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  1. Look for someone with knitting needles and a half finished Arran jumper - that's your man.
  2. You have one job, Accies; do not f**k it up.
  3. If you can find that thieving c**t Deefiant, you can get my dough off him.
  4. What was the game a few weeks back where Brenda went on for days about a poor decision that the ref made during a game? It's winning the treble in the face of such adversity and refereeing conspiracies like that that make it such a magnificent achievement. I think there may have been a free-kick on the halfway line they should have got at Parkhead against Dundee as well.
  5. It's probably for the best for himself, but more importantly, the forum.
  6. Is Clove Dangercunt your father-in-law, Stu? Is he deid or is the play-off excitement too much for him?
  7. Just about to get busy at work so someone else can take a shot.
  8. A priceless vase from the Ming dynasty?
  9. Phone's not letting me upload the rest of the screenshots but he carries on like that throughout the comments with a few folk winding him right up. What a state to get into about Wagner.
  10. Ooft, those comments. Mike Braid the dab sounds like the angriest man alive. He'll be in Ninewells with cardiac arrest if they get beat tomorrow. C'MON ACCIES!
  11. Disgusting simulation from Barton there.
  12. I'd like to know what is it the SFA appeals panel are too busy doing that they can't have the hearing before the game. I doubt very much that they're snowed under a backlog of cases to review, given that it's the end of the season and that. It's an absolute nailed on certainty that Murray will now score the goal that sends United up. Hopefully the ACF take him clean out with a cone in the first few minutes of the game.
  13. Some boy. Is there a spaceship hovering above him trying to beam him up?