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  1. Dont think many would complain, tho the stumbling block is with McKee, whom Im sure signed a 2yr deal in summer
  2. Welsh,Sibbald, Blair, Kidd, Taiwo, Blues, McKee, Craigen and Kerr, bar Blair they have all played central midfield this season. we need one, two or more of above out the door and add a right wing back and not another centre mid now
  3. I wouldnt say that, we are now making decisions that probably are needed taken, days gone by we wouldve let Miller and others sit in the stands till the season ended.....tho the cash flow with doing so on a lesser scale is taking a beating ala George Craig I personally dont think Miller and Kerr were signed to play much this season and their duties were to concentrate more so on coaching and used sparingly, Kerr had some decent games this season, bossing the Dunfermline midfield when we had 9 men and a few others. I thought Miller was done tho, he was no longer winning headers, bullying centre halves tho he gave us probably our best forward performances of the season at Livvy pre Longridge coming in, It wasnt pretty but he got stuck in and unlucky not to score. The rumours of Ayr being interested in both Miller and Kerr would be an ideal fit for both. both players have been great servants for the club, first time and second time and tbh I was wary of signing them the 2nd time, more so Kerr as I felt we didnt need him. As for Miller I was willing to give him a chance and although he was never ever really a week in week out striker for us, he won us a hell of a lot of points, sure last season he won us more points than any striker at the club. Good luck to Miller, sure Kerr will be next and hopefully a few others......
  4. Aye the quid pro quo phrase which was used for our dealings to improve the squad doesnt really stand up for now Austin probably cost us money to get out and maybe Gasparotto if not both were no income in for them. I just cant see players leaving for heehaw when under contract in today's world of agents getting every last penny out of a contract when they are in the best bargaining area. We will be paying the majority of Shepherds wage and we would've paid off Henderson. If we are looking to offload Harris, Craigen, Loy, Kerr and Miller, no one is telling me it wont cost us. So progress in the cup would do us a financial favour, after all an away cup game at Livvy will not put us in the money, I dunno regarding the rest players scenario, obviously if players will benefit from rest then so be it but I'm not convinced we have a settled enough 11 or so to do so and this would give us a chance to do so and attempt to get a winning away formula. The cup is our last chance of rescuing something from this season either financial or reaching a latter stage, I cant see us finishing 9th now and would like some ra ra ra ra of the cup
  5. I think we spent around 6 months to a year trying to sign him, I will never forget his debut, blowing out his arse and at the sidelines puffing on his inhaler, this was when he was on the right hand side of midfield. He was one of these players that didnt do anything, he wanted to take the ball from the centre halves and pass it sideways whilst he had no pressure on him, put pressure on him and he is was a mess of a player. He was hounded out the team in our near relegation season after Killie destroyed us 3-0 going on 10, we lost 1 game in 6 till the end of the season without him If he gets a move to anyone that is above our level currently, it will be as good as getting 100k for David Elliot or the deal that seen us get a six figure fee for Eddie May and get McGrillen and Kirk into the deal. He has seriously looked out his depth at the simple factors of the game this season
  6. My mate works beside one of his Flynn's relatives and he told him that it was in Flynn's thoughts to come back to Scotland once his contract expired at Oldham, he wanted kids settled in school here and be closer to family. He seems to be in and out the Oldham team this season, so may answer why its processed 6 month earlier. A cracking wee player on his day, will probably be mixed opinions within Falkirk fans and probably other previous clubs as is with many wide players. He seems to have a good engine in him, looks like he is knackered but manages to pull out a lung busting run, he has done a turn down south setting up and scoring a lot of high profile goals with Sheffield Utd. As for Falkirk its either his miss at Killie in the last game of the season, first goal in Europe or the display in the 5-1 win over QOS is what he will be remembered for
  7. Yogi was a 3 or 4 keepers a season manager......... I dont think we started a season and ended a season with the same keeper As said timing probably key to its failure and our board throwing cash down the drain with various shit does tend to make you veer against it. Tho there promotion of funds for manager, if we are doing well a striker and if we are doing badly a centre half, now the thought of another centre half currently when we were doing badly, didnt make me think, wow sounds like a good idea !!!
  8. I wouldnt say that its that clear cut yet but reality is we may not even climb above 9th...... I was concerned that Thomson had signed on for 2yr in the summer there, fortunately his deal ends in summer, it will be like having Yogi back if we get another keeper in
  9. Morton v Falkirk

    wouldn't you need to have had 5 shots on target first.......Mitchell in goal was eating his packed lunch during the game to show how easy a game it was for him, still you started with Bob McHugh.... Id take a point now, even if its another eye blindly pokingly bad
  10. I think you'd have to go on resources to measure the success available to them, yes part time Dumbarton and Alloa in recent years have punched higher than they should in recent years but success for Brechin would be 9th after they scraped into promotion. Resources and pts on board, the worst would be either Houston or Hartley is guess if using calculations to get the worst. McKinnon would be a contender also, tho more pointed on opinion based.
  11. I dont think anyone really complained re goalkeeper situation at the start of the season, Thomson performed superbly last season and we had fans from his previous clubs cry he isnt that good which has proven to be correct. I think more folk were going on about why bring in Mitchell for more £s tbh On the road is the worrying scenario for us, we either look far too negative or we are gonna get pumped, tho Im still not ruling out the same scenario for home games, after all its been one half and one full game where we have performed well
  12. worryingly is we are awful away from home under Hartley, averaging losing 2 goals a game Still, hopefully the home form continues after going nearly a year with no wins, its about time......but I fear for us on Saturday and following week especially if Taiwo is out
  13. Missing Taiwo in the middle so far and Longridge needs to turn up away from home
  14. surely would be better to put on hold till we both have a free Saturday, then bigger crowd and chance of a piss up.....