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  1. Scored from a corner at Stranraer on what I think was his debut? Was definitely first time I had seen him anyway..
  2. Ayr vs Arbroath (again)

    Haven't seen the park but surely be fine, i'm about 10 mins from Somerset and not had any snow lying since Wed night, and it usually copes pretty well with rain.
  3. Djaffo's volley at Morton was a beauty.
  4. Same squad as last week minus Bell you would imagine. Seems a good time to give Faulds a start in CM to see how he does, but got a feeling he will play Moffat in there. Just hope we don't get any more injuries.
  5. Ayr vs Arbroath (again)

    Win the toss and shoot the right way first half and this is in the bag. Sadly Arbroath have hammered us at the coin toss in both games at Somerset so far this season and the results have been plain to see.
  6. I still don't understand what your point is. He's currently seen as 3rd best in his position. It happens. Craig Moore is clearly seen as the 3rd best striker. McCalls job is to get the best 11 on the park that he can, to get us promoted. If Avci is a better keeper than Hart and Ruddy, he should be starting. If he isn't as good as one of them, he shouldn't be starting. It's as simple as that
  7. Would seem like a good shout to loan a couple of the younger lads out to. A manager who would be familiar in Murphy and as its not a coo field of a park, a decent playing surface as well.
  8. Re: blooding youngsters - it's worth remembering that only 6 months ago plenty of folk on here were slating McCall for keeping Crawford. Another example of someone being thrown in at an early age and learning his trade, but being judged by a lot of fans based on his early performances.
  9. You maybe watch more of the U20's than I do so I can't really comment. Comparing academy guys to similar aged players in their position - is Avci is better than Hart / Waite better than Ferguson / Murphy better than Shankland / Faulds better than McDaid / an u20 cb (cant think of any offhand) better than Rose? If so, then yes McCall should be called out for not playing them. I'm not convinced that they are though. I do agree re: letting the Fleming situation drag on however. It never seemed like it was going to work out.
  10. Spot on. And the flip side of this is that had we rushed through the signing of an experienced free agent after the deal to keep Fleming fell through (Hutton / Smith / Anyone else) and the new guy had made some errors, folk would be screaming about not having given Hart a chance, considering he had played a full season in league 2 then sat on our bench for a season. My take on it is that McCall probably expected Fleming to sign and he would have been number 1 - can't remember exactly when he left but the whole thing seemed to rumble on for ages. The fact that he left quite late plus Hart looking solid enough in the 4 League Cup games meant McCall gambled by not prioritising a new keeper. Time will tell if that proves too costly.
  11. Why? He has a manager who thinks someone else is currently a better option for playing in the first team. Similar to hundreds of other players in the country. If you cant deal with that then maybe being a footballer is the wrong career choice.
  12. Ayr vs Arbroath (again)

    Aye last thing we want is a replay. But scrape through then a trip to Ibrox or Parkhead in next round and a nice payday would come in handy
  13. Ayr vs Arbroath (again)

    So. 2-1 Arbroath at Somerset for the 3rd time this season? Would be nice to get a win - a good draw in the next round could be worth a new player
  14. Better side maybe pushing it - after last week I expected a lot less from us so possibly getting carried away.