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  1. The Glasgow game is on TG4 in Ireland. You can currently watch the channel live on their website so, assuming they have the rights to put the rugby online too, you should hopefully be able to watch the game on it tonight.
  2. Not forgetting the short-lived Georgia.
  3. If you're a footballer who chooses to read a forum discussing your own team you should be able to take or ignore criticism, whether it's deserved or not. Otherwise just don't read it.
  4. A couple more wins tonight (minus £20 in other lost bets). Took a chance on Villarreal as with 30 minutes to play and the score still 0-0, they were a ridiculous 14/1 to win the game.
  5. We swapped to playing with a back three plus wingbacks which resulted in victories in our last two home games, which is the only reason we’re not bottom of the league. A poor result away to the league leaders doesn’t mean you should immediately throw that out the window, particularly as we were missing two players (Smith and Johnston) out of that five. Smith will return from suspension, so only if Johnston is still not fit should we consider changing formation, as we have no one else capable of playing right wingback. McNeil isn’t mobile enough to cover the ground we need him to and Ferguson/McKenzie have barely been good enough as out-and-out wingers, let alone wingbacks. Our poor central midfield will be a problem regardless of formation, and I’d have Lochhead starting to offer more movement, but that looks unlikely.
  6. A win with a free bet is always good.
  7. Went big with £70 of bets on the Hibs game. Good return thankfully.
  8. First time this week I've turned Fifa on. Game 1: 21 shots/16 on target to their 4 shots/3 on target. Lost 3-2 Game 2: 14 shots/11 on target to their 7 shots/6 on target. Lost 4-2 Game 3: Trying to stay calm and give it one more game, and the whole thing freezes as the third game is loading. Switched off. Rage....
  9. Tom English is probably my favourite BBC Scotland pundit when it comes to football but I’ve basically given up with him on rugby. For quite a while I think it was just his bias when Glasgow or Scotland were playing an Irish side, but over the past few months I’ve found myself agreeing with less and less of what he says, regardless of who is playing.
  10. Couldn’t believe Matt Dawson saying this was probably the best Lions squad ever on Radio 5 last night. Though he is biased, in general I think Dawson is a good pundit but some of his recent comments from the England/Italy Six Nations game through to the Lions squad have been ridiculous. Jim Telfer’s interview on the BBC website hits the nail on the head. Doesn’t get too carried away but points out all the main issues: the Scots have been badly let down; no excuse for there not being at least a couple of Scottish forwards given the number selected; Scotland beating Wales & Ireland in the 6N but being hugely outnumbered by them; Gatland going for tried and tested instead of exciting or creative; asking Gregor Townsend to assist, when he had his first Scotland matches to oversee, instead of Vern Cotter was a mistake (though the nationality of the coaches should matter).
  11. Bayern can rightly feel aggrieved at some of the decisions tonight but, if you realistically want to go through against Real in the Champions League you need to win your game at home, probably by more than one goal. Bayern failed to do that and Real deservedly go through.
  12. Hogg will be in the squad and I think Jonny Gray and Maitland will make it. I think Finn has an outside chance but, I just can't see Seymour or Hamish Watson making it. I struggle to see anyone else getting in, other than possibly (and wrongly) Richie Gray. If we manage any more than Hogg in the test side then I might actually support the Lions for a change, instead of the opposition.
  13. For tonight, free £5 on Vardy to score first and 2-1 to Leicester at 60/1. Benzema AGS, Real Madrid win & BTTS, with Ramos to be carded at 12/1.
  14. I really enjoyed Saturday’s episode, it was certainly a lot better than I was expecting. Trying not to get my hopes up for the whole series though, just have to see how it pans out. I’m not excited by the prospect of Kris Marshall as the new Doctor, if it turns out to be correct. Mostly because I’ve seen far more of him in other programmes than I have any of the previous Doctors. It always feels like a role you want someone you’re a little less familiar with in. However, I think you have to trust their casting as since Doctor Who returned I don’t think they’ve really got much wrong in that sense. Eccleston and Tennant were brilliant and, after not warming to him at first, Matt Smith was very good as well. I think everyone agrees Capaldi would have worked well with better writing. Add in genius such as casting John Simm as the Master, and even being able to make Catherine Tate work as a companion, and I think you’ve got to trust them to make the right choice.
  15. That dive was ridiculous.