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  1. Champions League 2017/18

    Spurs Man utd Liverpool Man city Psg Bayern Barca Roma
  2. Weekend Betting

    Didnt Lost
  3. Weekend Betting

    Mate has a tenner on 4 draws involving the televised games today returning £3200. Three up and a cash out of £900. Sitting at over a grand just now. Opinions?
  4. Ten months aff the demon drink

    People that dont get guttered like the rest of us, are people that should be watched. Dregs of society imo
  5. I'm A Celebrity 2017

    Jennie out instead of Jamie?? Jennie might not be the biggest personality but Jamie is a fuckin trumpet. Can surely only be a Toff win with Ian as runner up
  6. Dundee United 2017/2018

    Hearing the Jordie Briels might be finished, both for us and in general due to athritis in his hips. Needing an operation
  7. Peaky Blinders

    Tom Hardy is brilliant. He gets some cracking lines/scenes when hes involved
  8. Free Money

    £25 for me again
  9. I'm A Celebrity 2017

    Hoping Toff wins this but really cheering on Ian to outlast these bellends Dennis, Amir and Jamie
  10. Dundee United 2017/2018

    We are about to have Brandon Mason of Watford coming up for a trial. Hes a 20 year old left back. We must be on the lookout for left backs as theres currently two training with us at the moment
  11. Buying a Chinese phone....

    Decided to go with this. Went with the silver version https://m.gearbest.com/cell-phones/pp_890677.html
  12. Premier League 2017-2018

    On the subject of Pogba, i thought he was terrific before that stupid red card. His passing and driving forward at pace with the ball was the reason Man utd looked so dangerous on the counter. His atleticism is truly wonderful, its just a shame he does these daft things
  13. Oh, forgot to mention this earlier but the big lad in the middle of the park for the Pars (Nat?) is one of the worst player ive seen at Tannadice for a good while. A complete dumpling who has the mobility of a JCB with a puncture ETA - i thought the movement of Dunfermlines forward players was very good and caused us a lot of problems so if they are looking for some crumbs of comfort from today, its that