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  1. Ayr v QP

    Didn't actually do that much - was clearly pumped up and just some fist pumps to the SRE. Enjoyable though!
  2. Ayr v QP

    The love in for Shankland grows even more after that beautiful celebration from him.
  3. Ayr v QP

    Not entirely sure how Ferguson was rank tbh.
  4. Ayr v QP

    Not sure how we will line up - possibly Moffat in midfield. Or Moore/Moffat wide and Gilmour in the middle.
  5. Ayr vs Albion

    You do realise that voting no in the referendum doesn't necessarily make you a unionist. Furthermore in terms of football it is primarily used by those utter mutants in Glasgow and I don't want anything that can be remotely associated with them at Somerset.
  6. He is obviously a bit older but I would say Rose is far superior to McKenna in pretty much every department.
  7. Apart from the several ridiculously rash challenges leading to penalties.
  8. Celtic v Motherwell part 3

    He started and scored against Anderlecht last time....
  9. Ayr v QP

    Just the three first choice midfielders likely to be out next week then - great.
  10. Ur Next v Ayr United

    Got to love when things like this happen.
  11. Ur Next v Ayr United

    Our defence has done really well in recent weeks - to say that Ferguson wouldn't get into many other teams is laughable. Devlin is quite clearly streets ahead though, and anyone saying they wouldn't take him back is worrying - I would say Ferguson has a better final ball though.
  12. Bringing in, for example Moore isn't going to hurt the team. Would probably start McGuffie and Forrest wide. Possibly Reid in defence and rest Higgins, Crawford, Adams and one of Shankland/Moffat.
  13. Super Ayr vs Lewis Vaughan

    When you think Zanatta's dive in the first game was bad, that attempt last night was truly embarrassing. Good performance - though Docherty was back to his best too which was good to see. Ferguson should have the right back jersey nailed on too. One of those games where everyone played well, don't think anyone truly stood out - a great team performance. When Crawford lost the ball in the middle of the park ad did that wee bit of skill though [emoji7]
  14. Super Ayr vs Lewis Vaughan

    Yup - looking forward to this one. Not made as many games as normal so far this season but really enjoyed the Stranraer game the other week.