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  1. Falkirk v St Mirren

    I don't think they have the cash flow to do so, the Robertson money coming in is over 2 or 3 year, they made massive losses last year and although they have cut the cloth in playing staff, the crowds generated this season surely can't be cost effective to what they have cut the cloth to. Tho, they may take a leaf out their neighbours and spend what they dont have
  2. Location being the problem, anyone going to the pub to watch the game will obviously choose one in town. I await the advertising gimmick to try to entice fans....cranes, hot spa, sit in a c5 I think they'd seriously need to push the boat out for it to become a going concern other than matchdays, its great that its happens but the Amarillo suite (or whatever its called now) is an example that its not got legs in it to be a 365 day business. Perhaps it should've been in the plans when built but bigger and should've kept parts of brockville to brockville it up, seats from the stand, terracing etc....hindsight is a beautiful thing tho Great that its there tho, still plenty options to make it something special
  3. Dundee United 2017/2018

    My use of midfielders was aiming at Murdoch.... Both make Muirhead look like Danny McGrain
  4. Queens v Falkirk

    still only 25 and played for Clyde on Saturday for their 4-1 pumping from Peterhead...... Sometimes you wonder promoting kids at an early age and having them do a mans job can be problematic in the years ahead.........that or his joints are pants
  5. Queens v Falkirk

    It was actually 6 on the trot tho a defence of Duffie, McCracken Vaulks and Kingsley tells its own story....three possibly four would walk into our team the now
  6. Dundee United 2017/2018

    He still playing full back ? bewildering the money you have at your disposal and you end up playing midfielders for full backs
  7. Queens v Falkirk

    Gary Holt season, where we surprisingly had 6 on the trot
  8. Queens v Falkirk

    Their pitch is awful tho, even the queens fans are acknowledging what many have said for years
  9. Queens v Falkirk

    What happened to the other two goals we scored ? I dunno wot to make of Queens this season, results appear to be only slightly better than ours so far. Queens have the bragging rights for the previous result against us but that was when our defence were pretty generous pointing and holding doors open for the opposition to score. I expect another 4-2-3-1 formation on Saturday, hopefully Loy on the bench
  10. Falkirk v St Mirren

    Unless they buy the league in January, I don't think McKinnon has built a team that could skoosh this league. I've just read Pressley is an outside contender....please please and please
  11. Falkirk v St Mirren

    I doubt Walter played a centre half who is naturally right or left footed on the opposite side of his natural preference, the centre halves I can think of he used played full back large spells of their career and some internationally in that position, Dominating Scottish football with either evil twin doesn't really stand much ground tho. The zero wins till December is no surprise, the overall standard was greater last season, tho a few clubs had car crash moments with form. Its gonna be an interesting title race, not even a decent appointment at UTD will guarantee them top spot, unless they splash cash in January. They may have spent the most cash this season, it doesn't show with the 11 they put out
  12. Falkirk v St Mirren

    I don't think you could get such an imbalanced squad than ours if you tried, no fullbacks, playing four centre halves as a back four, one naturally right sided as a left back and the rest of the imbalance described earlier. As for slow start, nearly hitting November and we haven't started yet Obvious Ross set up st mirren for a point and perhaps sneak it Better squads with 6 centre halves. 6 central midfielders and currently one striker and we have won once in the league since February at home. The standard this season is poor, would you pay again to watch yesterday's game again ?
  13. Falkirk v St Mirren

    He's back training on Monday, I don't think Hartley is the type of manager who would play someone because his hand is forced. Time will tell re Loy but Loy has the attributes Hartley likes and demands from his players
  14. Falkirk v St Mirren

    Time will tell re Hartley but a manager with three promotions and a top 6 finish in the top league with a club the size of ours, kinda suggests he either carries a lot of luck or knows a thing or two Nope, debatable what was worse tho taking over a very much similar unbalanced squad with 6 centre halves on decent money, too many defensive snail paced central midfielders and probably two strikers out of five that with either ability or could last 90 mins and one of the two is currently AWOL The fact Hartley trusted a 17yr old who no one knew much to make his debut shows how much faith he has in what cards he has been left to play with
  15. Falkirk v St Mirren

    Funnily I somehow didnt follow St Mirren's results week on week on last season or this season to make some sort of chart, tho 2 league wins in nearly 5 month probably gave me that impression that it was greater than 2 months