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  1. GFR 0-3 Airdrie today in front of a healthy 263 crowd.
  2. And........
  3. If you read the transfers page you got a new goalkeeper bud
  4. Can you no read I'm onto Gretna and Annan noo, that was at least 10 posts ago do keep up
  5. Should be cracking competition for a place then. One of them gonnae be disappointed.
  6. Yasssss a wee day oot on the choo choo . Annan and Gretna away suit me just fine
  7. Haven't heard bud I'm certainly hoping it's Galabank but that was looking unlikely.
  8. Pity couldn't get a Spartans City double header on same day I mightve been up for that. Respect to the fixtures organisers
  9. An even bigger baw ache this year with Edusport and Spartans
  10. Great point Baxter
  11. Now that the SPFL fixtures are oot when can we expect oor season fixtures announcement? I know a lot of hard work goes into this but was/is there any reason as to why we have to wait for the SPFL fixtures 1st? No that I'm impatient or selfish but I have to sort oot my own travel arrangements/shifts etc to get to games Who/what are fans expecting of their sides this season? Oh and a Saturday trip to Gala wouldn't go amiss either though I'm expecting the usual early midweek as a pattern seems to be developing regarding oor fixtures Mon the Welfarrre!!!!!!
  12. Yeah that's what I heard some piss taking offers . So what's happened to the lad that played against Hibs because after that game was when the enquiries started?
  13. Big loss to ww has had many motm performances but has had a few (not many) off days as well. Disappointed to see him go but heard months ago he was on yer radar.
  14. Fair enough respect to you for going for years. One of the very few then Would the committee no have had a meeting aboot this signing then? No need to be sarcastic aboot the team I follow either Not sure what or who yer getting at selling souls up downs and own terms?
  15. You did say he is 2nd best player in the league but won't go back for obvious reasons. As I've stated I'm sure club officials would have thought this all through so if ye were a true fan you'd respect their decision. But I suppose there's always Ferguson Park bud it's no that far away.