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  1. Team Northumbria (students) who actually play out of the campus at the Coach Lane you refer to had an even closer derby v Heaton Stannington to which "the Stan" won 1-0 and now visit Consett tomorrow. 4 teams all within a mile radius of each other though like you said West Allotment Celtic had to move. Good they have found a ground a wee bit oot the road by the airport where the now defunct Newcastle Blue Star used to play. I could be wrong but I'm sure the Wheatsheaf ground is/was part of Newcastle Falcons rugby who obviously play at Kingston Park but still have a facility there.
  2. Y aye al be making an appearance on matchday
  3. They can feck off as well!
  4. Canny imagine that is there no some kind of festival in the city when we're there?
  5. South Shields v Bridlington Town on live this Saturday 1230. South Shields 1st home game midweek attracted a crowd of 1776. Should be another decent game and crowd Saturday.
  6. Why do they no go local anyway? They'd probably have the pick o the best amateurs in the area? The Borders must have some talent and I'm no buying they'd rather play wi mates patter that popped up time and time again. The LL is a well established league now I'm sure many young Borders lads would love a shot at it.....
  7. Give it tae Betty swollocks or the naked rambler they're always quick to stick the boot in
  8. Aye get them in the EoSFL 1st then, surely canny jump over what Kelty have just done. Juniors will never join the EoSFL if that happened.....
  9. Went to Heaton stannington 2-2 Tow Law Town tonight northern league 2. Tier 10 o the pyramid. £5 entry 4 goals and a 15 man stramash. Decent value
  10. Canny complain tonight done 2 lines 1st one useless 2nd one Middlesbrough 1/2 Hull/wolves over 1.5 goals 2/5 and over 1.5 goals in Dagenham/Ebbsfleet at a massive 13/8. I thought it was some kind of mistake and it was gonnae be some kind of certainty that be less goals. I Iooked at the odds before they kicked off and it was 2/9. Final score Dagenham 3-3 Ebbsfleet. Somebody is gonnae get their arse kicked tonight. Get it right up ye Betfred
  11. When yer watching highlights on tv the amount of times the guys in the studio summerising the match say "again" showing clips when we clearly seen it the 1st time and get their actual point does my heed in....
  12. But used to be at EK Anyway Can we just no just get back on wi the fitba now. Whatever s happened, they're no gonnae get a points deduction that would effect their league chances ?
  13. Flagged what, penalties are defo get out of jail free card at any level o fitba Going by interview I think he agreed
  14. . The manager might no have seen it that way
  15. I could be wrong but Maybes that's why the licensed junior clubs at present are quite lucky getting both bites of the cake before it was stopped so yer question will probably never be answered....