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  1. He's a Dee. Hopefully he leathered Ross backstage.
  2. Pull My String's 'patter'...
  3. I got clinically depressed just looking at that picture.
  4. Controversial but factually correct.
  5. Ricky Ross is an arab w**k.
  6. Not as much as me.
  7. I didn't realise the fuckers growled until I went to clap one that was sitting sprawled out in the beer garden of a pub I was in a few months back. I didn't want to argue with him as he looked as if he was on roids and hammering the gym 3 times a day.
  8. Sorry, Dad.
  9. I'm going to go all out here and say that that man is not mentally stable.
  10. A beautifully crafted telt that cannot be argued with.
  11. 5/10 to start the week.
  12. He should've done this...