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  1. United one league win in ten, I think that's a giver. Easy Hibs win by a couple or more goals, the light at the end of the tunnel is closer for the players and the home support will be baying for blood knowing the light is closer.
  2. One team aiming for 2nd...... One team avoiding 2nd bottom Raith no doubt licking their wounds from harsh yogi criticism and a QoS goal that was never a goal. Yogi definitely getting stuck into the Raith players on a weekly basis. As for us, lick our wounds and start again after a decent run of results turned bad. Houstie has another week of different team selection. I expect Rogers back, maybe Muirhead as Barr had Kidd on toast previously and on Saturday was subbed due to Keating's getting to cross the ball in too easy. I can see the same midfield 4, Hippo obviously didn't do anything to change that and any two from four up top, tho expect Baird to play and maybe a place for Miller with Raith being physical, tho feel Miller is a wee bit out of favour with his displeasure shown being subbed in the Dumbarton game.
  3. For anyone watching the recent Falkirk v Dumbarton game and not having knowledge who was Stevie Aitken or Ian Durrant, wouldve thought Stevie Aitken was Ian Durrant as he was barking all the instructions throughout. I predicted St Mirren will finish at least 9th way back, Im not so sure now and the cup loss as well as cramming games in now wont help......I'm sure there will be a few more twist and turns but to overturn 4pts in 7 games is gonna be hard going. The pars run in doesnt look clever either, 3pts yesterday may have saved them from bottom tho
  4. Spot on...... The fact we played with what is effectively our reserve goalie for his debut and no Falkirk fan can have a real opinion on how he did says it all. Not a great game of skill but Im sure we would take 6 or 7 games of grinding out three points like that now, likewise Hibs with probably 3 or 4 required now It was an outside chance of Morton catching Hibs and as I said way back on page 1 or 2 pre today's game I didnt think they could, but now I think its safe to say Hibs are going back to the top league, It would take an incredible Hibsing it effort to throw it away now, well done .........3rd time lucky..... 2nd place or prepare for play offs now for us.......just the same as it was pre today's game mind you
  5. Hows the hoofball to Cummins working so far? No shots on target, no real goalkeeper save either side. The Taiwo booking scares me tho and Sibbs isnt doing what Hippo could to Ambrose Id get Miller and Hippo on to boss them about sometime in the 2nd half
  6. Based on it doesnt work with Sibbald or in the Morton game where 3 out of 4 didnt turn up in midfield ? Our best away performance was with Taiwo and Kerr in the middle, some games Kerr isnt a 90 min man but for me still has plenty to offer. He is just another easy option to blame for me, see Baird and to a lesser degree any centre half bar Grant and Muirhead
  7. 4-4-2 is never cautious. 4-4-1-1 or sorts of 1 up top is Im surprised McHugh is starting, altho only getting cameo roles recently, last week was his worst. Plenty options for change and the state of the pitch may have swayed the Hippo exclusion
  8. Admin - change title to Hibs v Hibs or Hibs v Gerty Wow that's 10mins I'm not getting back seeing what I missed from last view I've actually forgot there is a game now.....
  9. Dads Canadian, there is Scottish players with lesser links to Scotland and playing Hibs w**k Strachan's loss
  10. Gaun Fraser Aird......shooting boots sharpened for Saturday
  11. So defeats away to Alloa, Raith and draws somehow against us and Morton in the last quarter last season was down to the games you were winning at the start. Nah, the pressure is more on the last quarter, where you begin to seriously look how your nearest competitor is doing. You just need to ask the bottom 5 teams about pressure
  12. Baws......its the business end of the season, there is obviously much more pressure now than at the start of the season. Its very much still in your own hands after a bad result earlier on in the season, the last quarter is less forgiving.
  13. Pressure now is on Hibs..... We have got the play offs, should've done better, but there is no pressure at all on us.
  14. We would no doubt accept less with add ons, which might work out a better deal in the long run I dont think he is a player Lennon would sign as he doesnt run a lot or is big in size and Id be surprised if Aberdeen or Hearts were interested or spending bucks unless he continues scoring goals and performs really well in the play offs.
  15. Sibbs had his best season 3 yr ago where he won all the in-house awards and most Poty at most supporters clubs. He performed week in week out that season, since then for me has yet to match that and up until three week ago, he didn't have back to back good games this season. His application, effort and skill at Dumfries recently wasn't near to what I've seen all season from him, he was making it happen and not letting it happen. I still think mid left is his best position, yes he can do it in the middle but not as regular as he can out wide, a fancy overload midfield formation may suit him better in the middle or a club that doesn't require the work rate required at Falkirk. If Sibbs had continued the form of three seasons ago, he wouldn't still be here now is the truth of the matter and why he is still here.