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  1. Am I missing something? Scotland U-21's play on the Friday evening. We had three players called up for the last game and we had our match postponed. Does the same happen for a game we've gone out of our way to get re-arranged? What if we only get two players in the squad this time? Do we lay Falkirk potentially without two from Morgan, Magennis or Liam Smith? Answers on a post card.
  2. I doubt very much that they were feigning injury, but I can guarantee that they took a lot longer to recover than they would have if you were behind and chasing the game. A lot of folk get enraged at this type of thing, but It doesn't really bother me as it's exactly what I would expect our players to do in the same circumstances.
  3. Indeed. A sound thrashing. Well played Livingston.
  4. "Could have went" ? FFS.
  5. Normal service resumed. Back in yer boxes!
  6. http://www.the-gazette.co.uk/sport/15991113.St_Mirren_chief_executive_Tony_Fitzpatrick___There___s_been_absolutely_no_contact_with_Barnsley__over_manager_Jack_Ross/ No contact from Barnsley.
  7. Looks like straight leg, with studs showing, making clear contact half way up lower leg. Looks like a red to me. IIRC Gary Irvine was sent off v LIvingston earlier in the season for a similar straight leg challenge, albeit from a lower trajectory.
  8. Only four up until last week. Flynn only started last week, and Mullen has been a sub. Anyway, I'm happy with our stability, and we wouldn't be 20 (twenty) points ahead of you if we hadn't retained the majority of our first picks from last season. I'd forgotten about Hippolyte. Maybe you have a point.
  9. Irvine, MacKenzie, Baird, Davis, Eckersley, McGinn, Magennis, Cammy Smith, Sutton, Morgan, Stelios and Todd were all with us for the second half of last season. The nucleus of our squad has actually been pretty stable, since last January's clear out. Several of our players, who have been interviewed, have stated that the fact that the majority of our first choice XI played together last season, is just one of the reasons that we are where we are at present. Reilly, Liam Smith, Samson and McShane are the four players that are "new" who are regulars in the 1st XI. Mullen and Flynn have been added during the window. A lot of our turnover has been in relation to fringe players/loans being moved on.
  10. Quite. I'm sure I remember some similar "dramaqueenery" from the OP in the past.
  11. Let's hope he keeps putting them in the back of the net for you.
  12. I know Stewart has scored a couple , but how's he been looking overall?
  13. And Dundee have just equalised. Not United's day.
  14. I stayed there overnight once and discovered a shop that did haggis potato pies. So three good things. Although the aforementioned pies needed a wee bit more seasoning. The salty tears from their fans last night would have helped. Actually four good things as HK mentioned The Skids. My favourite group of all time. Went to see them in November and they were superb.