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  1. Maybes non league matters missed oot the star v ww game last week
  2. After tonight (preston 0-2 Cumbernauld) the top 7 will all have played 26 games. Cumbernauld replace Gala into the top 6. By my reckoning Hawick and Selkirk just require one more point to officially make Preston the bottom club Try non league matters website see what tallies up from there. I see what ye mean that'll be 3 different tables
  3. Off topic Topic title clearly states big cup of the SOUTH
  4. Certainly not deluded I've stated that non league fitba in Scotland should be all in one... As I said and I'm sure others have friends around Britain that the LL is recognised unlike teams like yourselves which are difficult to explain and that's not directed at Talbot by the way,just the sjfa in general or can you help my deludedness in explaining please? Thanks.
  5. No me mate your just happy being big fish in wee pond. Nowt wrong wi that
  6. It's no aboot standards though bud my point was the LL was well advertised at the time. Now it seems a few junior heeds are turning at what it's become. To me junior fitba should become one and all under the same organisation not just sJfa but sfa or whatever it would call itself. Only in Scotland do we have this separate non league pish. The LL is far from perfect but the benefits are there for all to see. Media coverage for a start I've friends in the south of England and Wales who know what the LL is. Nae disrespect to Auchinleck and the like but these teams take some explaining? Im fairly certain in future years though the LL will be like England and be regionalised with Maybes an SPFL league 3 thrown in.
  7. Don't need to spout pish aboot joining the sos or eos leagues the LL was there for everyone to apply at the time. Now the LL is going from strength to strength with SPFL teams shi ting themselves it seems is not so bad after all.....
  8. I'm certain your taking the piss here or sincerely hope you are. Canada are right up there in the world rankings right enough ffs. I'm sure the Slovenians who with a country aboot the size of ours and manage to qualify tourney after tourney will be shi ting themselves eh.
  9. Hmmm the biggest trophy in (senior) non league fitba. I used to moan before at it being regionalised now it's bad enough enough even wi Sunday finals but Fri night semis
  10. been all over Europe supporting "Evermore" now its taking all my time to get up for a friendly. Gtf Mr. Strachan ffs before it gets any worse!!
  11. Ha ha I didn't realise referee's were nae allowed a pint or be allowed oot in public either. How dare he........
  12. What's this got to do with Edinburgh City.....
  13. He's only a young lad and to be fair left back I don't think is his preferred first position.
  14. Dearie me Mr. Pilcher doesn't half age watching a game of football if that's him right behind you
  15. Oh ohh he's the best defender!!