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  1. On the other hand , play like we did on Saturday and we have every chance of sneaking a result. Football is fickle. We just have to go with the flow this season. As for the other comments about who is or is not good enough , all I can say is give them time . We have played only 2 league games and yet the panic button is being pressed at every opportunity. Folk have to realise that this is the squad we have at our disposal. It is pointless stating that we need better quality . 1. We have no money to get better quality and 2. Where are we meant to find these better quality players at this stage in the season ? They showed on Saturday that they can work together . Keep the faith lads.
  2. Fusco was taken off ( probably to save him for Sat ) and replaced by Spark who seemingly had a howler .
  3. Jackson played well with Orsi on Saturday. Forget Trouten and his 3 games a season contribution.
  4. My daughter was there and said they looked as if they couldn't give a shite. Buzz was going mental at them all. On the plus side we are better out of this farce of a competition anyway. We tend to pick up needless injuries and suspensions in these games.
  5. Me too
  6. ^^^^^ Trying to act like Billy big baws. Arbroath fans tried this very same stunt a good few seasons back . As Shandon says , Suck it up.
  7. We regularly had over 200 at the likes of Dunfermline and East Fife in seasons past. No reason why we couldn't double that for a derby match . The last competitive game at Tannadice was against Motherwell in the Scottish cup in the mid eighties........The 3rd game at a neutral venue after the replay was drawn at the glebe.
  8. f**k me , how could I have forgotten that ?
  9. I know and I have apologised. I forgot about that other greetin faced c**t Houston and the not so grumpy Golac.
  10. That's why I added the max part. Possibly that 2nd half performance on Saturday might encourage a few more than usual.
  11. It's quality not quantity that matters. We promise not to report any opposing player or manager to the police if they have the audacity to reply to any taunts !!! BTW is that Woody in the front of that picture ?
  12. Maybe 300 max......Unless we have a few Dees in there giving it some of course .
  13. He had a great right hook though !