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  1. Literally the worst thing I have ever read.
  2. Fighting that tube would be like Conor McGregor leathering a special needs kid. The boy's a no righter.
  3. Short corners should be outlawed unless for a timewasting tactic. Straight red card for anyone doing it. Get the ball in the fucking box you c***s.
  4. Stags

    I can't even use the excuse of it being cold
  5. Stags

    I went for a medical the other day and I appear to have shrunk 3/4 of an inch in 11 months so a few more years and I'll be applying.
  6. Ties the end of the loaf packet in a knot once she's got her bread out even though it comes with a plastic clip to reseal it. If anyone takes her side again after toothpastegate I am not going to be impressed.
  7. Namedropping thread

    I withdraw my statement.
  8. Namedropping thread

    I can't see going for a pint with Keyser Söze being beaten tbh. ...even though putting those two dots above the letter o is the correct way to spell it, I can't feel it is as pretentious as a football commentator saying Fronck Ribery or Barthelona.
  9. Stags

    I blame the midget for letting himself be exploited like this.
  10. Reasons to be Cheerful

    Aye it was Townshend. No prosecutor in the world could put him away with a watertight excuse like that.
  11. Reasons to be Cheerful

    Aye, cheers. Thanks to you I'm going to be getting my door kicked in by the paedo polis any minute now. I used Google Voice to search for this album and got this...
  12. Stags

    It's the lack of thought and originality by the best man that offends me the most.
  13. This is like the paragraph I had to read out a book of nonsensical sentences during the eye test part of my medical the other day. I wouldn't take it too seriously, m8.