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  1. ICTFC v Crusaders

    My reason for asking was that I thought that it would constrain any opportunity to further develop a fan base. Sounds like some really positive initiatives are in progress and that augurs well for the future. The problem for clubs such as yours and ICT though is that it can take a really long time to get people on board and committed even under such enterprises. I was just reading up on the club and it looks like attendances are up at least 50% the last few years in line with the league and cup successes. Must be really difficult to compete with so many established clubs in Belfast though. I’ll be looking out for your teams results in future weeks now..
  2. ICTFC v Crusaders

    Does the religious divide play a part on who will/will not support Crusaders? I don’t know that much about football in N Ireland but I would assume that Linfield and Glentoran are sadly aligned to Rangers and Celtic respectively?
  3. The 2018 Challenge cup final.

    Take your iPad and install some IP address converter software such as SurfEasy VPN.
  4. ICTFC v Crusaders

    Ironically, the Old Firm probably had a stranglehold on the city before ICT came along. Sad state of affairs but probably going to take a long time to convert future generations.
  5. Brechin City v Falkirk

    How often do Brechin use segregation at matches? It’s been great being able to mix with opposing supporters and getting a different perspective (even if a bit annoying at times)? Has there been many issues due to the lack of it?
  6. ICTFC v Crusaders

    Having won a major trophy in 2015, I can see that it would not generate the same enthusiasm but it’s still an opportunity for your club in increase its silverware so I would have thought a few more would turnout for the semi-final.
  7. ICTFC v Crusaders

    Just 1,044 attended. Very poor for a Cup Semi final, even in the Challenge Cup. The difference in enthusiasm between Sons and ICT fans is remarkable...
  8. The Falkirk FC Thread

    I thought that combination was particularly effective against Dundee United. The two players linked really well even though Nelson did not score in the match. However, it’s hard to see how we could exclude the Yak on current form.
  9. Brechin City v Falkirk

    Tbf, the only pitch I have seen that was worse than yesterday was in Inverurie...
  10. The Falkirk FC Thread

    Apologies. I agree with Yak over Nelson but I also think Nelson shows real promise so I’d keep him too if we could.
  11. The Falkirk FC Thread

    I am guessing you mean you “would” take Yak and Nelson...
  12. ICTFC v Crusaders

    If not Perth, could be Livingston?
  13. TNS v Dumbarton

    2-0 ICT after 13 minutes. Looks like a Perth final....
  14. Who will be Brechin's first?

    Doubt it will be St Mirren away, but Dunfermline at home on a Tuesday night, hmm...
  15. The Falkirk FC Thread

    He wasn’t great yesterday but overall he’s comfortably in my squad.