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  1. All bets still void though eh. Must've forced his resignation, publicity stunt gone totally wrong. Whatever next.
  2. It's been confirmed it was a pasty and no a pie, more importantly surely all bets are off and he can now sue the club for wrongful dismissal.........
  3. FA Vase semi final Coleshill Town from Warwickshire v South Shields 1st leg Saturday 11th March 2nd leg at Shields Saturday 18th March. I would imagine these games will be all ticket.
  4. They actually managed to pump us 3-0 at Shires Firs Park in a Scottish tie within them 5 years
  5. To be fair yous do have a history with artificial surfaces
  6. Middlesbrough March into quarter finals of FA Cup wi 3-2 win over Oxford. Elsewhere Gateshead pick up a decent 3-1 win against promotion chasing Forest Green though Lincoln City remain firm favourites if the FA Cup doesn't distract them. Gateshead are now just 4 points off the play offs but will need a bit of luck to reach them. South Shields made it to the semi finals of the FA Vase hammering 6 past Newport Pagnell Town in front of a record 3161 crowd. Have to also mention Blyth Spartans winning 2-1 away at promotion rivals Stourbridge to put them 15 points clear at the top of the league.
  7. Yes agreed one on bench I thought we had u20 laddies. Surely one or two o them stripped on the bench would ve looked a bit more professional.
  8. Probably no even a booking in that other grade of association fitba bud
  9. 12 against 11 then 10 tho we mibbe did nae have much but it was only when sides went uneven that yous fully took control although oor keeper made some cracking saves. I expected more from yous to be honest. As for yer stewarding ffs a crowd of aboot 12 and we get strip searched worse than a feckn airport! Al Maybes stay in boozer next time than be treated like that!
  10. I also mentioned I have defended yous many times on that front! I just think that your location at present might put a lot of Glasgow or surrounding area based players off given the amount of junior or even LL competition in the area to which many of your squad at present were brought in from Mark's u20s. Anyways good to have brought a wee bit life to the LL forum as it's been deed for weeks now
  11. Aye because they have much bigger budgets than the rest of the LL no need to ask any questions there. But that's going off topic, back to BSC lets see what the new man can bring in that Mark couldn't, like I said nobody more committed (used to travel through to Rosewell 3 times a week from Glasgow) then builds an u20 team up from scratch at BSC, promoting many of the young laddies to the 1st team and end up playing home games miles away. Don't think whoever ends up with the job knows what they're letting themselves in for.
  12. Sounds like your in the know though bringing a post like this to the public domain
  13. They are sitting mid table in a league where the top 3 are miles ahead of the rest and are playing at a ground about 30/40 miles away. It's nae wonder they're no reaching your heights playing away from home every week!
  14. They only tweeted Mark left, then advertise then ye find there's a replacement already sounds a bit like a wee back stab there. Mark for the record brought half the BSC 1st team in from his own youth development with the u20s....
  15. That was quick Never heard of him so what does he bring to the table Mark couldn't?