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  1. I had that bet on away to Elgin but I’d only stuck a fiver on it ffs. As some people seem to have lost some perspective, we’ve won 3 out of 4 home games so far and drew the other with Stranraer in 90 minutes, only losing it in extra time. Though it should be a tight game, there’s no reason why we can’t win this.
  2. Ryan Wilson named the new captain for Glasgow. Certainly a bold choice. There’s no doubting his passion and aggression, he’s got loads of experience and he does actually speak very well but his discipline is horrendous. The added responsibility may make him think before acting more often, but given how easily he can be provoked by the opposition and some of the penalties he gives away, I can’t really see it. I don’t doubt that he’s a leader but he gets on the wrong side of the referee far too often and when the ref gets annoyed by your captain that’s not going to help the rest of the team.
  3. The red card would never be overturned. It’s only a yellow in the box now if it’s deemed as an accidental foul while trying to make a fair challenge for the ball, whereas Currie pretty much pushed the Elgin player over once the ball was past him. Had he dived along the ground, towards the ball and tripped the player on purpose he might have been lucky and got away with a yellow card. Incidentally, though you can’t tell much just from training, but I think Belkacem looks decent during warm ups and wouldn’t worry much about him playing, other than the dodgy defence in front of him.
  4. The cup game was against a team from a higher division which is not comparable to the league. It's also in a different section of the forum that not everyone bothers to check. I made no reference to "real" or "true" Clyde fans but, of course, that didn't quite fit your agenda.
  5. We beat Annan one weekend and from the final whistle on Saturday until the Monday after there’s barely one page worth of posts on the game on P&B, despite being a home game most fans would have been at. A week later we lose away to Elgin, where far fewer fans would have seen the game, and we have 5 pages of posts in the same time. Clyde fans really are a bunch of greeting-faced b*****ds who take more joy revelling in the outrage of a defeat than a win.
  6. Finally got the offer quite late on, only £10. Gone for an unlikely Wanyama FGS.
  7. Arsenal for about £250.
  8. Sadly predictable.
  9. I haven't got the offer this time. Got £10 last time. Not impressed.
  10. Anyone know why Ipswich are 2.87 to win at home to Brentford, when they've won all 3 games so far while Brentford have only taken a point?
  11. Got Brand New tickets this morning. Looking forward to it already.
  12. Right now we just need some more bodies in, particularly in central midfield. With his record we can’t count of Nicoll being fit for any length of time and so far Miller, Flynn and Cuddihy have played every match. Even when we substitute one of them we have to bring on a winger and reshape our team whether we want to or not.
  13. Did the gigsinscotland presale work for anyone?
  14. We signed them too, they're now all Clyde fans.
  15. Goals in both halves will definitely be my new bet for a while.