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  1. Not if his attitude carries on from last season. He should be the best player on the league next season but he probably won't be.
  2. How could McCall and Moffat be in an advanced stage of talks last season if he wasn't his kind of player....
  3. Can't agree. Both took over mid season, Reid (and McGowan) rejuvenated an infighting aide. McCall barely improved us. Reid got us promoted in far more style, whereas both of their relegations were obviously pretty awful. Certainly nothing to suggest McCall is far better based on their records. ETA wouldn't let me quote the right part!
  4. Would argue that Reid knew what he was doing far more than McCall did. Thinking back to Reid's time it's pretty clear he wasn't backed financially nearly as much as McCall.
  5. On signing, McCall remarks that he can see Barr playing through the middle. First game of the season: A 17 stone Harkins plays wide right while long balls are played to an isolated Barr up front. Would absolutely love us to sign him but no chance!
  6. Not that our width for the last two years has gone, McCall might be forced to play actual wide players.
  7. Surely we are not attempting to resign Adams, Cairney, Docherty,, Rose, Gilmour(already signed I know) and Crawford. Six central midfielders straight away! Docherty, Cairney, Rose and Crawford at the very most, with Crawford probably better wide right.
  8. Only surprising aspect is that Devlin isn't already away too.
  9. Probably fair, he could have went last year but gave us an extra year. Amazingly some of our support don't think he has been trying since January which is just baffling. The only criticism you could possibly give is that I don't think he's the right captain for our team. He leads by example but most of our side seem to need more than that to respond, that's certainly not Devlin's fault however. His defending has improved massively with us IMO. If he can improve his final ball at times, (it's often hard to tell if this is partially due to our static forward players) and continue to improve his defending I don't see why he wouldn't do well at the likes of Hearts.
  10. Could easily argue a ten game ban is fair, he kneed him in the head. It could easily have ended much worse for Moore than it did.
  11. Don't think you will find any Ayr fans disagreeing with this. We have meekly surrendered in almost every huge game for months.
  12. That should be a huge suspension for the Raith keeper, an utterly disgraceful challenge. Could sure easily have taken out his own player too.
  13. Thought Harkins as it was immediately after the bit about the hard pre season. No one else on a two year deal has put in such a lack of effort. ETA would take BRE in a heartbeat, assuming he is over his injury. Excellent at league one level.
  14. Assuming he was just desperately trying to get him to turn up.
  15. Thanks for your input but that is utter shite. The fact you said Harkins has made his presence felt sums it up. He's a overweight waster and a wage thief.