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  1. St Roch's F.C. 2017-2018

    As I posted on Twitter..... At a time when the Junior game is taking an absolute kicking,@StRochsJuniors are a great example of everything that’s good about it.A club that’s in the up through hard work and proper community engagement.Congratulations guys.
  2. New Fixture Secretary Post

    I think the majority actually agree with the move,unfortunately sweep does have point.
  3. Promoting west region

    Spot on.Ive been there with unconditional free entry for under 16s.We tried giving out Easter eggs,we had a committee member dress up as Santa Claus handing out selection boxes,both times the committee were sick of the sight of chocolate afterwards.Both were well publicised with virtually zero return over a couple of seasons.We even tried handing out packets of free panini stickers,Mind you I had a belter of a collection afterwards. The undoubted biggest success was the introduction of the ahem....”hospitality” hut.Going back to the 20-50 age group,I found once you got one in through the gate,you’d get a minimum of £20 off them.
  4. Reconstruction in a Spreadsheet

    Had hoped for an old fashioned Divisions 1,2,3,4. Mind as I keep reading,some of are stuck in the dark ages.
  5. Lthv 17/18

    A draw does LTHV?
  6. General Secretary of the West Region

    The way things are going they’ll soon be able to do away with a round of the Scottish anyway
  7. Junior football, what is the future?

    Maybe it’s already been covered elsewhere in the thread.......how many of the clubs that are applying to join the EOS have consulted their members?.Any club called an EGM?.
  8. Question for Garrellburn

    Fantastic again John,I’ll pass it on to Danny,he’ll be delighted that you’ve confirmed he scored twice that night.Superb stuff.
  9. Question for Garrellburn

    A huge thanks John.Yesterday I was talking to one the Grangemouth players,Danny Smith.He had a recollection of scoring against Kilsyth in a Stirlingshire cup final at Brockville when he was 16.It was his last match before signing for Dunfermline.He did say he thought it was 1961.I’ll pas the information onto him.Again many thanks
  10. Question for Garrellburn

    I’m looking for any information about a Stirlingshire Junior cup final,possibly 1960.The match was played between Kilsyth and Grangemouth at Brockville.Any information would be brilliant. Thanks in advance.
  11. Kirkintilloch Rob Roy New Stadium

    I think Sgt Wilson was joking
  12. Kirkintilloch Rob Roy New Stadium

    One of the best pavilions anywhere in Scotland.I had always hoped it would be kept and restored.
  13. Kirkintilloch Rob Roy New Stadium

    Still none the wiser!!.Where is the access road?
  14. Kirkintilloch Rob Roy New Stadium

    I think there’s a few crossed wires on what ground the Rabs still have.I assumed you were talking about the old social club car park that now has house on it.I was under the impression that you would have been able to access Adamslie via the big gate on the main road.
  15. Kirkintilloch Rob Roy New Stadium

    ?????,ffs,I wasn’t having a go. I genuinely hope everything works out well for the Rabs. Lose the chip.