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  1. Champions 2017/18 vs. Livi

    Good luck in the play off games. Hope you get to relegate Ross County. Second best team in the league by a distance. Not always pretty, but effective. Thank f**k Hardie was pish today. [emoji16]
  2. What's the best alternative to coming in by Clepington Road from Kingsway?
  3. I suppose that will be some compensation for his situation in real life.
  4. I'm sure that the skelping handed out to us by Livingston is still fresh in both the player's and the management team's minds. That alone will be enough to ensure that there is no let up in our efforts to secure the title at our earliest possible convenience.
  5. Great play by Mullen to lure that donkey into making a tackle worthy of at least a booking. For the second time in the afternoon.
  6. Yeah that's what happened.
  7. Yeah, pulling down a player when he's through on goal and just about to pull the trigger isn't worth a booking.
  8. It takes ten minutes.
  9. Am I missing something? Scotland U-21's play on the Friday evening. We had three players called up for the last game and we had our match postponed. Does the same happen for a game we've gone out of our way to get re-arranged? What if we only get two players in the squad this time? Do we lay Falkirk potentially without two from Morgan, Magennis or Liam Smith? Answers on a post card.
  10. I doubt very much that they were feigning injury, but I can guarantee that they took a lot longer to recover than they would have if you were behind and chasing the game. A lot of folk get enraged at this type of thing, but It doesn't really bother me as it's exactly what I would expect our players to do in the same circumstances.
  11. Indeed. A sound thrashing. Well played Livingston.
  12. "Could have went" ? FFS.
  13. Normal service resumed. Back in yer boxes!