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  1. I don't think its treated fully with any respect now till the quarter finals, a bit like the challenge cup although its not until the semis with that one. Always a few shocks due to early start and most teams still doing pre season training and transfers. I'm pretty glad I'm away when its on, tho a piss up in Forfar sounds ideal, tho will get them midweek or at home now !!!
  2. Tbf he wasn't 100% fit that day and shouldn't had played according to Houstie, we were the walking wounded leading up to the play offs that season I'm sure there was another game in that Houston moved Sibbald to right Mid and Alston to right back to get Hippo on at left mid which destroyed our shape and made both Sibbs and Alston look stupid. So, not a full back
  3. Give me a manager who doesnt pick from previous club for players ? ps dont say Hartley with Falkirk...tho there is plenty im sure, most managers like to work with what they know, be it players or staff I cant see it being the Magennis, more the older one in McGinn as he has no time in bleeding in , Magennis maybe a side issue and project for Sunderland as they will have the cash to sign him but Jack needs players ready for the challenge of Div 1 and not players who are maybe ready.
  4. Hughes in his last season at ICT and recently Raith I think he started believing all the press articles written about him. No one can take the over achieving at ICT away albeit in a time when one of the ugly sisters were out the league in which many clubs did over achieve. There is a decent manager in there, no one can deny him his achievements other than his ego and him running out of ideas which I think has happened at three of the clubs he managed at. I honestly can't directly think of a favourite for the job, mentions of Hopkin but don't think he'd be favourite surely
  5. If Sibbald does stay in this league out with ourselves, it will be for £s and not ambition.
  6. I'm not too sure if I read into that, we had McGhee on a similar option and he signed Hartley would be seen as spinning us a story at the meetings otherwise
  7. I suppose depends on the ties with the options of another year entails on Sibbalds contract, we know that Sibbald stalled in signing the contract last season with the option for another year, so maybe we have a clause for a small fee if he doesnt sign on again. Although he owes us nothing, I personally think he owes us another year with us sticking by him after he danced off to Luton and the injury plagued and indifferent form last season and he could have better options come next May with a better season under his belt, but if he goes which I expect he will, good luck to him. I expect some of our support to be not as supporting when he does leave tho, but he hasn't progressed as he could've for me, which is why he is still here
  8. Our season starting afore the world cup ends will hugely factor any loan signing from down south as we ask how high to jump to BT sports with our pre season league cup exploits which for me belittles the cup even more I want to win every game
  9. I never suggested disruptive, that's something very few will know the actual truth about. My opinion was of players that were either not good enough or head strong to play for Falkirk last season and contributed nothing to note
  10. On paper a good appointment but league one can be a hard league to get out of also, not so long ago we had Forest and Leeds take a few years to get out, Sheffield Utd rotted a good while there too, then there is success stories like Blackburn and Wolves in recent years. Its a ground Id like to visit as it looks amazing for atmosphere when near full or close to being full. The panto season with is he is he not is hopefully cleared up soon, dont think it does any side any favours
  11. If he gets it right at Sunderland, they will bypass Ipswich for ambition......tho as said its a clusterfuk of a club in recent years
  12. Massive club but a bit of a headfuk of a club in the last 10 or so years. A bit of a shitter for St Mirren as we know a wrong appointment will see the top 6 expectations drop all seriousness, feel for you all with that bombshell, not a great day for you all
  13. That's like saying Alex Smith is a better manager than Paul Hartley because he got two wins out the players at his disposal pre January, whereas Hartley got one and even had the advantage to adding with Tumilty Still if you cant see that a win-less streak with a inexperienced left back and 8 changes from two differing performances v Utd pre and post transers is more a factor than two players leaving, then I will leave you arguing with yourself over your maybe facts to my actual facts Pretty obvious surely, Im not one to hound, call wage thief or say they are to blame for our results but the three I have in mind are either not good enough or didnt have the correct mind set to contribute last season, whereas the Falkirk 2 contributed more albeit being blamed for us being pish, although we were still pish when they left
  14. Not an apologist, shamed at how our fans have reacted to someone who has gave a lot to our club and in your case called it with a maybe situation especially as I repeat bigger culprits are still at the club. I still cant believe you are still trying to convince yourself with the since Miller and Kerr have gone results improved, whereas the biggest factor for sure was players coming in, considering Miller never started more than 3 games, eight changes from the shameful 3-0 defeat at tannadice and the 6-1 home win v Utd I dont think its bizarre at all to point a finger at firstly Houston for not having a 2nd option for left back when the problems down the left hand side of defence resulted in us losing a goal sometimes 2 goals a game down that side, which for me bred that losing mentality within the squad. The stats dont lie that we never won a league game in which Gallacher played in, I think thats more plausible than blaming Miller that never started and Mark Kerr. We couldnt even beat Brechin with Gallacher in the team. It really wasnt a surprise that when Smith moved McGhee to left back we looked far more solid and won a game. As for next season, there is no hiding place for Hartley this coming season, all very well signing players outside the central belt, there are some diddies down south too tho but I was more convinced with him at the meeting at BTW than I was afore, still talk is cheap
  15. Im not a Miller apologist, I just wont judge people on a maybe option, tends to work out better that way. I do know that Livvy play to his strengths in winning fouls aerial battles from 70 yards onwards from goal tho his age caught up with him with so many games in a short space If you want to think a player let the team down with 3 starts in the league and yet can state results got better without acknowledging 6 or 7 changes in the 11 took place, I am sorry I can only see one person being naive. I personally put a lot of it down to having a left back who could defend albeit Robson's form tailed off at the end of the season We still had scary performances/results January onwards the minute Kerr, Miller and guessing Austin were told shooo, a heartless display against pars in 2-0 defeat and return heartless in home defeat against pars, performance of the season against utd granted, heartless shambles at Inverness after Utd win which was up there with the Utd 3-0 away loss, it was all still a roller coaster ride post January and easily couldve been one way down in the last 7 games if it wasnt for a rub of the green for once and meaningless fixtures in the last three games for our opposition. We still have a long way to go to prove we are going in the right direction and for me players still at the club who are more worthy of pointing fingers at than two players who were never meant to be for the first 11 last season and in Millers case wasnt but blame away at a player who rarely played
  16. So a league appearance total of 3 starts makes Miller a wage thief ? You have spelt all I need to know with the word maybe As for coincidence results changed, I think id look more towards the 6 or 7 changes in the starting 11 and not basing it all on one or two players whom were meant to be bit part players last season. The biggest clutch of straws I've seen for years
  17. I think you are being generous for some in that it will be a quarter a way through the season that the knives will be out, 2 or 3 games into the League (pre season) cup will see them out if we havent beaten Peterhead by 5 goals. I recall us having our end of season party in October under Jim Jeffries first season, so its nothing new nor is screaming wimen
  18. Blaming Miller full stop is madness, considering he only started 3 league games and 1 cup game from July to January. As for blood and guts performances for Livi, he did versus Livi for us. He is obviously getting more game time with Livi, probably more starts in 30days than he did in the last 7 months with us and an opportunity to provide aerial battles for Livi more than he did with us as a lot of their game is set plays, long throws etc. Miller really has been a bit player for us in the 2nd coming, only a short 9 game or so spell when he was a starter, but he has scored some important goals for us, the last full season being our most effective striker per points gained. He can hold his head high as far as I'm concerned, plenty last season can't whom haven't put the same effort back to the club as Miller has, far too much bitterness with very little proof to the abuse he has got, I'm awaiting Scott Shepherd wage thief based on Millers 4 starts and being one...
  19. Setting female football opinions back 20yr #onlyheretoseemenslegs See James Craigen whom played like a man possessed v Utd and a man distressed throughout his Falkirk career This will be Lee Miller who started 4 games for us last season 2 wins a draw and a defeat, thats like Livi form !!! The draw in question v Livvy away, himself or McGhee being MoM and Miller proving he could mix it like Livi do, I personally think Hopkin wouldve noticed that night he could and was a no brainer to add him.
  20. I can see Partick struggle also, most teams do when relegated and some get worse. They are a mess of a team and deserve to come down, I had to laugh watching the highlights later on again and the commentators go on about playing the Thistle way. As far as budgets mentioned with parachute payments and Roys cash at County, this league doesnt always comply to having the biggest budget = championship winners or even position in the table, only Hibs and Rangers in recent years does that apply to
  21. Dundee United 2018/2019

