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  1. Why stop at 5th August..... I think we can date it back a season. It will be doom and gloom in how much the missing 500 or so season tickets are hurting them financially, wouldn't be surprised if it was said that the board are filling the gap and the only way we can invest in squad is the recent fund raising event thing. Houston will say Loy will be a final piece of the jigsaw in our team once fit, we needed a right sided mid in Harris and a goalkeeper in Mitchell. His hands are tied due to the missing 500. I tend to find that these meetings pre going can look like they will be messy are usually defused and most fans are disappointed on the way out.
  2. Our goal on Saturday with 9 men was the pass and move we showed 5 week ago onwards till St Mirren , so we have the game in us. The ability to defend when it was needed has shown us up badly and basically continued from last seasons poor defensive showings. Hopefully it will click sooner rather later to at least spirited yaas, questions do need to be asked about a huge imbalanced squad tho.
  3. John Rankin ?
  4. Thomson Luca Muirhead Grant Gallacher McKee. Taiwo Craigen. Harris/Hippo Loy/Austin O'Hara It will probably be Thomson Luca. Grant Watson. Gallagher Taiwo. Kerr McKee. Hippo/Harris O'Hara loy/Austin
  5. I suppose the level of fall out of Muirhead and fitness of Loy and Hippo. It would be madness and point out fully the imbalance of our squad if we have no defensive cover on the bench if we continue to use Grant, Watson and Luca in the 11
  6. Sure Shepherd can catch a 35yr Dobbie who is obviously struggling after playing more games than he is used to from last season.... I dunno wot to think of the game but I should get to see one my recent favourite Falkirk players in John Rankin
  7. I spelt it out before a ball was kicked on Saturday that I feared a Luca and Watson partnership, surely no one has forgot the comedy capers at the last Dufc game. I'd probably look at a back three for Saturday but Houston won't, wouldn't be surprised if he went for 5 at the back tho. One thing about Saturday is our bench will be pretty sparse, if Finlayson isn't considered for the 11, surely will be on the bench
  8. I was happy enough to point out your stupidity
  9. Simulation is simulation, what part are you struggling with ?
  10. Simulation is simulation..... Shameful coward
  11. What's the difference between Hippos dive and Cardles actions ? None, he feels the need to roll about holding his face when being kicked by 5ft 2in Sibbald.... Its an embarrassment
  12. Gallacher is a baller and that's probably got recognised in a league where Shepherd is lethal. We need left back pronto or a formation that takes the defending to a lesser importance, anyone watching us will pin point the left hand side
  13. When our goals lost come mainly from the left hand side or central, I think he is looking at the wrong side. Houston has failed, there's where the problem lies, he has obviously lost the dressing room, fails to promote youth and has left us with a hugely imbalanced squad
  14. Sibbald will never be a Stainrod, Latapy or Crunchie...he is decent on game nothing more, which is why he hasn't moved. No complaints with sending off, ref depending it's a yellow....I'd be more ashamed of cardle holding his face
  15. Saving grace is 9 v 11 it was 1-1 I said pre kick off that Watson and Luca is free for all The fact Houston got Grant on 2nd half suggests he got it wrong, really a repeat from his sections and subs from last season. We need a left back, sorry we may have missed the Ryan Blair boat, sell him before he is overly pish first team. I still don't understand the Moorhead sub, where the left hand side and centre of defence was our weakness. Probably muirhead spoke out, so get used to Luca at right back whilst Houstie is in charge. Fifers deserved the win, the speed the fight in the first half, they showed fuk all 2nd half. It's not all lost this early but I honestly can't see it improving whilst the juggler is in charge