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  1. I guess if its a tie on goals scored with a.nother (Cummins) then bookies pay out ? Never ever had a bet on top goalscorer ever. I'm just hoping Baird, Miller and Sibbald add to their totals.
  2. I'd give financial cheats a 10pts penalty for 5 or 10 yr, which may have seen the pars in the 4th tier the year you finished 7th in the 3rd tier. I'd be more embarrassed on the Hopkirk dive, at least there was contact of sorts with Hippo, Hopkirk used a diving board and thin air to con the ref.
  3. Dont have the tools at hand to sort that at the moment and used what I have The Pars didnt have the same approach to finance tho The facts are there to see tho, pictures would help the Pars I suppose
  4. Sums it up, the 3pts coming to Falkirk. Financial cheats should start the next 10 seasons with a 10pt penalty in my book, then they wouldnt be so careless spending money they dont have
  5. So you'd rather start a player who has been proven to have an awful goal per start ratio all because he scores a few goals as a sub. Funnily I don't buy into that especially when Paul Watson has a better ratio per starts
  6. Nothing will change this tho, we move on with something to play for
  7. 3 goals from McHugh in nearly 2 seasons from league starts, says a no from me. Id have had him on as a sub on Saturday tho I wouldnt be surprised if we started with Miller and Baird again, Id rather it was Baird and Austin but it will be Baird and A.Nother There maybe even a chance of the same starting 11 again on Saturday, I wouldnt be surprised tbh
  8. Leahy was all over the place again on Saturday and Hippo didn't play that well either. If that's your justification that Leahy is better than with Hippo, its a poor one. Its pretty simple, Leahy strength is going forward, hippo nullifies that. I could give you a dozen or so great interaction play between Sibbald and Leahy off the top of my head, Hippo and Leahy Zero
  9. That's baws, Leahys best strength is attacking which is never used when Hippo is in front of him, he is just a defender. The link up play with Leahy and Sibbald is a joy to watch at times and creates a lot of our chances, Hippo is a one man show, whereas Sibbald and Leahy will pass and move, play into space
  10. Leahy was the worst player on the park v St Mirren, wasn't much better last week and losing a header in the lead up to goal, for me he is showing the same form currently that got him dropped in the first place. His use of the ball has been poor recently, he had a real zip about his play when reinstated, just not doing it for me, especially last two games
  11. Surely you are all related that part of the woods, if not, I apologise for assuming the deformity was keeping Dunfermline as one big family
  12. The Falkirk tv highlight makes it look like a stonewall pen and speaking from my view behind the goals I was adamant it was a definite pen. The key point to some extent is in real time its not as obvious a dive, whereas slowed down and camera from opposite angle it may look otherwise. I personally dont think its clear cut taking in all the angles to punish, what may make a difference is the stories that Hippo was bragging going up the tunnel and admitting it, if that was the case. The SPFL may feel to take action due to that highlighting it to the public. Id be surprised tho if there was any action, I cant recall any action being taken similar in the leagues below the top one, we are the leagues they ignore
  13. Alex Totten goes on about it in his days of playing and goes back further than that. The term derby is loosely used and us hardly a bad word to use. My English team has games classed derbies against teams not that close to them and in different countries. You either see it as a rival/derby game or not, it doesn't take anything away from it has been classed that way from people who don't even attend the games and also have nothing to gain from saying so. I suppose you have to deflect from taking 1pt from 12pt Yep, how much debt did you write off ? Your sister on her period or not putting out tonight ?
  14. Rogers was injured, suspected hernia then wasnt, in the meantime Thomson has came in and looked great, seems to have a velcro grip with the ball, so far, not afraid of crossed balls and has made some decent saves. Rogers this season hasnt reached the standards he set last season and at times seemed that a good shot at him equalled goal.
  15. I was surprised when you signed him on a 2 yr contract on the basis of being poor previously with UTD(relegation) and ditto with us. If he had anything about him, he surely wouldve made a difference to us and at least been in and out of the starting 11. My biggest gripe was his poor passing, simple passes at times but mainly the eye of the needle passes that were telegraphed to block, decent touch but thats no use if you cant use the ball. He definitely was trying too hard against us in the last game and in result was poor and subbed. Im hoping Baird is due a little purple patch again, hopefully the next 6 or 8 games, his workrate isnt a question, tho suffers a bit of the Rankin part of trying to hard against Queens. Thomson is the better goalie for me, better handling, better at crossed balls and can kick a ball to the opposite penalty box. No arguments from me with that line up, the only thing Id consider is Gallacher in for Leahy, Leahy has been off the boil the last few weeks and with Hippo in front of him, he doesnt really get forward as much or used as an attacking fullback, tho Gallacher worked better with Hippo and is better defensively. Id go Baird with Austin, having Miller as a sub to go either change from Austin or double aerial threat, gives us more options, then Bob is the super sub