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  1. Brechin City v Falkirk

    Still been humped by Dunfermline, livvy and had very indifferent performances to pinpoint it all on two bit part players. Reality is we beat a poor dufc, scrapped by QoS, Morton and beat Brechin twice without them. Onwards and upwards but I wouldn't repeatedly pinpoint blame on either Kerr or Miller for our season as I'm sure we will sink low again, Houston should've left after playoffs for me, may not have made us better but his time was up more than the two you pinpoint the blame towards repeatedly for me
  2. Brechin City v Falkirk

    I totally agree with the holly status they both hold, like yourself I've witnessed the booing when both came back with other clubs but they both came back and performed well 2nd time around and we have been as bad if not worse when they weren't playing, just feel its harsh to repeatedly pinpoint players who were meant to bit part players. In Miller especially who got most abuse after leaving us but became part of the furniture in the junior bairns and development side of things in his 2nd coming
  3. Brechin City v Falkirk

    I don't know what you have against Miller and Kerr, both were allegedly to be part bit players this season but I wouldn't pinpoint them being the reason if anything our business for players in made them be used more. We needed a clear out or better players in post utd game, tho I'd say Houston should've left after utd debacle. I'm sure Livvy aren't complaining that Miller scoring against the Ross machine today and doing a job, perhaps route one and new club giving him new lease.
  4. Brechin City v Falkirk

    I'll slate bad performances but a win is a win and there is no negative in that and I don't see the point of being 80-100% negative after that....I will have a much lower negativity....but a wins a win
  5. Brechin City v Falkirk

    Names of players please you feel are better ? Please take into are available and within our budget roughly.... Sing when your winning, on paper is usually a flip to sicken the opposite fans but the way this league is bar St mirren and Brechin, its how this league is. We were better the 2nd half and won.....so its sing when your winning for me and not slate players from a more successful era.
  6. Brechin City v Falkirk

    Far too keen to drop to the ground today when challenged and not chase the lost cause, obviously today's pitch, surroundings didn't get him up for it Loy perhaps today but the worst of the back three today was McGhee. Blaming previous players isn't the answer to our failure, sibbald wasn't as good as Longridge today, is he in with your blame game ?
  7. Brechin City v Falkirk

    Today's game will have pleased the followers of the funny shaped ball game. I feel I've been hoodwinked into watching a game of rugby
  8. Probably more complex than for any of us to pinpoint to the exact point but having done the same at ICT gives more an indication that's in his locker....to quote one of Yogis well used phrases. A better manager would've united everyone, without fans, you don't have a club
  9. Brechin City v Falkirk

    Wits the odds on a Harris hat-trick... I've heard he has a Paul Daniels magic set
  10. That letter probably had part of the blame, tho it was clearly out there that the bairnstrust letter wasn't the view of the majority of the Falkirk fans. Yogi was under pressure pre that letter and the them and us was lingering afore that. He did the exact same at Inverness. I still feel it took till we had to play the kids 3 seasons later that the divide was gone, the board share some blame but it started way back with Yogi. If you want to find pictures of the challenge cup win with the kids and compare them to Inverness, I'm sure you'd find it night and day with a piddly cup that is a nothing cup versus top league safety
  11. The season in question he took the players and management away from the fans was his last, the relevance of the DUFC picture is not that season. The majority of the players up at Inverness stood far away from fans that day and applauded like it was just another game, it was pretty much look warm celebration for the most of the players that day due to the us and them divide, I was told the board had a meeting after the ICT game and decided Yogis time was up as the same us and them was also with the board........thankfully Hibs gave us money for services
  12. McMenamin was away by January I think, Xausa I think February to go to an Canadian team, sure shivelheid was loaned out also and Jason Lee released from his contract. I seem to remember Latapy up top himself getting balls hoofed to him thinking why dont we just play no strikers. I knew I'd forgotten one striker and it was McBreen. I always think fondly going to starks park knowing Thomson was out and Duffy and fearing the worst but McBreen and Pedro were superb that day. The promotion season under Hughes was superb, only downside was losing two home games at the end, always been my dream to see us go a full season unbeaten at home
  13. The same press/media that had Pressley as the messiah of football We were top of the league for a short short spell that season and had a decent budget, the likes of Oneil, Jason Lee, Latapy etc wouldn't have been on buttons. The main issue I had was the squad he left us at the tail end and after January leaving us playing Latapy as a striker as we only had Andy Rodgers as our only recognised striker and we all know their history. Whereas following season we had Pedro, Thomson and Duffy to fill 2 places. My main gripe with Hughes is how he took the players and management away from the fans, it took 3 seasons to get that back. The great escape v ICT was an epic day, the players tho were very stand offish in celebration, days gone by and now they'd have been players in stand with us. His playing career with us will never be questioned, management usually ruins that in someway as returning players as manager and very rarely ends on a high....tho if we had beat Rangers in cup that day, I'm sure we all would've erased the bad.....football fans are fickle that way
  14. Top 6 finishes with Inverness and won the Scottish cup, I wouldn't judge that as failure. His biggest failure now is he thinks he knows it all and the end of his ict career and Raith, he gave the impression he was bigger than the club and that never goes down well no matter the level. I said when he left that I wouldn't be surprised if he would be back one day manager again, stranger things have happened
  15. I was there and loved the huge cheer when we scored and the we're gonna win 7-6 song after it Ross Wallace was outstanding that night for Celtic and I think the only non international player of the Celtic so called reserve squad that also had a world cup winner and champions league winner in the 11 and five internationalists on the bench.
  16. Brechin City v Falkirk

