 teams for 2019-20 then prior to the 2019 AGM is the time to consider putting forward ideas for any further changes.
  9. West Region Juniors New Leagues 2018-19

    My own view was that the 3rd tier should have been 2 regional divisions along new lines, e.g. NE and SW or something similar. All of this ignores that the original proposals (both the one put out publicly by Whitletts and the Pollok one which mirrored it) DID propose a regionalised (N/S or E/W) third level in the West Region. However the overwhelming response from the clubs that bothered to reply to the consultation was AGAINST such regionalisation and FOR region-wide 3rd and 4th divisions. Any club that objected had ample opportunity to propose the regionalised version as an amendment, or to suggest a different nomenclature for the divisions. Like it or not, the concept was proposed from the grass roots, not the administration, and the outcome WAS arrived at democratically, and by a huge majority. Leading up to the 2019 West Region AGM it should be possible for any club that wants the league structure and/or nomenclature changed to put in a motion to that effect.
  10. WR Premiership 2018-19: Beith (Super Premier Division Champions) Auchinleck Talbot (Super Prem) Pollok (Super Prem) Kilwinning Rangers (Super Prem) Kilbirnie Ladeside (Super Prem) Kirkintilloch Rob Roy (Super Prem) Glenafton Athletic (Super Prem) Hurlford United (Super Prem) Cumnock (Super Prem) Clydebank (Super Prem) Petershill (WR Div 1 Champions) Cambuslang Rangers (WR Div 1) Renfrew (WR Div 1) Largs Thistle (WR Div 1) Troon (play-off winners from WR Div1) Irvine Meadow (play-off winners from WR Div1) WR Championship 2018-19: Girvan (play-off losers from Super Prem) Arthurlie (play-off losers from Super Prem) Rutherglen Glencairn (WR Div1) Cumbernauld United (WR Div1) Darvel (WR Div1) Kilsyth (WR Div1) Larkhall Thistle (WR Div1) Kello Rovers (WR Div1) Dalry Thistle (Ayrshire League as Champions) Irvine Victoria (Ayrshire League) Craigmark Burntonians (Ayrshire League) Rossvale (Central League Div 1 Champions) St Roch's (Central League Div 1) Benburb (Central League Div 1) Whitletts Victoria (play-off winners from Ayrshire League) Neilston (play-off winners from Central League Div 1) WR League 1 2018-19: Maryhill (play-off losers from WR Div1) Shettleston (play-off losers from WR Div1) Blantyre Victoria (Central League Div 1) Wishaw (Central League Div 1) Glasgow Perthshire (Central League Div 1) Port Glasgow (Central League Div 1) Shotts Bon Accord (Central League Div 1) Yoker Athletic (Central League Div 1) East Kilbride Thistle (Central League Div 1) Greenock (Central League Div 1) Lugar Boswell Thistle (Ayrshire League) Ardrossan Winton Rovers (Ayrshire League) Maybole (Ayrshire League) Royal Albert (Champions, Central League Div 2) Gartcairn (Central League Div 2) Bellshill Athletic (Central League Div 2) In WR League 2 2018-19: Forth Wanderers (Central League Div 1) Thorniewood United (Central League Div 1) Lesmahagow (Central League Div 1) Muirkirk (Ayrshire League) Saltcoats Victoria (Ayrshire League) Ardeer Thistle (Ayrshire League) Annbank United (Ayrshire League) St Anthony's (Central League Div 2) Ashfield (Central League Div 2) Lanark United (Central League Div 2) Vale of Clyde (Central League Div 2) Vale of Leven (Central League Div 2) Johnstone Burgh (Central League Div 2) Carluke Rovers (Central League Div 2) Newmains United (Central League Div 2)
  11. Deluded or incompetent

    When did this happen? He's appointed, not elected isn't he?
  12. Scottish Cup Winners Quiz.

    I'll need to do a LOT of updating of my Edinburgh & Lothians Quiz for next season! https://www.sporcle.com/games/archieblok/scottish-football---edinburgh-and-the-lothians
  13. Shettleston vs neilston playoff chat

    Shetto haven't been the same since that goalie got carded for having a not-too-sneaky pee!
  14. Scottish Cup Winners Quiz.

    Here's one I made that you might like to have a go at: https://www.sporcle.com/games/archieblok/junior-clubs-in-the-scottish-fa-cup
  15. Fixtures conundrum

    Can't be played Saturday. Season must end before 16th June because that's the date of the SJFA AGM. That's the rules.