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  1. ICTFC 18/19

    Any ICT fans got a view on whether Rice would be a decent acquisition or not?
  2. Remind us all how that worked out last season.
  3. If Jack Ross was still with us, then that's the way he would be approaching matches. Could be brilliant or could be suicide.
  4. Indeed. In football circles he certainly seems unique in that respect.
  5. Yes. I was first to post that fact earlier in the thread.
  6. You'd be surprised.
  7. Good to see you're still here.
  8. I can categorically state that there is no way either of them will be getting near an interview for the job. These fucktards must wake up in the morning and wonder which names to make up to fill up column space.
  9. His father-in-law is Kenny Shiels. That should rule him out of our thoughts.
  10. Tony Fitzpatrick and I quote, has said that, " We will take at least a week to get all the CV's in, and then we will start to go through them. There has been no short list drawn up." Apparently this is the procedure that was followed before the last appointment. Gregg Ryder, former assistant boss at IBV (Íþróttabandalag Vestmannaeyja) in Iceland, who has just left Throttur Rekyjavik, where he was the manager for four years, is keen to talk to us apparently. Former coach at Newcastle. 30 years old. https://is.linkedin.com/in/gregg-ryder-92a0a653 Certainly a more interesting option with some potential, compared to the tired list of candidates that is kicking around just now
  11. To be fair, that's really only from one foaming mess. Samson is far from perfect, but he did a very solid job for us last year.
  12. That's only because when I was pished last night I typed in £100 instead of £10 on the Willy Hills site.
  13. Think I'll fire this post off to Gordon Scott, just in case he's considering employing Neilson. At least I'm not alone in thinking that he would be a poor, and lazy, appointment.
  14. Congratulations. Thoroughly deserved over the four playoff games. To do it without Hardie and De Vita (for two games), was impressive.