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  1. I don’t particularly agree with it and don’t think it’s a very good idea. Goal bonuses a bit different as it doesn’t hinge on scoring the first goal in a game.
  2. Scotland name squad

    Not really interested what age players are if they can make an impact in the campaign. As far as I’m aware Bardsley has always turned up when called upon.
  3. Players worth a look at

    He is quoted as saying he feels more Scottish than English, however that sort of ambiguity probably means he’ll pick the more successful side.
  4. Scotland name squad

    Probably still our second best right back, will be interesting if Bardsley and Adam are back in squads....
  5. Regan Resigns

    This. Didn’t realise quite how thick he was until I heard him on sportsound the other week. What qualifications did he have to get that role within the SFA....
  6. Albion Rovers V Raith Rovers

    On average, how often in a season does Barr tell one of his own supporters to f**k off, or words to that effect?
  7. Ayr vs East Fife

    How did Kerr play?
  8. If we can get Crawford back I’ll certainly be much more confident.
  9. Next Scotland Manager Mk II

    He quite clearly was and still is more than good enough to play in the EPL. There are some dreadful players in the lower half of that league. His competition for a Scotland starting slot in a holding role- McArthur, Fletcher and Morrison. All EPL starters and Brown plays in front of every single one of them.
  10. Next Scotland Manager Mk II

    That comment about only having two or three players in the Premiership - there are NINE getting game time! McArthur, Ritchie, Fraser, Adam, Bardsley, Burke, Morrison, Phillips and Fletcher. Add to that those more than capable of playing at that level - Snodgrass, (now he is back on form) Tierney, Brown, Armstrong, Griffiths and possibly even Forrest on recent form and we have a squad move than capable of competing with the likes of Denmark, Slovenia, Slovakia etc. What will be most interesting will be how McLeish sets up that defence and how he goes about getting both Tierney and Robertson in the side.
  11. Used to think our Lachlan was quite sound. Now that I follow him on twitter, not quite so sure. Trump and gun loving. Worrying.
  12. Yet in previous spells he most certainly did contribute to build up play. Possibly to do with who he is playing alongside, in that they will automatically drop deeper so that he won't have to.
  13. Completely agree with this. Moore was excellent to watch in his first spell with us, driving at defences along with everything else you mention. Seems to have lost that a bit but obviously an incredible return this season in so little game time.
  14. Being brutally honest, I'm not sure Geggan, Moffat, Moore or McDaid will be good enough as starters either, but would all certainly be competing for a starting place. Probably won't get promoted though.
  15. Probably better than our keepers at the moment!