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  1. 'mon the Kiwis!
  2. Top stuff. Nice to see us shift up a gear or two from Saturday and we are on a very tidy run of wins. Loved the passing and movement at times and the last goal was particularly sweet. Pleased for Rooney who is bagging them again in good fashion. Loud support as well, from what I heard on Radio 5 Live and the telly. Jubblies!
  3. 569/7 will do.
  4. Starting on a Sunday has confused everyone! Ooo-err. Anyhoo, a good first day and surely (!) we can't go on to lose this one! - draw at worst? Decent first inns and then a declaration if we don't have a spazzy batting collapse.
  5. Yep. We're crap at just about everything right now!
  6. Oh dear, five down now at lunch. I'm Rooting for Joe!
  7. Root will be Test captain one day.
  8. It's a strange thing for me, wanting an away win at C.P. ....
  9. I'll back the Jerries for this job, just.
  10. Get it there, Broad! 178/5 now ....
  11. These Tests v India will be a good challenge re: Cook's captaincy; I reckon that it's make or brake for him as skipper. Will also be interesting to see if Jimmy Anderson still has the look of a five-star bowler. Home conditions should suit but we've been a bit shite of late (let's not mention the Ashes, Sri Lanka ...!) so I'll not be surprised if India take something from this series.
  12. Roman.