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  1. Shortlees vs Hurlford Thistle - League Decider

    No, as many qualifiers as possible i.e cup / league winners plus Glasgow Uni etc Prelim 1 Prelim 2 winners play licenced clubs out with the lowland / highland league.
  2. Various club name issues

    Ardrossan Winton Rovers springs to mind
  3. Kilwinning Rangers 17/18

    What a signing that would be for Dalry !
  4. Various club name issues

    For Beith it differentiate’s between the previous Beith FC (senior) who folded and Beith Juniors (junior)
  5. Beith juniors topic 17/18

    Playing 4 times a week near enough over the last 2 weeks has probably cost our most die hard fans the best part of £150 if you take everything in to consideration. For most it was one game too many.
  6. West Region Juniors New Leagues 2018-19

    Helen’s dad, I hear that Beith received more prize money for the evening times cup than the league.
  7. Kilwinning Rangers 17/18

    Long term lease from North Ayrshire council like the other clubs in the area.
  8. West of Scotland Cup

    Just help with the running of it.
  9. Fixtures conundrum

    In Ayrshire the sectional ardagh cup is going to groups of 4. Played over sat, mon, weds. Finals stages to be played throughout the year. Then sat / weds league games.
  10. Fixtures conundrum

    Nicotina we have 2 buses already going with the majority going straight from work.
  11. West of Scotland Cup

    Credit to the Darvel support tonight out with Auchinleck and Kilbirnie that was decent following from the Darvel locals.
  12. Beith juniors topic 17/18

    Milky is enjoying his football at Beith, hardest worker on the park and it pays off for the rest of the team. Team player as well filling in at left back for the last 2/3 games.
  13. West of Scotland Cup

  14. West of Scotland Cup

    Kilbirnie game moved to the Tuesday