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  1. Yes, as the CIC is a membership scheme, I assume you essentially forfeit your share by not renewing your membership annually. So what exactly do you want the club to do? Stick a for sale sign outside Broadwood? The board were criticised, and rightly so, for publicly stating they were trying to relocate the club, as it put off people from Cumbernauld supporting us. If the board state they are looking for someone to buy the club, it would put off anyone who might have invested in the CIC itself.
  2. It’s not that complicated and has been explained by the board multiple times. The club chooses to use the term member (or sometimes slightly incorrectly owner) to describe its shareholders. Every member effectively owns one share. The idea being no matter how much money any individual puts in they can’t buy a controlling stake in the club. Like any football club, we are effectively always up for sale to anyone who wants to buy us. The buyer would just have to approach the board with their offer/plan who would then put it to the members to vote on. The owners could vote to remove the CIC and sell the club (a certain percentage would obviously be required for such a big change). Given (as you’ve said) most people are just members out of sentimentality, a group or individual who could convince people they have sufficient money to invest in the club and a good plan to take it forward, could probably agree a deal to buy the club for next to nothing if people bought into their pitch. But, as has been said by many, as a club we have very little to offer so no one is likely to be interested
  3. Nice win to recoup several days losses.
  4. Forfar are generously priced at 1.95 away to Berwick. Annan at 3.10 away to Cowden is tempting too. Anyone follow French football? Nice, sitting in third, are away to the bottom placed team, Lorient, and priced at 2.50 which seems generous. DNB at 1.80 certainly seems worthwhile.
  5. From the website, no McNeil tomorrow and McMillan & Perry both doubtful. If they all miss out could be another defensive reshuffle unless Finnie can play at centreback. Either that or Linton (if fit enough to start) at left back and McNiff moving in one. I think we have to be realistic and although we could do with some wins, I'd happily take a draw away to Elgin and aim to beat Annan and Montrose in the following two games.
  6. Socks sitting in the snow last month.
  7. I got bored playing with my Premier League team and spent the last couple of nights playing with an all Scottish SPFL side. Having every connection between players in green seems to mean you get almost every break of the ball and most 50/50's, even against teams with 100 chemistry. Sometimes feels a bit of a cheat when passes reach your players when you know they really shouldn't but you're normally playing against teams with much better players so it kind of balances out. It's a different type of challenge anyway.
  8. In FM 2008 I took Worcester from the Conference to the Premier League. My best player, who was with me through at least 4 different divisions, was Junior Brown. Unfortunately, that meant when I finally got enough money for the board to build me a new stadium they called it the Brown Stadium...
  9. So since both sides fielded weakened teams in the cup, Leicester have lost to Swansea (were in the bottom 3) and Derby have drawn with Bristol City (bottom 5) and lost to Cardiff (midtable), conceding 7 goals in the process. Really great squad management there...
  10. Just read through the last few pages and some of the overreaction in here is ridiculous. Pleased to see a few more sensible posts since the game. We were fairly poor and yet were beaten by less than 7 points, away to an improving and powerful French side. We also picked up so many injuries during the game the bench was practically empty before the 60th minute. As for people moaning about the referee, with France’s scrum so dominant we were lucky not to get two, let alone one, yellow card for repeatedly collapsing scrums (regardless of squint put ins or driving at angles). We need to find a better way to cope at scrums when Nel isn’t available. Finn Russell is still fairly inexperienced at international level. In the Pro 12 he can get away with a few errors per game so he needs more time to learn when to play it safe and when to take risks for Scotland. Though he’ll never completely eradicate errors from his game as he wouldn’t create half the chances he does that way. That being said we were far too slow to bring on Weir – I thought the same last week against Ireland. Weir & Price could be a much better balance, similar to Laidlaw/Finn, with Weir being the safer pair of hands to Price who likes to take chances. For those worrying about the England game, they have been poor so far but just found a way to win. If they don’t improve to the level they should be at, we sort out our scrum and take our chances there’s no reason we can’t beat them. I’m more worried by who will be fit for the Wales match now...
  11. Posted this in the rugby thread at the time but might as well boast about it here too...
  12. Just got my bet in in time. Think we're going to struggle to stop France now though.
  13. Was convinced all my bets lost yesterday until I logged in this morning to find this wee beauty.
  14. Italy v Ireland Result: Ireland Points: Over Margin: 8+ First score: Kick, Ireland Tries: 4+ MOTM: Forward, CJ Stander Wales v England Result: England Points: Over Margin: 0-7 First score: Kick, England Tries: 4+ MOTM: Back, Owen Farrell France v Scotland Result: Scotland Points: Under Margin: 0-7 First score: Kick, Scotland Tries: 4+ MOTM: Back, Greig Laidlaw
  15. I'll probably watch the first 10 minutes of the game and place an in-play goalscorer bet. Bent for first goalscorer is decent at 9/1, though I suspect Derby may have to ride out some early pressure if they're going to do anything. I had Bryson () on for FGS last time, so typically he scored later in the game.