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  1. Looked like a pretty clear dive to me. Two match suspension deserved, however I do find it unfair that it would only have been a booking at the time. On the other hand the seethe of the Dunfermline support is truly wonderful at times. Reminds me of the start of last season.
  2. No idea how he played otherwise but some of Harkins wee skills in the highlights are beautiful. Let's hope he can produce something in the last two games. Imagine if that boy had pace and a work ethic!
  3. He certainly hasn't been remotely rubbish, however is prone to the odd mistake every game. Overall a good player for us though.
  4. I think we'll go down however we don't need results to "really" go for us. All we need is the favourites to win, Hibs to beat Raith and St Mirren to beat Raith. We would need four points though which is the most unlikely part.
  5. Or St Mirren to win next week (most likely to happen), us to get a point v Hibs, then would need a win on the last day for 9th. Think this is our best chance, but if Raith get anything midweek we are fucked.
  6. If we win our last two I'm sure we wouldn't finish bottom, however that would be verging on a miracle.
  7. Balatoni back, thankfully! Crawford out and confusingly no mention of Adams whatsoever.
  8. Farid, Balatoni and Adams "could" be out. Crawford doubtful, won't expect to see any of them though. Have no idea what's up with any of them, particularly Adams who has just about been out for two months now.
  9. No Harkins out wide please! Farid has also been far more effective than Moore every time I've seen either. I would probably play a midfield four of Crawford, Cairney, Docherty and Forrest with Harkins in behind Farid.
  10. Can't believe the anchor came second! We really need to take a huge support on Saturday, as much as we have all complained, a win and we are right back in it. Any news on Balatoni? Huge player for us. Hopefully Harkins performance on Saturday was an insight into the beginning of his season saving form for the rest of the season!
  11. I wouldn't have wanted Gilmour as a first choice this season however on last seasons form would have been fine as a squad player. Agree about Donald, Murphy probably fine as a squad player too especially with all his experience.
  12. The only aspect I would possibly argue with would be Gilmour. He was excellent last season and probably has the ability to step up however hasn't remotely shown it. I can think of one game where he showed last seasons form. If we go down, unless we can get a Hartley or Young/Stark combo I wouldn't want to get rid of McCall. We know that he should manage to have us challenging again fine.
  13. Occasionally you have to speculate slightly, no one is remotely saying we should spend miles out with our means, however staying part time and constantly bouncing between divisions is never going to achieve any growth whatsoever.
  14. If we perform similarly to Livingston have this season they will go up. (Well the home support will)
  15. IF it's true and we do it correctly I would be delighted. Devlin would go regardless I'm sure, but if we could get a base of Meggatt, Boyle, Docherty and Cairney (assuming league one) next season that would be excellent. We might even manage to get Harkins fitter. Add an experienced striker to this (possibly Moffat if released) and our better youth prospects could form the basis for the rest. Rose, Crawford, Forrest and McGuffie should all be top end players in league one.