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  1. FA Cup 2017/18

    Gateshead Home to Chelmsford City who beat Bath City 1-0 in the replay tonight. Winnable tie I suppose. Gateshead need a decent run. Poor crowds but fa cup run and new manager in Steve Watson might just see a few more in through the gates. Hartlepool tough tie away at Morecambe. All ties scheduled weekend of 4th November.
  2. Stirling vs LTHV

    I never said they were..... What I meant was if they don't win the league they have another channel to get in the Scottish via the Alex Jack Cup. Much easier than spending fortunes on a license.....
  3. Random Matches You Are Going To...

    Went to Berwick v Annan Scottish Cup tie yesterday. Nothing between the teams. Took advantage of Berwick s offer of £15 entry programme team sheet and half time buffet. Great value and good to see the draw back on a Saturday after the games played and everyone round a laptop for the live draw even though they made arse of it!
  4. Stirling vs LTHV

    To be fair to LTHV whilst they might have the wheels in (slow) motion to get a license why should they be in a hurry to get one when they get a free pass into the Scottish Cup every year for pissing the EoSFL and now made even easier (should Kelty beat them to it this season) by winning the Alex Jack cup in a play off against the SoSFL equivalent of Alex jack cup..... Note to any junior enthusiasts looking in Kelty might no have it all their own way this season and progress like everybody seems to think they'll do...
  5. Weekend Betting

    We hit the post, bar, had 2 cleared off line and 2 one on one's wi keeper in last round and they scored a 20 yard screamer to knock us oot. As well as the 0-8 I think they may well have run oot of luck....
  6. Scottish Cup

    Throw in the Vale as well. Bad weather exactly and we all know how well Ferguson Park takes a winter. It just seems this weekend could've been ideal to have a fixture (especially at home) Did we really have to go to Broadwood last midweek as well when both are free tomorrow ? I'm sure there are Colts fans who would've loved a game tomorrow. Certainly not having a go by all accounts but sometimes a wee bit common sense might prevail no just for ww but for other LL clubs who might have to play a midweek fixture later on in the season.
  7. Equine Eggstravaganza

    Surely Limato has a win due this season. Hopefully today I get some pennies back.
  8. Realistic foreign managers

    Ancellotti looking for work though I doubt he'd raise any of his dodgy eyebrows at us...
  9. Scottish Cup

    Best of luck to the remaining SLFL teams tomorrow in the cup. Still gutted how we lost oot and Just a wee bit cheesed off how we now have a blank weekend when there are other teams oot as well and we go to places midweek. The joys of a professional set up I suppose
  10. Scotland's Next Permanent Manager.

    Usually promote within for much cheapness step forward Scott Gemmill
  11. Weekend Betting

    Scottish Cup Elgin Clyde Peterhead and Cove 3/1
  12. Stirling vs LTHV

    Rigano EoSFL thread your best bet he knows all things LTHV. Good cup pedigree last few seasons....
  13. Will this be Spartans year?

    . One point off the summit wi game in hand Douglas certainly has them firing. Where's the Douglas must go haters now
  14. Random Matches You Are Going To...

    Stopped off at Riverside Middlesbrough en route to Leeds airport tonight England u 21s 3-1 Scotland.
  15. Slovenia roll call

    Leeds Venice Ljubljana.... Ljubljana Venice East Midlands Edinburgh