    Houstons time was up but I think our performances post Houston v Morton, Livvy, Dunfermline, Inverness, QOTS and Dundee Utd were far the worst of our season where we looked like we hadnt met each other and never seen a ball before I dont think anyone is safe from criticism its part of the game, in Sibbs and Taiwo may get lenient views at times due to previous but when they are having a mare, then its safe to say this will be pointed out, Tams game v Livvy recently was probably his worst in a FFC jersey for me. I also think Muirhead is firmly in the managers plans for next season, I wouldnt be surprised if the latter mentioned above werent albeit Kidd has had some tidy games in the midfield
  17. Aye if you are playing Football manager I dont see any of our managers being touted for jobs at the higher level of the championship or prem down south. I cant even think of a manager who has left managing in Scotland to get a decent job in the championship apart from Strachan in recent years and that wasnt yesterday, never mind a manager who has managed Alloa and then St Mirren to a great escape in 3/4 of a season and probably a league title. Stubb's of course got a gig at Rotherham but that shows where winning a cup up here whilst 2nd tier gets you, a club that were favourites to go down, tho he did it in style. The managers who are currently employed up here will have to do a lot more to be seriously considered with jobs in the top two leagues down south, Rodgers could win 3 or 4 trebles and still be considered no better than he left England to manage up here due to the competition. I personally feel I have more chance of getting the Barnsley job than Ross, In time Ross may get the chance of such a job of a lower end strugglers in the 2nd tier but only once he has done something in the top league up here or cups.
  18. I dont think anyone in the next round would have made anyone moist for the cup tbh, it was and array of teams that you thought naw at them all Killie may have brought out the revenge for recent past but they wouldve ripped us up, I actually thought we wouldve got Hearts as we always seem to do. Id have preferred a home tie but heyho, make money might be the worst part out of it, tho I do reckon we will get pumped so maybe the worst part isnt the case. Rangers can sometimes be a bit wonky and we can only hope they are on the 3rd/4th. Expect the unexpected......tho there should be an expansive version for occasions like this
  19. Brechin City v Falkirk

    Anyone worked out when Brechin are officially play offs or relegated ? I suspect it's more ssssssssssss to the bomb goes off and not tick tock There is part of me thinking if we don't turn up we could be first, hopefully Hartley has them fired up for this week and next week to springboard us up to loftier places
  20. Yep a player deliberately put back spin on the ball to piss off our keeper when passing it back. A grade A waster who flourished a bit with an overachieving Raith, then was found out.
  21. Cove Rangers V Falkirk

    I thot 2min in, here we go, goal fest tbh... Pity about the other 43 min Jak and Loy aren't taller in a slope, so high ball repeat wont change that with a slope
  22. Cove Rangers V Falkirk

    Lost midfield battle, narrow pitch which probably makes a back four more suitable. Humping high balls to jak and Loy doesn't help
  23. Cove Rangers V Falkirk

  24. Cove Rangers V Falkirk

    I actually thot he was decent when he played against us, I notice his faither also played for Cove
  25. Who will be Brechin's first?

    I can't see Brechin winning until the final two games of the season, where a club might downtools, play kids or have reached their final position and rest players for either injuries or suspensions pre play offs. They didn't have the same grit or determination they perhaps had previously, there defending last night made our defence look like a 70s Italian international defence..