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  1. I hope you were sitting down for the pish that he was Utd's best player.... I'll need a week to stop laughing at that
  2. He is done and will be on a decent wage, do I need to go on ?
  3. Flood at wingback ? The squad so far is certainly going towards the 5-5-0 Levein had as Scotland manager One of my biggest embarrassments last season was Flood scoring from there against us. Im loving the fact that nearly every Par is attempting to turn it around to he was Utd's best player or he wont be starting, very much a lot of our fans re Longridge with him being a squad player if he re-signed for us, tho we will never know re Longridge with us, we will for sure find out if Flood was Utd's best player or a squad player for Dunf, I personally think he will be on a decent wedge, will be a starter and will probably lose the plot again. I dreaded us signing Flood, I am pretty sure there were various clubs fans in this league with same thought, thank you
  4. I had it in my head Ollie was a shoulder offside, latterly I was undecided im sure in the updated var, my heart and head ruled it was onside, tbh I'd rather it came down to on the day So you have just prove to me that your answer is right...well not, the case I pointed towards that one persons opinion isn't exactly factual unlike goal line tech where its black or white, nothing really changed with var, personally the two decisions I seen were incorrect and other ex pros agreed, not just me We will never get 100% from var
  5. One conclusive.....one a bag o shite
  6. Tbf we were Airdrie fc under a Falkirk badge and not x y z a b c d e f h l v from all over the place, history suggests Jeffries first season, the mind says create history I've only seen two of the var decisions, both I'd say weren't pens and obv in both I seen weren't pens and they got it right first time kinda brings in my thots overall about var, in that its never ever gonna be 100% conclusive. The ref has I dunno wot, 3 or 4 looks at it, if not less and sometimes it takes 5,6 or more to come to a decision and even then its not right. Its been proven with var so far that one agrees and one doesn't, its not always conclusive. I actually like a bit controversy in games post, the ball crossing line is all we need as far as I'm concerned, var doesn't solve it all. On that tho, I don't think it will continue as its been proven so far to still split the decision and not gave a 100% answer.
  7. I never seen one bit of any Tranmere fan dis Vaulks other that he was untried and unknown, majority feel he couldve done a job Moore did diss him whilst at Tranmere and has been repeatedly slagged in bt sport non league coverage of which he has held his hand up to and said even in the recent play offs he got it wrong
  8. Tell me how he has done when he jumped up two leagues against pro players and not plumbers, fitness type people, joiners etc Have you seen him in a league thats not 80% part time ? Names please, I need a fukn giggle Spoke to my Portuguese neighbour last night through interpretation, I mentioned Tiagio, Vitor Lima and Pedro........he only recognised Pedro Top bloke, maybe not always on the park but a top bloke..... My heartache of them beating us (Tranmere) and being at both legs in the play offs haunt me.... monkeyhangers always ginger god in my eyes Where did you see Tranmere fans patter re Vaulks ? Being a Tranmere fan, majority I got was unknown and maybe couldve done a job or he couldve done a job, no negativity for my knowledge I loved Inverness as a place and always had a soft spot regarding the team also when you were in lower leagues, the love became more when you signed ex Tranmere players.... Inverness and Motherwell had made of job of signing such players from lower english leagues and selling them on for mad fees..... On paper makes sense than signing jobbers who then fall down the leagues after perhaps doing a job or in most case not, that they are done. Its a sexy and perhaps more hype signing players outside the Scotland market but there has been some top drawer donkeys also Im not too sure we have found a position that suits McGhee yet......... He was honking as left wing back but ok as a fullback on the left, tho Id say a wing back and a fullback arent as much of a difference Loved him as a Tranmere player, tho his hot head probably cost him and I think a around a 10k offer to go to Macc had them cutting there losses re his mad heid
  9. The fact he is fighting the fine suggests Rangers are paying him silly money #neverlearn He will be lucky to get a 4 or 5k wage now in Scotland, the fact he has shown interest in Livvy manager role suggests he is willing to go down to similar to what he earned 20yr ago. Never fully rated him, tho he did have a right purple patch at Derby and Scotland. Tho I caught a few live Rangers games and he seemed to be their best player, shows the massive job Gerrard has and the state of Scottish fitba. Thankfully he won't be near us
  10. Hiya Kev O'Hara I'll take that.... Tho scarily I've had season tickets way before he was born and probably when his mum was going through puberty
  11. Houston shafted him on the season when he went on loan to East Fife, he did very much as above, wasnt automatic choice, became automatic choice then forced to come back to sit in the stand and play development football, where he shouldve spent the season at East Fife as he had found his feet, scoring a hat trick in a development game and not being even in the squad when we were struggling to score goals with Miller, Baird and McHugh albeit Austin found his feet a bit in the 2nd half of that season but still went missing like the others. I am not O'Hara or sticking up for him again as Id have had him and Shepherd gone but can see Hartley logic in that a 1yr contract and his age may see him reach near the potential seen in him way back, if not, its a low wage and worth the gamble as far as I am concerned, he for sure put the work in within the gym last season, hopefully this season is the same and he gets the rewards
  12. Or the Pars signing Scott Shepherd and/or Alex Harris and/or Sean Welsh. I think id rather avoid Alloa, first game of the season can see teams start with a buzz especially in Alloa's case with them punching above their weight again and it being new and no fear, whereas a Partick or Ross County will still have the losing hangover and usually a crude awakening happens to relegated teams early on, so Id got for either of them please or the Pars
  13. I cant think of any ground where players come out of the stand behind the goals Is it because the main stand is crumbling mess or you are special and want to be treated that way ? maybe both tho...... I much preferred EEP when it was shared terracing down the one side, you can hardly hear a peep in the new set up whilst the area we had lies empty.
  14. I dont think anyone can say owt bad other than no fans to the St Johnstone model. I would think the time to gloat isnt when you have had probably the worst season in quite a while, having £2M in the bank doesnt change that. Its also not quite a decade we have been down here yet......also I think we have a bit of cash and not no money As for later post in that you will be relegated at some point, that usually is when a bad managerial appointment is made, I think that has been proven with us Eddie May, Inverness with Foran, St Mirren with Tommy Craig, Ross County with Owen Coyle etc..... Plenty mileage whilst you have St Mirren, Livvy and Hamilton in the league and perhaps outside bet with Dundee who can implode at any moment
  15. Money in the bank + bottom six finish = ceiling reached or no ambition