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  1. Shocking that anyone better than Andy Halliday hasn't had full international honours.
  2. Posting the video on every Dundee v Aberdeen thread is not helping in the recovery process, m74.
  3. 10 seconds later... Aye, cute as f**k.
  4. Is it a dog wearing a dress?
  5. Cunting 3 out of b*****d 10.
  6. A cushion. A terribly patterned one at that.
  7. The edge of the Universe?
  8. Is it the phosphate backbone of a DNA molecule?
  9. Pretty sure BFTD has already mentioned Elvira although I have no objections to her being shown again.
  10. Had to greenie that. Belter m8.
  11. I'll bet they don't try to burgle anyone's house again.
  12. 80% diet, 20% gym You can hammer the gym all you want but if you're not eating relevant to your gym program you won't see the differences you want or as quickly as you want. There are loads of programs online or get a PT down the gym to sort you out. FWIW, I left it to the last minute before getting into shape before my wedding. I basically starved myself and trained hard for the month before it. Good results but not recommended.