    Unless your paying Scobbie to wear our Fergus the fox mascot suit next season, he won't be anywhere near Falkirk. I think St Johnstone hit it on the nail last season with offering him less money and pay as you play bonus. The injuries have caught up with him and doesn't seem to have the hunger he once had
  22. Dundee United 2018/2019

    To ease the pain a bit re Murdoch, we nearly made him one of our highest paid players and offered him captaincy to stay(as if being captain makes a difference) he didn't and went south. He was always one of those players in centre mid you didn't notice and occasionally did, I'm sure he went to right back once or twice for us and was stinking, so was surprised he played a large portion of his games at full back for ur lot. Is it too early for a poll when csaba will be gone ?
  23. Dundee United 2018/2019

    Two players in two season we lost that came from the the English leagues as last season we really only lost a loan goalie in Rodgers who wasnt playing, McCracken again wasnt playing, McHugh who also wasnt playing, Aird who wasnt playing, Baird who wasnt scoring and played less games and Leahy. The latter is the only one Id say we missed and I still blame last season on Houston for not getting a replacement in for him as that was the confidence and demise of that team there and then. It will be interesting to see who Utd bring in as they have freed a hell of a lot some of which have been around since top league relegation, something we shouldve done last season instead of giving some our flops one year contracts.
  24. Dundee United 2018/2019

    Yep Aird was on the radar of premiership teams so much so he agreed verbally to sign on at the pars for a year..... Clark scoring against part timers all his career, I'll give him that and funnily as I predicted no one higher up than this level interested in Clark and there is a reason for that. Im surprised at the freeing of Moshni, I think there is a player in there when his head isnt on the glue and has that wee bit of swagger that you probably like when he is your player and think he is a bigger dick when he isnt your player. The example of that was the back heel against Livvy, he also won everything in the air against Livvy 1st leg tho his head was on glue 2nd leg, still I think you couldve used a chair and it improved the centre halves at United. I still think its a very open league next season and 8 teams will be looking to at least pushing for play offs, probably same last season but 8 have a genuine chance and it wouldnt surprise me if the 2 I'm ruling out may surprise a few of us
  25. https://www.clubwebsite.co.uk/buckiethistle/283866/Home