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  1. If Grant gets back to where he was I think he needs a change of club to get him going again, players can go stale in the same environment, then again some just go downwards. He clearly hasnt been the same player since the injury and been pretty injury prone since then I credit that season for turning the TFS into a ground that made you feel its home now, I know it obviously is but there was always a pine for Brockville. Improve on season before should be the remit and play offs the target as it wont be easy next season with a Ross County coming down with McGregors cash and a windfall from relegation, ditto if another club comes down. The best option for us would be if its only one club came down, Livvy team dissolve, Utd cut their cloth accordingly leaving the league pretty much open as relegated teams generally struggle. Its a clean slate next season for Hartley after this seasons charade/pish season as there has been very few highs, the lows for sure outweigh the highs
  2. The first game they beat us in the cup, I was impressed with them with the everyone knows their job, power, pace and 110% effort and for me they never reached those levels again, came close once but having sat through two 0-0 games and 1-0 cup win for us, it was more or closer to rugby or shinty in those games. I would of course take a 0-0 when we were shite tho, this seasson we have gave teams 3 goals of a start when we were shite !!! When it comes to budgets and below 4 figure crowds, its easy to see why you put Hopkins achievements high up there
  3. Livvy have gave it more than a go and deserve a hell of a lot of plaudits with their budget and losing the same amount of games as yourself proving the two wins you have against them as being the difference. I could knock their playing style but if any of the teams in this league went up to the top league and were sitting pretty 2nd and the style of football wasnt kind to the eye at times, I am sure no one would be giving one hell of a fuks, that said Im sure many would take it in this league !!!
  4. I'd say the opposite in that it was Houston's fault, the buck always falls on the manager and it was no coincidence we started picking up points when we got a left back in which for me was Houstons fault in not getting in a back up or first team left back if Gallacher didnt reach the levels required to be a first team player, we were losing a goal a game with him playing down the left hand side, sometimes more, You can also add Smiths two games in charge not playing Gallacher was the only real difference in the previous weeks under Houston resulting in two wins. You can also add in having started the season then getting in 2 more centre halves to give us around 7, that is simply bad management. Hartley also has to take some of the blame with the team he put out in the Utd game and the positions he ended up putting players in after Gallacher went off injured never mind starting him.
  5. I didn't think we were too bad the first half on Saturday, gave as good as we got. The 2nd half a different story, I don't think we have had two good half's in one game outside the Utd game, I'd say we are fitter tho. As for Welsh, he has been out for a season with injury and I'm sure he has some sort of illness or blood thing that disrupts his recovery, not seen enough of him but what I've seen, I wouldn't be buying my season ticket on him being there next year
  6. Not surprised this topic came about after we were out the running from Saturday of being unable to win the league. It surely must rank as one of the easiest championship wins for St Mirren, no one really has laid a glove you once you hit the top spot Hibs weren't all that last season, best of a bad bunch but did what they had to do,to take the gloss off slightly, St Mirren are the same this season albeit more consistent but factor in Brechin, Dumbarton and ourselves being pish over long periods kinda adds up. I'll applaud your lot on last game of the season, tho hopefully we get the three points to open the we are better than you debate on here. Only a Morton team could lose it from here.... #bookiessting
  7. Vaulks and 3 or 4 others weren't fully fit that day, that said Killie were a much more a physical team than we were and had the luxury of resting players whilst we were in two draining games. I don't think the current bottom clubs in the prem are as big and physical. The biggest downfall will be the back log of games livvy will play all crammed in pre the play offs which for sure gives the top league team an advantage. If we were (never been possible for me) to reach 4th, we would have something like 14 games to play in around 48 days to be successful this season.
  8. we cant win the league now......totally gutted
  9. Is there a pitch inspection time planned ? I can't see owt
  10. I think Blair would be too soft for Livvy on Saturday, he was fine v Morton where there was space to play in, it will be British bulldogs on Saturday.... I think Hartley may stick with the same 11 tho, no issue with that as no one let us down
  11. I've just had a look at the Dunfermline run in, Dumbarton last game where they will play a shadow side like Ayr did against us pre their play offs and having 5 home games will be the best chance you have had for play offs since promotion. The end of the day, I dont think there is a decent team in the league, a couple of effective teams but not decent
  12. Brechin away midweek wont be as clear cut as a home game.... Id have that, Dumbarton and maybe QOS for Brechin's chances of winning a game Our 6 away games in 9 rules us out of anything higher but we can spoil a few parties
  13. Id bring in Taiwo.....if fit......naturally
  14. hopefully gets him signed up with the rest of your duffers for next season
  15. Id have actually got rid of Taiwo last season, the injuries he had with Hibs and now us is catching up with him. We obviously missed him when we were rudderless, Im sure he was injured in 6 or 7 of the games we didnt win for 9 in a row and that includes the 3 straight defeats. He is probably averaging around 25 league games a season in his 4 seasons with us