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  1. Tyne/Wear/Tees - The North East Thread

    Hartlepool have sacked manager Craig Harrison after Tuesdays 2-0 defeat at Halifax with the club just 3 points above the relegation zone. Elsewhere the FA have REJECTED an appeal by the EBAC Northern league to re-adjust its position in the national system. The management Committee will discuss the decision next week.
  2. Whitehill welfare

    Bit premature HJ check oot ww website
  3. Costa Rica Friendly

    A successful qualifying campaign against Mexico Panama usa and Honduras, any 2 from 5 I'd fancy our chances their though? Decent opposition? they're ranked just above us at present I think. Like you said earlier a poor turn oot at Hampden awaits.
  4. Costa Rica Friendly

    Yet in their last 3 qualifiers have drew with Mexico and have failed to beat the emerging nations of Honduras (1-1 home) and Panama (2-1 away). Not including a 5-0 pumping of Spain or the 1-0 defeat by Hungary. By our own standards I'd say its probably a decent standard of opposition though. Decent game yes but it's hardly gonnae have Hampden bursting at the seams?
  5. SSC Renewals

    Totally agree it's a great deal for kids and so it should be bud. For the record I live doon England so it's not as easy getting to Glasgow for me. I doubt home points will make much difference to the points total. My point still stands regarding your "elite" comment at away games though. I've never felt like an "elite member" of the supporters club bud. Just happy and lucky enough to get to the games to support the team. Hopefully we can all have something to shout about in the next campaign.
  6. Coupon Bursters

    Barcelona 2 weeks on trot at ridiculous prices!!
  7. SSC Renewals

    An elite club It's never been easier to picking up away points with friendlies or qualifiers over the past two or three years given the locations we been playing in yet that makes it elite. The elite club will be the ones who are travelling to Peru and Mexico (will they get extra points for travelling to the other side of the world, that's what I'd call elite) as well as difficult to get to away fixtures in Israel and Albania this year. My points total will drop rapidly wi them fixtures this year. Not Getting points for home games shouldnt have stopped anybody in the past going to away games. Many fans without tickets over the years have managed to get hold of tickets by some means. It's called supporting yer country. Doesn't make them elite. Will getting home points encourage more away fans,time will tell but I doubt it?
  8. Ian Fergus Resigns from Selkirk

    My guess "finance". Selkirk are having a fantastic season and have over budgeted? I hope I am way off the mark as its great to see a Borders team do so well. Just my opinion of course I know absolutely hee haw aboot the ins and outs of running a fitba team but as currahee says it does seem weird yet they are having their best season for years and the management team leave?
  9. SSC Renewals

    I'm in 2 minds been a member since the travel club days. Might just hang fire till we find oot who's in charge both on and off the park. 2 days holiday for me every home game as it is. Next world cup Qatar and I know its just a 2 year membership but nae chance of me getting there even if we did manage to qualify. I'm sure there are others in same boat. Somebody convince me otherwise
  10. Should there be a borders league

    When did Peebles become part of Berwickshire?
  11. Title contenders/top 4 finish

    Bottom club (Hawick) will be automatically relegated from LL onto EoSFL should it stay that way. Should Cove or any HFL club win the play off to get into SPFL then the bottom SPFL 2 team (looking like Cowdenbeath) would need a space in the LL therefore relegating Dalbeattie should they finish 2nd bottom. Only Peterhead Elgin and Montrose (even Montrose are borderline geographical wise? ) getting relegated, highly unlikely obviously, from SPFL 2 would save Dalbeattie from then dropping into the SOSL as they 3 teams would be HFL bound. It's all about keeping the numbers right I think. I could be wrong though.
  12. Matchday 22

    Thanks John well impressed today, dominated which I was surprised.daft question teams play better on grass or artificial? Got gretna next week on grass followed by a visit to yourselves artificial. Mon the ww
  13. Was that Hampden's last hurrah?

    SRU confirm Murrayfield interest for football matches.
  14. Matchday 22

    Aye the Teviot was slightly high this week Hopefully a decent game at Rosewell tomorrow Whitehill looking to continue their recent good run. Last 6 league games WWWLWW