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  1. THE advantage of 4G pitches

    Fact is we were unable to train just the same as everyone else a couple of weeks ago due to the snow. The inevitable fixture pile up will be caused as much by fixture scheduling as it will be by problem pitches. Today will be just our 5th league match since mid November thanks to losing a whole month of Saturdays due to our Scottish tie at Carnoustie.
  2. THE advantage of 4G pitches

    There are hardly any teams who don't train on an artificial pitch in the winter.
  3. Rugby - Union And League

    The seethe if Ulster miss out on the playoffs would be of epic proportions. And it would be fucking glorious to see.
  4. 2018 Winter Olympics

  5. 2018 Winter Olympics

    The men finally lost 11-5 with an end to spare. Ladies beat Denmark earlier to go 3-1, and face South Korea later this morning.
  6. THE advantage of 4G pitches

    We got relegated playing on the same pitch 2 years ago. Edit to add: like Gartcairn, we have dropped more points at home than away, 5 at home against 2 away, with those 2 away points being dropped at Largs last week on a surface almost identical to our own.
  7. 2018 Winter Olympics

    British men having a shocker in the curling against the hosts who have lost all 4 games so far. Trailing 7-3 with 4 ends to go. They really need a win to make the medal playoffs, they drop to 2 wins 3 losses if they can't turn this around and would probably need to win all of their last 4 games to go through.
  8. 2018 Winter Olympics

    Izzy Atkin takes a bronze for GB in the Ski Slope style. Wasn't a massive score but she put a decent run together when it mattered.
  9. Rugby - Union And League

    Good stuff from Edinburgh, two cracking back to back wins.
  10. Rugby - Union And League

    Edinburgh go 14-13 up against Ulster, 16 minutes or so left.
  11. Rugby - Union And League

    Grigg has been excellent tonight, that was a great tackle.
  12. Rugby - Union And League

    That restart went a bit better.
  13. Rugby - Union And League

    Good spell of going through the phases gets another try.
  14. Rugby - Union And League

    In Niko's defence, whoever took the quick tap penalty was as much to blame. Just kick it to touch.
  15. Rugby - Union And League

    Fkn Niko. Brainless at times.