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  1. Yadra! Hope this game is worth getting up for.
  2. You've mentioned a few times we should be trying to get a third senior side again but we're still a long, long way from being able to justify that. While Glasgow, until this season anyway, have been improving regularly over the last few years Edinburgh have been underperforming for far too long. Since the Pro12 expanded to 12 teams in 2010 Edinburgh’s finishing positions have been 8, 11, 10, 8, 8, 9, 9. Given in the last 2 years, at the very least, finishing above the Italian teams should be pretty much a given (though Edinburgh have finished behind Treviso twice previously) 8th and 9th place finishes should still be considered extremely disappointing. If it wasn’t for a couple of good runs in the European Challenge Cup there really would have been no positives from them for the last few years. You obviously can’t put all their failures down to a lack of Scottish talent, and you’d hope Richard Cockerill coming in will improve them, but we need to get Edinburgh performing before looking elsewhere. It would be great to have three teams to share the Six Nations burden and give more young players opportunities but you have to be realistic, if we can’t get two senior sides performing well at the same time, adding another will only make things worse.
  3. Scotland games on the 5th & 8th and presumably our first Scottish Cup game. Last year Brora was the 22nd. Though given Scotland are at home on the Thursday night and away to Slovenia on Sunday no lower league football that weekend is, as always, a ridiculous decision.
  4. My boss (who, to be fair, is in his sixties) regularly asks our engineer to print out drawings for him, only to scan them back into his own computer to attach them to an email. In my previous job I would have said the guy I sat next to was computer literate, considering he was a design engineer and spent all day using CAD programs and spreadsheets. He always complained about his PC freezing so one day, while he was off, I ran a basic disk clean-up on his computer which found more than 3GB of temporary files to be deleted. He was amazed how much better his computer was running when he came back.
  5. Full back is his best and preferred position. Scarlets usually played him there but Wales would (wrongly) move him to the wing to accommodate Halfpenny.
  6. Pleasantly surprised by the backs he's chosen. Williams and Daly are the right choices, though I doubted Gatland would go with them. Of course, if the backs don't get some decent attacking ball it'll be pointless. Having Alun Wyn Jones in the team, especially when he's not there as the captain, is ridiculous. Even more so when Itoje is left on the bench.
  7. And again.
  8. Although the Chiefs were all over the place for that try, one move with the Lions playing with pace and fluidity shows how they should be playing on this tour.
  9. Joe Marler in being a thug shocker.
  10. If he's going to be our third striker behind Goodwillie and Gormley I don't see the problem with it. I'd rather we take a chance on someone who scored 30+ goals one division lower than us, than bring in a striker who's either not being playing elsewhere in League One/Two or only scored a handful of goals.
  11. Lions don't even know the rules
  12. And the bookies had Scotland at 5/1 just to win that game £££
  13. Yassss!
  14. Thought Australia should have taken the points there. 2 behind with 5 minutes left to play would have made more sense given the number of turnovers in the game. We need to get the ball long now.
  15. Just seen the call ups. Disgraceful.