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  1. As long as players agents believe that.
  2. Definitely age, aided and abetted by years of alcohol consumption. Think the black shorts were a superstition thing with the team.
  3. Everton and Southampton seem to rate him. Anyway, it's my opinion.
  4. I'm not having a good day with names.
  5. Our replacement for Mallan is Kyle Magennis, who as mentioned earlier, has signed until 2020, and he will be as good as Mallan.
  6. Jordan Kirkpatrick from Alloa signed also.
  7. And Jordan Kirkpatrick from Alloa.
  8. The latter, but no official news whether his services are no longer required by Aberdeen.
  9. I can't imagine we'll be difficult to deal with. Jack Ross will be glad to see the back of him. Although, thanks to that fucking clown Alex Rae, he'll be on a decent wage with us and will no doubt be wanting a pay off of some sort. Might be more to do with what you can offer him financially. Anyway, feel free to take him off our hands.
  10. I think all of the above, except Loy, are out of contract at their respective clubs. I wouldn't be surprised to see a couple of them back with us next season.
  11. Baird seems to score for fun against us. Would be daft not to start him today. If we play like we did against Dumbarton you will win comfortably. However, if it's more of a performance akin to that of our midweek performance, it should be a close game. We've been pish against Falkirk since our relegation, so it would be nice to stop the rot.
  12. There has been huge pressure on us since we were eight points behind our nearest relegation rivals (Ayr). The team are well used to it. Even though we're now four points ahead of Ayr and we're in a much better situation, I'm sure the players will be able to respond in a positive manner, in a game that has less pressure on it compared to Tuesday's game.
  13. Nice try, but you're still a bunch of no marks.
  14. I'm sure you'll be able to regale us all with your tales of your team reaching a national cup final......... Just in case you can't, here's a picture to help you along.