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  1. To be fair Devlin was fine defensively bar one or two errors. Can't think of many getting the better of him. He spent the entire season trying to be our only attacking threat too. Don't particularly disagree with the sentiment though, if we sign Gordon (not entirely sure where that's came from) with those two at fullback who don't particularly charge forward we probably will be more solid overall. Would like to see a midfield three of Geggan, Adams and Docherty for a laugh one game too.
  2. I'm not sure I would in that formation, although his lack of mobility wouldn't be as obvious this season in that position.
  3. Just out of interest how do you think you will go about fitting Vaughan, Spence, Buchanan and Barr into one team? Vaughan, Buchanan and Barr will be three of the best in the division in those positions.
  4. Decent player but not really sure why St Mirren would want him given Queens don't.
  5. People were always going to jump on any sort of incompetency this summer after last season. A positive start following by being slightly competent thereafter would have kept everyone happy. Isn't really that difficult to achieve to be honest - particularly with the cup draw. Basic information such as entrance prices, season tickets etc should have been out weeks ago. Such an opportunity to sell season tickets early after the positive announcements lost - when full time and the signings were announced I would have got a season ticket, now I think I'll just pick and choose depending on what else is happening those weekends. Imagine there will be plenty in the same boat.
  6. Stronger up front, far weaker in defence and we're stronger in midfield by a distance if Geggan plays there, about the same if not.
  7. Yeah he's never going to be that kind of wide player, however he is good at cutting inside and running at people and linking up. Think this side should be good enough to finish second (obv with new centre half and McCall finding his objectivity and signing Cairney, we need someone in the middle with some quality to unlock defences at this level. ) Fleming Geggan New Signing Higgins Boyle Crawford Cairney Docherty Forrest Moore Moffat Not overly sure who should play between Forrest, McGuffie and McDaid tonne honest. I know that as soon as the season starts I'll be pissed of that Geggan is playing right back.
  8. Pretty much agree with all of this, particularly on Cairney and Geggan. Feel that Crawford is best out wide though, just seems to be lost when played in the middle and ends up chasing the ball.
  9. Pretty shocking to be fair, hopefully gets rearranged as I was up for play no however everyone else was busy. To be fair the prices didn't really go up last year (other than the early bird prices) Add that back on and job done, should have been out weeks ago. I would hope that the pay at the gate prices would come down though!!
  10. I don't really see why they would do this? Very strange. The positivity following our early signings has completely evaporated, might have been good if the seasons were on sale then. Might be wrong but seems they are later than last year, along with the friendly announcements.
  11. Pretty much this. Another centre half, right back and striker and I'll be happy enough. Surely to f**k he isn't going to rely on Moore staying fit.
  12. Why are we still waiting on the likes of Robbie Crawford to sign on again. McCall met with him last week, if he's not committed by now then move on.
  13. This,, nonsense to suggest otherwise.
  14. Every time the ball was played into him, regardless of the quality of pass he took in in and played a pass. He was excellent and deserved his goals at the end. No idea what you're really expecting tbh.