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  1. True - sure an evening Saturday kick off would work fine. Ultimately we don't want it midweek as we have Raith the Saturday after.
  2. Our ground isn't unavailable though - it's a massive event which has absolutely nothing to do with the club. Why should we surrender possible home advantage (not that I really care) for something that isn't remotely of our own doing.
  3. Would go for this too, give Forrest a chance from the start in this one.
  4. Yeah, the highlights added it in - very helpful. Very clear cut for the linesman.
  5. Not offside?
  6. Would love to see the Moffat/Hamill incident - at all possible Wuffster..... Some truly dreadful officiating for Stranraer's equaliser - blatantly offside. The second clearly shouldn't have stood either.
  7. He was solid for Dunfermline at right back by all accounts so can only assume it's a blip in form/confidence. The difficulty is that our back four is likely to change based on the opposition.
  8. No right midfielder, central midfielders or centre backs there to cover? A free run because your side switched off.
  9. Hopefully we get the highlights tonight; looking forward to them!
  10. Let's hope there is a chance that Jamie will be back by Raith away! Particularly with Reid being awful at right back by the sounds of it.
  11. Hope there were some good scenes at Boyle's winner.
  12. That would be a huge step down in wages for him I would imagine!
  13. After reading the AP, hopefully McDaid is fit!
  14. Think that had to be a wind up, surely!
  15. The McCall commentary far more preferable to the AU media one!