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  1. Not HD but its extremely watchable
  2. [emoji38] what a froth to get in. Ive no intention of sharing spoilers or wont be contributing to the thread until its aired on Monday however what i will say is, i think it will be almost impossible to avoid spoilers whether it be on social media or even talk at work etc. From my point of view, id rather watch it early and avoid this nightmare scenario but each to their own. Enjoy regardless
  3. f**k you Pm'ed you what happened
  4. Ive just watched it Holy shit!
  5. Im not even gonna lie, i will be downloading and watching this later. No way is some fucker going to spoil this for me [emoji38]
  6. Hoffenheim nearly shoot themselves in the foot. Salah running like hes towing a caravan
  7. Barca are a fuckin gang
  8. NDD, what an utter tit [emoji38]
  9. And thats the end of that chapter
  10. Yass, get in there!
  11. I used to be a fan of the Edge but he needs bombed out of that team. Complete bombscare
  12. 2 wins, 34 to go for the Tangerine Juggernaut
  13. Great result for the Hibbees. Be a few women that have ahem, 'walked into the door' tonight around the Glasgow area [emoji38]
  14. Yeah, sure it was 14/1