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  1. So what sort of team will we put out at Brechin and any score predictions? Hoping that we put out the same side as Tuesday but maybe give O'Hara 90 minutes replacing Austin who's had a few knocks recently. Brechin 1 Falkirk 2
  2. Aye, well, gives us some peace for a while. [emoji16]
  3. If you read the earlier posts it's rather obvious it's the same person and not a 14 year old either. Probably should be discussing this on the Raith thread but wouldn't want Falkirk supporters upsetting them further.
  4. Well you appear to be in the know. Same bookmaker... Brechin 3/1 Falkirk 3/4
  5. Don't believe a word of it though.
  6. Surprised they never gave him 90 minutes if they are mulling things over.
  7. Quite like this, 'to fall down suddenly because of pressure or having no strength or support' I honestly can't think of a statement that better suits Morton last season.
  8. Hmm, I'd say that counts as a comprehensive 'bite'. Unless of course that term only applies to Falkirk fans from the usual shite trollers? [emoji16]
  9. Does it collapse like Morton in the league though?
  10. What I absolutely laugh at re this is how the Scottish media tell us just how good Celtic are and how Rosenberg are not the team they once were. So Celtic will have too much for them. Have they not watched Scottish clubs in Europe over recent years? It's stuff like this that irks the average supporter. They may well get through this tie. However, Celtic are - in European terms - an average club.
  11. Brechin 23/10 Falkirk 10/11. According to Bet 365. Reasonable odds for Saturday?
  12. Getting a wee bit concerned with all this stalking nowadays TGIG. At least it gives you and FF ample opportunity to high five each other and boost each other's greenie counts eh? [emoji16]
  13. You must live a very sheltered life with your definition of raging. Let me guess, another 'bite'?
  14. The whole statement is word salad .....
  15. 'Ukrainian Deckchair' ? FFS! [emoji16]