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  1. Yes bar in the stand should be open. Theres the Schooner bar behind the stadium tucked away. That's decent but your walking past the stadium so it's probably another 5 min walk. I'd give it 10 mins from the stadium metro as well. The times I've went I've often jumped on the metro from central station half hour before kick off and made it easy enough.
  2. £15 adults £10 concessions £3 under 16 at Gateshead if that helps.
  3. If yer that keen the Heed kick off at 1215 you could always hoof it doon to Sunderland from there and catch the 2 matches. Gateshead are offering their u19 s v Wallsend Boys club (famous for producing players such as Bruce, Beardsley, Carrick, Shearer to name a few) straight after their match so basically 2 games in 1for £15 but like you state poor atmosphere. Pity it wasn't the week after there's the all ticket Brooks Mileson (of Gretna fame) memorial Northern League Cup final between the two Shields teams at Whitley Bay. Blyth Spartans won the Northumberland Senior Cup tonight defeating holders North Shields 3-2 at St. James's Park in front of 1968 spectators.
  4. Edinburgh club my arse... There's a lot more competition from teams for players though. Innerleithen or closer to the south of Scotland Gretna..........
  5. Good post but there are clubs in the current LL who are "village teams forced to face travel" week in week out. Maybes these didn't want or are ready either but have had to suffer 4 SEASONS of it just to keep on the right side of the SFA......
  6. Cracking seat and view there Rab.
  7. Na no really just posters were wondering how ye suddenly changed tune regarding the pyramid and LL. I must've got it wrong I didn't realise the Internet was nae world wide Well done on yer deserved promotion I see it's been a long time.
  8. On the subject of Buckie obviously canny comment on the events at the game and what happened afterwards but stopped off the m74 on Saturday afternoon to a wee village in Lanarkshire to find the shopkeeper trying to sell me a bottle of buckfast. The lad in front just bought one and here's me thinking buckfast was a myth and was nae that popular. Must be a west thing Congratulations and good luck to Glenafton in the final.
  9. Lothian were confident of getting a license when they pumped us at Spartans a few weeks ago....
  10. Last 4 games for 2 against 11 0 points and dafty here started a thread for 4th feckn place! Edit 13th is an ambarrasment.
  11. Answer the Cowden question please and What's the difference between the BSC team that won at Rosewell and the BSC team today then.....
  12. Change yer team name then
  13. Does it take a genius t work oot. Like I say could've caught 2 games
  14. Na you know I'm right...
  15. Tell me I'm wrong tho