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  1. The Invincible s Against The Unwinnables

    Haha. No you are quite correct there................... In fact I will be on the park congratulating him personally !
  2. The Invincible s Against The Unwinnables

    I understand being realistic but he could at least have given us a glimmer of hope by saying that they would give it a real go as it is a one off game . Perhaps he didn't want to upset all his Celtic supporting mates .
  3. The Invincible s Against The Unwinnables

    Aye you are probably right. We all live in hope though. It will be a good day out. Just hope a few of the Celtic squad are suffering with colds etc after coming back from the sun to Siberia !!!
  4. The Invincible s Against The Unwinnables

    Just thought I'd add a bit of debate to an otherwise stale thread. Ideally I would like to see us produce a performance similar to the way Hearts played in that 4-0 game. ..................Reality is though we will set up with at least 6 at the back . We can only hope that they don't score early and we can snatch one on the break.
  5. The Invincible s Against The Unwinnables

    I hope to hell that Sean Crighton was just playing down this match in the papers today. I think the 1200 or so who are travelling will be expecting a bit more than " just staying compact and keeping the score respectable " !!!
  6. The Invincible s Against The Unwinnables

    Our bookie is giving 20/1 with a 2 goal start
  7. Brechin v Livi

    That has been said many times on here and you are probably right. When we play like that against the "bigger" teams they don't like it right enough.
  8. Brechin v Livi

    You could say luck plays a big part too. That is something we have definitely not had this season.
  9. Celtic v Brechin City

    I am sure they will pick up our songs fairly quickly.
  10. Brechin v Livi

    To be fair the football on show on Saturday from both teams was pretty grim so maybe he has a point .
  11. Brechin v Livi

    All hail the conquering Livi ! Your modesty shows no boundaries.
  12. Brechin v Livi

    Good to hear . Just hope that the habits of old don't come back to haunt you again .
  13. Brechin v Livi

    But doing it all within our means !
  14. Brechin v Livi

    Wow ! just Wow !
  15. Brechin v Livi

    Ok , that's a fair shout I suppose. I will concede then that it wasn't a dubious penalty. I wonder if Jon has included the Jackson one in his highlights for us to compare.