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  1. This one was a free transfer, which you will know. After losing, Baird, McHugh, Leahy, McCracken, Aird and possibly Sibbald its natural that replacements will appear. One outfield player in and 5/6 out.
  2. Know the feeling too well....
  3. I'm sure there would've been a fair few who now aren't getting a season ticket but would have if we got a bums on seat signing, its not mindblowingly a huge number but if its 50-100 its £s that won't be there now Why did we bring in Duffy when we had Ian McSween ? Be consistent So the club started a rumour over a player who is in contract ? Remind me your Houstie didn't sound keen rumour re Loy ? Again be consistent
  4. 8 goals in that relegated Raith team, you bigged up the signing of Duffy who looked decent in a relegated Brechin team....... be consistent I'd rather we signed him and not a loan tho
  5. Before my if it was Martin Melvin I'd take him obviously with another striker in. He created havoc for us for Raith. We will just need to run it past Yogi first....!!!
  6. It would be a backward signing especially if it was for left back
  7. Scobbie seems nowadays to pick up injuries here and there, he's a centre half playing left back which is no good to us and as much as I had a soft spot for him, I'd not be overly keen for us to sign him. Fyvie is energetic, that's about it, his passing is worse than Taiwos, gets a nosebleed in the last third and Kerr's shooting is better !!!...nah for me Murdoch maybe made a poor move away from us but at right back, see Scobbie at left back but change to midfielder. He is also another with niggly injuries. Keatings is one of those enigma players, can do it but doesn't often enough. King hasn't kicked a ball since Hearts promotion season. Unless they get a tune out of Keatings, I don't particularly fear the utd signings
  8. The day I panic over Fyvie, is the day I'm in a coma. The Lennon hoofball has won you over it appears, avoid midfield hoof to tall bloke.....Lafferty next !!!
  9. A midfielder who can run about a lot, can't pass, can't tackle, can't shoot..... If only the game mattered how much you can run about a lot, we don't have one of them fair enough but the ball is more important.
  10. Sounds like Hibs couldn't afford him....
  11. Couldn't pass water or tackle a fish supper..... Did yous not offer him a reduced term contract....."speaks volumes" considering he's not in his late 30s
  12. Fyvie to me is one of those players that looks good because he runs about a lot, but taking in his passing, shooting and tackling, he isn't....flatters to deceive.... Interesting to see the contract length, reports had him turning down a 3yr contract at Hibs
  13. Need to have striker that holds the ball up well, bring others into play for that to work, no coincidence UTD improved going to 4-4-2 after realising they didn't have a striker to make it work. The best 4-2-3-1 I seen last season was Dumbarton, Nade up top did the striker point to a tee and three pacey effective players behind. Austin still has a lot to prove, never mind be an effective lone striker. We were a fukn mess playing 4-2-3-1 last season, the St mirren home game first half was probably our worst all season, the Ayr away plus gave us a 1-0 hammering of Ayr. Its not for me, unless we have the players to do so, the striker being the key ingredient