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  1. General Politics Thread

    Think you could add desperate to that. We’re very lucky that we have an escape route up here from the shitshow that’s been Thatcher and Blair’s brand of politics. f**k knows how I’d feel if I lived in somewhere like Grimsby.
  2. General Politics Thread

    I tonight minter was agreeing with my post there but it turns out he’s on GD’s side. Another nail in the coffin for the old duffer.
  3. General Politics Thread

    Doubly so. On the one hand a referendum about something as complex as the EU is fucking stupid. On the other, Remainers have literally zero idea or willingness to understand why people are pissed off enough at them to vote for something like Brexit and trying to overturn it by “proving” it happened via shenanigans is proof positive of that.
  4. General Politics Thread

    Really don’t think the average Brexit voter is going to give a single shit about this.
  5. General Politics Thread

    Intrigued to hear why you’re so concerned that people might equate Islamaphobia with racism given how both are deployed in modern society unless you’re just continuing with this dullard atheist concern trolling over Muslims apparently being given a free pass from abuse.
  6. General Politics Thread

    George Orwell. Great writer.
  7. General Politics Thread

    Zing. I'm sure your worry over your inability to slag off Muslims is of more concern than the restricting of their civil rights, the spread of programs like Prevent and their targeting by Islamophobic hate groups like the EDL and Britain First.
  8. General Politics Thread

    Hard to work out who’s managed to make a more pointless post here.
  9. General Politics Thread

    That Labour MP banging on about the sanctity of our security forces is a grade a weapon. It’ll be great when he books his ticket on the deselection express.
  10. Petty Things That Get On Your Nerves...

    Suggesting a gay man would dress like that is homophobia.
  11. Horizon Zero Dawn

    Took me ages to kill the two corrupted Rockbreakers. Had to abandon any semblance of a strategy and just wear them down over a half hour.
  12. Brexit slowly becoming a Farce.

    Baffling that you’d share that tweet when mere hours ago he was calling for Ireland to leave the single market and stop a hard border being imposed.
  13. The DUP

    The crediting of Adams’s role in the peace process before equating him to Osama bin-Laden is fucking brilliant patter.
  14. The Official President Trump thread

    How do you know this, Pep?
  15. The Official President Trump thread

    Didn’t his lawyer have to pay Stormy Daniels hush money out of his own pocket. Mad respect to Donny for having so many hangers on despite giving them literally nothing.