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  1. You do realise literally the only Clyde fan to use the word 'luck' in 8 pages talking about the game is you?
  2. One win was never going to turn everything around. If we lose another couple on the bounce that'll be forgotten about. I'm not saying there's anything to suggest we'll get these results, it's just what I think we'll need. Realistically, Stirling are in form, chasing the playoffs, and should beat us comfortably on Saturday. Even playing poorly, if we create the number of chances we did last night in each of our remaining games (which I doubt we will) then we will score some, and scrape enough points together to avoid last place.
  3. We were poor last night but still should have won the game comfortably with the number of chances we had. MacDonald’s penalty aside he missed three other very good chances, Higgins somehow hit the post instead of the open goal, Millar dragging a shot wide from inside the box and even McKenzie’s cross at the end right across the line but no one to put it in. We tried in the early stages to get Higgins and Johnston running into the channels but, once Johnston picked up a couple of knocks and Higgins tired after half an hour, we struggled and resorted to aimless long balls. We should have swapped Ferguson and Johnston after that. Once Cowdenbeath realised Johnston always had to cut back onto his right foot they closed him down successfully. Ferguson, whilst still right footed, would have caused their fullback more issues. David W rightly pointed out Fergie isn’t looking to get involved nearly enough now. We couldn’t get Flynn into the match at all. In the first half we played at least 4 or 5 long passes straight to MacDonald. Not the easiest balls to deal with but all ones he could take either on his chest or with his feet but he failed to control, or lay off, any of them successfully. As we’re not playing much passing football, we need the ball to stick up front for Flynn to have a chance. Cowdenbeath fought hard but didn’t create much and we gave away two easy goals as normal. I think if we’d got a goal with at least 15 minutes left we’d have got another. For me, Saturday is a must not lose game. We need at least a point just to stop the slide and lift the players confidence a little. We’ll need to win away to Cowdenbeath the following week though. Scoring first in both games is pretty much essential. At least we’ll have Gormley back for Higgins and, more importantly, McNiff back for Finnie. If I was giving Finnie the benefit of the doubt, I’d say he’s not match sharp as he hasn’t really been playing, but his performance was utterly pathetic last night
  4. Saved my weekend
  5. Great to get the bonus point. Now let's see out the last few minutes without conceding a point - which no other team has managed in the tournament.
  6. Had money on Huw Jones for the first try and he slips And now might be injured...
  7. Scotland vs Italy Result: Scotland Points: Over Margin: 8+ First Score: Try, Scotland Tries: 4+ MOTM: Back, Ali Price France vs Wales Result: France Points: Under Margin: 0-7 First score: Kick, France Tries: 0-3 MOTM: Back, Virimi Vakatawa England v Ireland Result: England Points: Under Margin: 8+ First score: Kick, England Tries: 0-3 MOTM: Forward, Billy Vunipola
  8. Put my £20 free bet from the first race on Lil Rockerfeller EW for a return of £66. Not bad at all, though a first place would have been nice...
  9. I love LotR and Star Wars but the best, and most consistent trilogy is Toy Story.
  10. Don't get me wrong, we've had a more than decent tournament and if England and ourselves win tomorrow we'll finish at least 3rd in the table. I was more meaning in terms of the feeling running up to the final game, as opposed to our overall performance. Maybe it's just too many years watching dreadful games between ourselves and Italy but we now have players who should at least keep it entertaining.
  11. Hogg, Seymour and Wilson all make the team for Saturday. Ross Ford comes into the starting line up.
  12. It always feels like a slight anti-climax when we play Italy last (other than if we’ve lost every game until then). How well we’ve done is generally judged on other games, and even if we beat them comfortably tomorrow with a bonus point, it won’t eradicate the memory of the England game.
  13. Just watched the first two series on Netflix in the past two weeks. Felt series 2 got a little carried away with literally everyone, including those in AC-12, having issues (financial, affairs etc) but still enjoying it. Will catch series 3 on iPlayer as it goes up and roll straight onto series 4.
  14. Metallica standing tickets are £96.50 each. Removes any slight chance of me being interested.
  15. I have no problem with the way Edinburgh play and if they stay up this year it will be entirely justified. Edinburgh have just defended solidly and hoped to nick a goal against us but I’m sure would have opened up a bit more if we’d actually managed to scored more than one goal in three games against them. Indeed, if we were capable of playing this way and it guaranteed us avoiding last place I’d take it in a second. I think this is our biggest game and an absolute must win. Cowdenbeath could easily win on Saturday but even if they don’t, I don’t fancy going into Tuesday’s match with the increased pressure and the team still lacking confidence.